My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 8

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My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 8My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 8 – Fill Her Up Mark!I went to the family room with Beth and Tricia. We watched TV for about 25 minutes untilChad and Cindy appeared. Tricia asked her slave if he had a good time.“Yes Mistress, I think I pleased your grandmothers ass!” Said Chad.“Grandma, did my slave perform to your satisfaction?” Asked Tricia.“He was ok, he needs more training!” Replied Cindy.“Tricia, I want you and Chad to call your mom. Tell them Mr. Anxious here came up early and misjudged the roads, they’re slipperier than he thought. Your going to stay the night and come home tomorrow when Chad’s sure the roads will be clean.” I instructed her.“Chad, you will back up Tricia’s story completely, you will be polite and courteous, a perfect gentleman. You will completely assure Tricia’s mother.” I instructed him.Chad and Tricia were on the phone for a good 20 minutes, but Chad won over Tricia’s mom.“Mistress your mother requests our presence at 10am.” Reported Chad.Now Tricia, you and your slave go to the local fetish shop and get him some appropriate attire. Get yourself anything that catches your fancy.” I instructed them.“Chad, do have funds?” I asked.“I have an unlimited credit card sir!” Replied Chad.“Then take your Mistress shopping! When you’re done, come back and we’ll have lunch.” I replied.Tricia and Chad left. I instructed Beth and Cindy to change the beds and then grandbetting giriş make lunch.“Cindy, when you’re done with the beds, come and see me first. I told her.A half hour later, Cindy returned.I told her, “You want Tricia to have my baby. You will do everything in your power to achieve this goal. You will make Chad think he is the father. Do you understand this?”“Yes Mark, I understand.” Replied Cindy.“Now go help Beth make lunch!” I instructed her.After about an hour Chad and Tricia returned with 4 bags, I told Chad to put the bags in our second guest bedroom and then come have lunch.We sat down to a lunch of BLT’s and tater tots, Tricia was visibly anxious to show off her purchases. She rushed through lunch and said. “Come slave, it’s time for you to change!”She went to the second guest bedroom with Chad following her like a puppy.10 minutes later she came back out with Chad in tow. She was leading him by a dog leash attached to a stainless steel and leather collar with the word ‘slave’ around his neck.He was wearing a leather torso body harnesses with a locked chrome chastity cage on his cock.“How do you like my slaves outfit?” She asked.Beth and Cindy both smiled. Beth said, “I’m glad to see you know how to treat your slave!”Tricia replied, “Oh this is just the start, follow me to the bedroom.”We all filed down the hall to the second guest bedroom. Tricia had Chad lie on the bed, grandbetting yeni giriş she attached stainless steel wrist cuffs and ankle shackles to the bed posts and restrained Chad.She then turned on the 40 inch TV and pressed play on the DVD player.On the screen appeared a copyright notice and then the movies title, ‘Das Butt”.Chad’s cock was testing the limits of his chastity cage. Tricia turned up the volume of the movie to full and then placed a ball gag on Chad. She told him, “Be a good slave and watch the movie, if you’ve been a good slave and don’t cum I’ll come back in about an hour and a half and give you a reward!”We then left Chad to his movie and went back in the hallway. Tricia said. “Uncle Mark, give me 5 minutes and hen come to my guest room. I told her ok and the 3 girls trotted off. I took this time to go to my bathroom and pop a Viagra.Five minutes later I went to her guest room and came upon Beth and Cindy on the floor grinding into each other with a rippled double dildo. Tricia was standing over them wearing a present teddy with a large red bow. Tricia said, “I’m you Christmas present Uncle Mark, won’t you unwrap me?’I got undressed and went over to Tricia, I pulled down her panties and massaged her clit with my finger. She bent over and inhaled my hardening cock and brought me to full erection.I removed the top of her outfit and watched as her breasts escaped their grandbetting güvenilirmi confinement.I spun her around over Beth and Cindy and bent her over.As I entered Tricia from behind, Cindy said, “make me a great grandma Mark!”Beth cried out, “fill her up Mark, fuck my niece!”Cindy then started sucking my balls which were hanging over her head. Beth was sucking on Tricia’s nipples, switching from one to the other“I bet you can’t wait until she is knocked up so you can breastfeed, right Beth?” I planted the seed in her mind. “And I bet you can’t wait till we can breastfeed on you, right Tricia”The girls moaned in response, fantasizing of lactating titties.I built up speed, and started fucking her hard. “Yes that’s it Uncle Mark! Fuck me harder! Don’t ever stop!” she moaned “That feels so good! FASTER! YES YES! SHOVE YOUR COCK INTO ME! HARDER! IT FEELS SO GOOD! IM GOING TO CUM! YOUR COCK IS SO GOOD” she screamed “I’M CUMMING TOO!” I screamed. We climaxed at the same time, and Cindy was applying pressure to my balls to maximize my load.The Viagra was doing its job! I was still hard and ramming her drenched pussy!After several minutes, she screamed again, “OH GOD, I’M CUMMING AGAIN!”I kept right on fucking! And after several minutes more she screamed, “OH GOD, UNCLE MARK I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” Beth and Cindy let loose also, letting out moans of pure pleasure. This was all I needed, I exploded into my niece again.Tricia’s body went limp, her last orgasm knocking her u*********s. After several minutes she awoke smiling and saying. “I know that knocked me up for sure!”We cleaned up and Tricia said, “that’s an hour and a half, lets go check on my little bitch!”By: Next Chapter: “Chad’s Reward”