My Date Night with Her Asshole

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I came home from work today and my wife was waiting for me upstairs. It was our “date” night, when my inlaws took the kids to their house for a few hours so we could have some time alone and try to find our sanity, if only temporarily. Anyway, the house was already cleaned when I got home and my wife had already done her workout video and showered. Her hair was still a little wet and she was wearing some comfy around-the-house clothes. Still, the thought of her being all sweaty just a little while before and now being all cleaned up was so sexy. I kissed her and went into the bedroom to start undressing and putting my clothes away. In the meantime, she finished straightening up the kids’ rooms and then came into the bedroom.

“So, are you ready to see my underwear?” she cooed from across the room.

“If you’re ready to show it to me, baby,” I replied, trying my best not to sound like the horned-up adolescent we both knew I was at that moment. It was the one night each week that I actually got laid, and I couldn’t wait.

My wife then tugged at the waist of her pants and bent over low as her pants slid off her hips. Staring me in the face was the hottest little pair of black panties I had seen her in for quite some time. They were basically a full-cut bikini, but in the back there was a deep-plunging vee cut out that was “laced-up.” So there was her cute little coin slot just kurtköy escort begging for a deposit.

My flag was already at half-mast when I came around the bed and took her in my arms. We kissed deeply and groped each other shamelessly, as if we hadn’t touched since the last date night. We hadn’t. My fingers slid inside the vee and teased her ass as our tongues touched.

Soon, I was sitting on the edge of the bed and my cock was in her mouth. I told her she picked the perfect panties for that position since I could check out her ass while she was on her knees. She was doing everything right with her mouth and I was hard as a rock right away. She started kneading my balls and I almost lost it. She seemed to be a different woman tonight. I was becoming totally wrapped up in this, forgetting all the usual hangups and restrictions. That’s when I knew what I had to do.

After working me into a ball-churning lather, she came up to kiss me and then I asked her if there was anywhere she would like me to kiss. She smiled coyly and spun around me toward the bed, turning onto her back so she could lay back with me between her legs. I quickly grabbed her hips and held her with her ass still in the air.

“No, this way,” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh, OK,” she said, a little bit surprised at the break of protocol. I think she knew what I had in mind, and I think she wanted malatya escort it as well.

She bent over the edge of the bed and presented her beautiful booty to me, and I knelt to worship it. To me, her ass is still a work of art, although she worries it has gotten too big and soft after giving birth twice. I grabbed each cheek and began to kiss softly through the vee in her panties, on the top of her crack. I didn’t waste too much time pulling down the panties and instructing her to get her knees up on the edge of the bed so her ass and pussy would hang exposed over the side.

Now, I’ve tried in the past to explain to my wife what a glorious sight it is when you see a beautiful ass and pussy bent over just inches from your face, but she just doesn’t seem to understand why men find it so appealing. If only she could see what I was seeing, she would be a believer. I might as well have been staring at heaven itself. I tried not to seem overly eager as I extended my tongue and started to flick it over her exposed, vulnerable clit. She let out a soft moan of pleasure, and I thought that she just might be in the mood for this after all. It had been so long since I had filled my most urgent need and maybe tonight would be the night.

Her asshole began to call to me as I worked up and down along her pussy lips, sucking them in and darting my tongue inside her hole. It was so clean from kayseri escort the shower and the light was dancing on the ends of the faint little hairs around her puckered little brown spot. I was becoming delirious with desire and she was moaning unashamedly as she wiggled her ass in my face. I slowly licked up from her clit, along her cunt and soon felt the bump of her taint under the tip of my tongue. She couldn’t wait any longer for me to get up the courage so she dropped down a bit and backed her asshole onto my tongue. I thought I was going to shoot a load instantly as I found the tip of my tongue buried in her backdoor and my lips pressed up against her furry little ass crack.

All shame and anxiety left me as I realized how much my wife was loving the rimjob I was giving her. I reached a hand up to work her clit as I ate her asshole with reckless abandon. She was moaning like a whore and arching her back to give me full access to her most intimate places. I was happier than a kid in a candy store, eating her sweet asshole the way I had fantasized about so many times.

After a while, I just couldn’t wait to fuck her and cum inside her. I gave her one last lick from clit to crack and turned her over on the bed so I could get on top. She was just as ready, so we reached for the lube and the condom and got down to the fucking as soon as we could. Three orgasms for her and one toe-curler for me and we were laying on the bed in a sweaty heap, breathing hard and touching each other lightly.

“Now, that’s a date night,” she murmured as she snuggled against my chest and wrapped a leg over my waist.