My daughter: My Wife!

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My daughter: My Wife!I look in the mirror sometimes and ask myself when did it all start? A pointless question because I know exactly when it all started. Oh it’s easy for you to sit there reading this and judging me. Easy because it hasn’t happened to you.Jill and I were the typical happily married couple. She had a promising career as a lawyer and I as an accountant. No! We’re not all boring. Terri, our daughter came along three years after we were married and had grown up to be a tall, elegant young girl with a considerable brain in her head. Exams never phased her and we were looking forward to straight A’s and University. That was for the future.Then a pissed car thief had jumped the red lights and broadsided Jenny on the way home and suddenly Terri and I were alone. She took it hard. Well, we both did. But for a teenage girl to lose her mother, no matter how they squabble over trivia, is very hard. The funeral was a nightmare with all our friends trying to say the right thing or at least trying not to say the wrong thing.We got home and Terri went to her room. I’m afraid I hit the bottle before going to bed. I listened outside my daughters’ door but there was no sound so I assumed she was asleep and passed to my own room.It was lonely. I hauled the duvet over me and thanks to the whiskey I was soon asleep and knew no more until morning.It’s funny, in those half waking moments when the brain is trying to sort out reality from dream, the impressions you get seem very real. I could feel Jill’s arm across my chest like always. I can’t remember if I murmured her name in that half awake state but my brain was slowly putting all the pieces together and it finally came up with the thought that I was dreaming.But I wasn’t. An arm was there but not Jill’s. I turned my head and softly sleeping beside me was Terri. I was confused. My mind now racing was piecing together all the events of last night and whilst I had partaken of a fair amount of a few of Jameson’s finest, I was not drunk by any means and knew that I had retired to bed alone. Yet here was my daughter next to me.A further complication was that I have never worn pyjamas in bed. Well, not since I was twelve years old. That should have been no problem as Terri would be wearing a nightdress so…My senses were now working and the one thing I couldn’t feel was any sort of materiel touching me.Gently I raised the duvet a little way. Enough to see under it but not enough to disturb the sleeping beauty. My suspicions were confirmed. He slim body was naked alongside mine.Now we’ve never made a big thing about nakedness in the family. Not that we would walk around starkers or anything, but if the shower was in use and someone needed a piss then they would take it so I know she’d seen me and vice versa. But it was a casual thing and we didn’t take notice.OK! I will admit there were a few occasions when the sight of her naked gave me five minutes of vigorous arm exercise. Show me a guy who hasn’t. But we never made a thing of it. I remember once confessing to Jill that I’d had a wank thinking of Terri and she just laughed and said she knew. It became our little thing when we fantasized while we fucked.But this was different. While I worried about how she’d gotten ther, she opened her eyes and smiled at me.“Morning, Dad,” she said, rolling away and stretching. “Sorry abut this but I felt very alone last night and really needed some comfort. Hope you don’t mind.”“No, love,” I said, totally unsure about what the hell I should say. “I know what you mean.”She rolled back to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I felt her small tits against my arm and a stirring in my loins “Look, love,” I said. “This is not really…..”She placed a finger against my lips.“I know,” she said. “And I do know that no-one else must know. They won’t. I promise.”I smiled at her and outlined the next problem. Quite simply how one of us was going to climb out of bed without the other seeing them naked. She laughed and pushed the clothes off and got up. Full of confidence she walked to the door, turned and blew me a kiss and left the room. I felt ashamed. I watched her slim, young figure and her pert little bum and her long legs and, as she turned, her small tits with the pink nipples. Every detail of her body was etched in my mind. The long, auburn hair that hung to her waist and the dark sparse digitalbahis yeni giriş patch between her legs. I had a hard-on!Getting up and throwing on a dressing gown I padded out to the bathroom and ran the shower. I had no sooner stepped in it than she walked in with a cup of coffee. She placed it on the sink and squatted on the loo. Even over the rush of my shower I could hear the splash of her peeing.When she left I did what I needed to do and wanked.Over breakfast she chatted as though nothing had happened and the day was normal.That night, we watched the TV and it must have been about eleven o’clock we decided to retire. I had just got into bed when the door opened and she came in and sat on the bed. She was wearing her mother’s silk dressing gown and tears were welling up in her eyes. We chatted for a while before she asked if she could stay with me that night.“Darling,” I began but she stopped me.“Please, Dad! Please. I just don’t want to be alone at the moment.”Reluctantly and perhaps stupidly, I agreed and she slipped of the dressing gown. Once again she was naked and I couldn’t help but compare her body to her mothers.Jill was about the same age when I took her virginity. We were careful. We knew that after we left school we wanted careers and she was a very intelligent girl. She’d gone to the doctor and got herself on the pill to ‘regulate her periods’. That was the euphamism that meant because she wanted to get fucked silly by her boyfriend without belly-swelling problems. The doctor agreed that it was better for her to be regular with periods and gave her the prescription along with a couple of leaflets on STD’s. He was a wiley old sod.Jill was always slim and had fantastic legs. Terri took after her. She came to the edge of the bed and pulled back the duvet. I wasn’t prepared and I was uncovered as her leg came onto the bed exposing her neat pussy. I grabbed the duvet and covered myself hoping against hope that she hadn’t seen the rapid swelling of my prick.If she did, she said nothing and with a perfunctory kiss, we said goodnight and put out the light.It must have been about half past two that I awoke. The room was dark and I could hear her breathing softly next to me. But we had changed positions. She was laying on her left side. My left arms was under har and I was snuggled up against her. I could feel my erection between her legs. I could picture in my mind’s eye, the head of it easing her cunt lips open. I dared not move. It was a very long night and I finally managed to drift off.When we woke in the morning I was laying on my back and she was yaling in my arms with her left leg across my belly. She must have sensed me waking because her eyes opened and she smiled. At the same time she moved her leg down and I jumped as it pushed down on my erect cock making me squirm.“Ooooh, Daddy!” she laughed. “What a big boy you are.”That was all that was said and the day was once again normal. But soon it became the norm. We just naturally retired to bed together and that was it. Nothing happened but we grew totally comfortable about being naked with each other.It must have been a couple of months later. Jill had risen early to go out with one of her friends and left me in bed. She had made me a coffee and kissed me on the forehead before she went and I lay there for a while thinking. I hadn’t had any sort of sexual relief for a while and as I was alone in the place, I threw back the duvet and began stroking my very erect cock. It was beautiful. The feelings I was generating were wonderful and I was in a reverie. My thoughts were a mingling of Jill and Terri.I was close to my peak when I turned my head. Why, I don’t know. A noise, a sixth sense.She was standing in the doorway, leaning against the wall. I hadn’t heard her come back. She had her arms folded and a smile on her lips.“Terri!” I said. You do tend to say stupid things at times like that. She walked over to me and knelt on the bed. With her right hand she grasped my cock and began to wank me. I wanted to say stop but she must have sensed that and placed a finger on my lips as she pumped my cock up and down.I was so close and this was so exciting that it wasn’t a minute I think before I threw my head back and cried out as a spurt of hot, sticky spunk shot along my belly and chest.When I came back to some digitalbahis giriş form of sanity I looked at her, She was spreading the spunk over my chest.“Terri. I’m so sorry love,” I said. “What can I say? What can I do to make it up to you?”She looked down at me and a wicked smile spread across her face.“It’s not only men who wank, you know?” she said. “I’m sure you could find a good use for one of your fingers.”“I – I – ““Mum seemed to like it from what I heard,” she said with a very seductive grin. She lay back on the bed and pulled her short skirt up to her waist and eased her knickers off. Spreading her legs she took my hand and guided it between her legs. I felt her pussy. Sparse hair was growing on it and along the lips and she was wet. Very wet indeed and my finger slid between the lips and founf the hard little nub of her clitoris. She gave a start as I gently stroked it and probed down to her hole laying the full length of my finger along her slit. She moaned as I began to rub it and writhe her hips.God she felt delicious and I felt the tight little hole and eased the tip of my finger into her.“Fuck, Dad,” she said. “That is so fucking good. Finger fuck me.”I had never heard my daughter swear, even mildly. I was at the same time shocked and excited to hear her and I was easing my finger deep inside her tight little hole. Then I felt it. The tight little restriction.“You’re a virgin,” I said. She nodded and I began to withdraw. Her hand caught mine.“I want to feel it right up inside me, Dad. Please.”“It’s going to hurt a bit.”“Ok.I eased my finger back to the spot and pressed against it. She smiled and I rammed it in. She squealed and her back arched but I was in up to my knuckles. I was watching her face and saw the smile spread across it.“Now do it,” she said. “Bring me off.”I pumped my finger in and out harder and harder and watched as my daughter began to buck and writhe as her orgasm built. Finally she was almost screaming as it hit her. Her hips raised up off the bed and she shook as it filled her body. I kept working on her and milked every last drop of the orgasm from her. She was the image of her mother the first time we had done it.Slowly she came back down from the climactic plane and her breathing became softer. She opened her eyes and smiled as I gently pumped her. Reaching down she pulled my hand away and looked at the second finger which had done the work. Traces of her maidenhead blood were on it and her juices. She pulled it to her lips and licked it then offered it to me. I took it in my mouth and sucked it.We just lay for a moment before I moved to get off the bed. She went to stop me but I told her I would only be a second. She watched as I padded across the bedroom and opened a drawer in the dressing table. I pulled out some shirts and removed the false bottom. Reaching inside to get what I wanted.As I got back on the bed I lay beside her. Her skirt was still around her waist.“This was your mothers,” I said and gave her Jill’s favourite vibrator. “I think she would be pleased that it will be satisfying her daughter.”She took it and looked at it closely, fascinated by it.“It looks like there’s still some trace of her on it,” she said, her finger tracing a pattern of dried substance on the toy.“Here, let me take it and wash it for you.”“No!” she almost snapped. “No, I want mum to share this.”As I watched, my girl used the vibrator on her clit and deep inside her and I pictures my wife as she had used it.After a long while and a few more orgasms which I loved watching, she put the vibrator down and lay back smiling.“Boy am I glad Kelly had a headache,” she said at last. And smiled up at me. “Thank you for this, Dad. Do you mind if I keep it?”I shook my head.“No. Use it well, your mother always did and there’s a whole drawer full of them over there.”She climbed off the bed and walked over and, wide eyed, started to sort out the various sex toys we had gathered over the years.We breakfasted late and spent the day doing various household chores. And it became our pattern of life. I did most of the work. As a photographer I could work from home and didn’t want to disturb Terri’s studying for her exams.It was shortly after she’d finished her finals that I came home and nearly dropped all my stuff in amazement.“I fond Mum’s dressing up box, Daddy dear,” she digitalbahis güvenilirmi said. “Didn’t think you’d mind me wearing some of her old clothes.”Her hair was in a long pony tail. She wore very little make-up, she didn’t need to. Her arms were bare and her pert tits were pushed up by the black, silk basque. A very small thong did nothing to hid her cunt lips and the black, fishnet stockings hugged her shapely legs, held perfectly by the suspenders. She even had Jill’s four inch high stiletto heeled shoes on.“I know you liked her dressing up for you,” she said, her voice no longer a girls but the soft purr of a wanton whore. “I’ve seen these.”I looked on the table. Our pictures. Photos of our most intimate sex sessions.“And I found the other, more special toys too,” she said undulating towards me. “All those very special toys. Now what do you say – DADDY!”I said nothing but placed all my kit down, went to her and lifted her to sit on the table. As I pushed her back onto it with one hand I was releasing my cock from my trousers with the other. She was smiling as I pushed it nto her. The string of the thong eased aside and I felt the soft, warm wet passage into her body sliding along my shaft.“This is what I say you little fuck bitch!” I said as I began to ram hard into her. “I let this do my talking you dirty little fuck slut!”“Yes! Fuck me Daddy,” she said, her voice full of lust. “Fuck your little whore and fill her fucking cunt with your lovely spunk.”I rammed into her. It was violent and abusive and she was loving it as much as I was. I knew I would pull out to shoot my load. This was my daughter and all the time we’d been building up to this, the first time I’d pushed my cock into her. We both knew it would happen but I never imagined it would be like this.“Fuck me!” she was saying over and over. “Fuck me hard! Harder! Oh fuck, Dad. That’s it just like that! I’m fucking cumming. I’m fckin….Ohhhh Yes1 Ohhhh Fuck! My fucking cunt’s on fire! Fuck me! Fill me up!”I wanted to pull out but didn’t.“Take that you fucking little whore!” I screamed and filled her with my spunk. It was that moment of cumming when you ram your cock hard in to get as much into her as possible and I was loving it. Spurt after spurt.Finally I was coming back down and she was laying there panting from the fuck we’d just shared. I started to withdraw but she curled her legs around my body.“Noooo! I want it in there a long while. I don’t want to miss any of this moment.”We stayed joind for a while longer but the growing softness eased my prick from her. She was instantly off the table and kneeling in front of me taking it in her mouth and sucking it.“Terri…” I began to say but there were no words. I’d now fucked my daughter and she was sucking my cock..Finally she stood up and kissed me. Not the peck of a daughter but a full blown tongue down the throat job.“Come,” she said. “Come and take me to bed and eat my cunt. I want you to eat me out!”“But…”“Come!” she insisted dragging me to our bed. Once there she lay down and spread her legs wide. I knelt on the bed and gently pulled the soggy thong aside and bent my head forward. She had shaved and was totally bald and her lips were red and puffy. A think trickle of white spunk traied down towards her tight, puckered little arse. I extended my tongue and scooped it back, probing between the wet lips and finding her hole. She sighed and her legs closed around my head.“Eat me, Daddy!” she said softly. I didn’t eat her. I feasted on her. She was delicious. I ate my fill and then worked my tongue to her clit and lapped at it and within seconds she screamed another orgasm and I pushed my tongue deep inside her and savoured her juices as they flowed, still mingled with mine.Three times she came and by the third time I was ready to enter her again. Her cunt was noticeably tighter, swollen from the treatment I had given it and she cried out as I pushed my full length into her and began a slow pounding. This was the love-making. Not the hot lust of last time. This time we enjoyed each other’s bodies and the orgasms hit us together.Afterwards we lay in silence, cuddled up together. We made love twice more before drifting to sleep late that night.That was four years ago and Terri has turned into a second Jill with the same likes and desires and I love it. We have moved and everyone thinks I’m a lucky old guy to have such a beautiful young wife and I’m looking at her now, dressed in our play clothes. Her smile is just like Jills and she loves the same games. We are naked and I pick up the riding crop.She holds out her hand.“Please be gentle with me, Mistress,” I say as I hand it to her.