My crave for panty and peeping

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My crave for panty and peepingI have not written before and this is a real insight in my fetish for panty and voyeur. I grow up in a large family where i have my mum , aunt , 5 sister and 2 cousin and my two elder brother married and have wives so ladies was in abundance so does panty, bra and shower time. The place i lived was an island and was mostly warm all year round. the bathroom were detached away from main house and drying cloth were done on long stretch line outside and overnight. The neighbour there were several and the houses had no fence to any side and each of the neighbour had at least 2 girls and the one on the right to our house had 2 daughter and 3 daughter in law. anyway i hope this give an indication of the female exposure i had. i can’t remember exactly when i started mastubating but i do remember i was borrowing panty from almost every member of the family by going in the wardrobe for clean and bathroom basket for worn. Sunday was a great day as almost everyone have a shower so plenty of worn panty for me to masturbate with. I was picking at random based on scent and type. To start i was masturbating with panty only but kadıköy escort soon after i found out a way to introduce the bra in my routine where i will use the bra strap wrap round my cock and pull to create movement. this went on for years and i was caught several time by my sister and mum so i had to slow down on home action. Then one day i decided to expand out to reach to the neighbours when they put the clothes for drying on the line. As they were leaving the clothes overnight on the drying line and with no fence. In the evening when it get dark i had easy access to the neighbours panty and bra as well as some nylon wear which were amazing. I was enjoying the solo adventure until one day i was busted by a boy around 15 who lived and work for the neighbour on the right of our house. I had to confess to him that i was masturbating with the panties belonging to the 3 daughter in law and to my biggest surprise he was keen to join in but made a firm request that he wont say anything only if i share my sister in law panty with him for when he need to masturbate. üsküdar escort on that day he made me go and get both of my sister in law clean and worn for him. he made it clear he want full access to bra and panty of my household and he will in return supply me from the neighbour household. that night was amazing and we had more than one session of mastubating. That night mark a new born friendship and we stuck together sharing panty but also expand to other neighbour where we can access the clothes line.We were having a great time and we have started not to borrow anymore but to steal the bra and panty slowly and creating our own collection together. At the far back of the house there was an old ruine house that noone use it so we made it our secret quarter. we had a box in the old ruine house where we were stashing our treasure and porn magazine. This soon become a routine where we can go to our secret location and have fun. Then one day i told him that my two cousin who was around 15&16 would have a rinse in the afternoon but they leave the shower door slightly ajar as they dont get fully undress but tuzla escort only remove the panty the they will lift the dress up and was their pussy and bum quickly before they go to the house to get change in the jammy’s. since the bathroom was detached away it was easy to find a hiding spot and watch them almost every day unil show was over. my new friend was so happy and thrill that we started to make plan to see how we can peep on the rest of my family and the neighbour.Eventually we check both bathroom and work out that in my family bathroom we can peep either through the key hole as they have stop using the key but have a latch instead as lock was broken or climb on top of the roof and peep straight through the open lamp post which also give you full view of the shower. So as it get dark we started peeping to my family bathroom where over a period of time we have manage to see everyone in full view. We also work out that we can only peep in the bathroom where my friend was living across by climbing on the roof and bend down to see straight through the lamp post. Now that both bathroom was an option all we do is keep asking each other of who we can peep on today. Together we manage to peep on every women in both of our house and we masturbated with everyone panty. This was my begining of panty masturbation and peeping. There are many more narration of other houses and how i got to peep and get panty but that is for another time.i hope you enjoy the peep and panty experience.