my fantasy…26

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my fantasy…26i am sitting alone on a park benchin a very secluded area of a parkjust relaxing & soaking up sum sunwearing running shorts & a t-shirt…suddenly i sense that sumone is behind me& i feel your hands slide on2 my shouldersthen down 2 caress & tease my nipplesthen further & further down my body2 squeeze my suddenly hardening cock…i reach back & squeeze your armsas i whisper” what took u so long ?? “i stand up & take a step 4wardas u step over the bench & stand behind merunning your hands up & down my sidesas i reach behind me & pull u against memoaning as i feel your thickening cockpressing in2 the cleft of my ass…u whisper in my ear” i got here as fast as i could !! “as u pull my shirt up over my head& toss it away as i grind my ass backwardgrinding it in circles on your girthy cock…as u step around so u are facing mei pull your shirt off & throw it in the grassthen slide down 2 my knees in front of ugetting ready 2 worship your delicious dick…i slide your shorts down around your anklesthen reach up 2 grasp the base of your cockas i open my drooling mouth as wide as i can& let your girthy glans slide all the way inside…your hands rest lightly on the sides of my headas i slide downward 2 lick & suck your ballsthen back upward 2 take u in2 my mouth again…my whole upper body undulates 4ward & backas i fuck your wonderful cock with my face& u step out of each leg of your shortsthen place one foot up on2 the seat of the benchgripping the sides of my head a little tighteras u start 2 fuck your big cock in2 my mouth…u groan” suck it !! suck it !! suck it all the way down !!! “as i finally cumpletely engulf your hot erectionfeeling your glans enter the opening of my throat& i groan deep in my chest with pure passion…when your cock is cumpletely hard & pulsating& totally drenched with my slobbering adiosbet yeni giriş salivau finally decide 2 have mercy on my aching jaws& suddenly pull your tantalizing tool away…u pull me up 2 my feet & then turn me aroundso i am facing the bench & my back is 2ward uthen press me down until my hands are on the seat& my feet are spread out wide on the ground…suddenly i feel your hot breath on my ass-holeas u drop down 2 your knees behind my butt& slither your wet tongue in2 the cleft of my assthen even further as it slips in2 my taut hole…i groan” oh yes !! fuck my tight ass with your tongue !!get my ass-hole nice & wet 4 your big cock !!! “i press my ass backward against your tongueas it delves deeper & deeper in2 my anal opening& i moan as i feel the stubble teasing my ass-cheeksmaking me absolutely ache 2 feel u deep inside me…my cock throbs & pulsates as if electrifiedas your tongue explores deeper & deeper in2 me& i grind my ass back against u as hard as i canloving the feeling of being fucked by your tongue…when u are satisfied that my ass is wet enoughu pull your mouth away & sit down on the benchwith your feet spread out wide on the ground& your hands resting on the tops of your thighs…i face away from u & put my feet just inside yoursthen reach behind & grasp the back of the benchas your hands grip my ass & pull it wide apart& i start 2 slowly lower my ass 2ward your cock…i hook my toes behind the backs of your anklesas i finally feel the tip of your cock touch my ass& when i finally feel the leaky tip of your glanscenter itself against my tightly puckered openingi start 2 slowly & surely press myself downward…i groan loudly as i feel my ass-hole slowly stretchallowing the girthy head of your cock 2 enter methen even louder as i press my body downwardengulfing every inch of adiosbet giriş your cock inside my body…i whisper” i love feeling your big fucking cock inside me !! “as i sit with my ass pressed against your thighsjust rocking my hips very slowly 4ward & backfeeling your pulsating pole stirring my insides…when i finally start 2 lift my ass slowly up & downyour hands slide 2 the back of my trembling thighsgripping them tightly just below my quivering asssetting the pace & helping me 2 keep my balance…my cock if flopping up & down with each strokesplattering pre-cum all over my belly & thighswhen my legs suddenly becum very very tiredso i slip my legs up on top of your upper thighswith my knees all the way on the outside of yours& my feet dangling a few inches above the ground…i moan” it’s your turn 2 fuck me !! fuck me deep !!! “as u start 2 thrust upward with your hipspounding your cock deeper & deeper in2 my ass& making my ass jiggle with each savage stroke…your cock is pounding so hard & deep in2 my bodythat it feels like u are gonna tear my ass in half& i am getting closer & closer 2 a huge orgasm with each deep-delving rectum-reaming plunge…suddenly u pull your pulsating cock out of my ass& twist my whole body around so that i am facing uas u groan” i wanna see your face when u cum on my cock !!i wanna feel your cum splatter all over my chest !!! “as u slide your ass all the way 2 the edge of the seati grip the back of the bench on each side of your headthen step up & place a foot on each side of your hips& as your hands grip & pull my ass-cheeks wide aparti lower myself back down on2 your pulsing appendage…as soon as your oozing cock-head touches my hot holei slam my entire body downward as hard as i can& i scream as your cock again pierces in2 my insidescumpletely filling my body with an adiosbet güvenilirmi indescribable heat…as i stare in2 your eyes with absolute & total lusti start 2 bounce up & down as fast as i can movegroaning as i feel my own cock rubbing on your belly& loving the feeling of being stuffed so cumpletely full…u groan” cum on my cock !! i wanna feel u cum on my cock !!! “& i start 2 bounce up & down even harder & faster taking u deeper & deeper in2 my clutching fuck-hole& making my ass-cheeks quiver with each stroke…when my trembling legs finally began 2 tire againi groan” fuck me !! fuck me !! make me cum on your cock !!! “& i slide my lower legs back behind my own ass& hook my ankles up over the tops of your thighsas u start 2 pound your thick cock up in2 me again& i can feel my orgasm drawing closer & closer…as u continue 2 hammer-fuck your cock up in2 mei start 2 quickly rock my hips 4ward & backwardmaking your cock-head rub against my prostate& i finally just lose cumplete control of my bodyas i scream” oh god !! i’m cumming !! i’m cumming !! i’m cumming !!i’m cumming on your fat fucking cock !! FUCK ME !!!! “& my cock simply throbs & quivers & suddenly erupts spraying long spurts of cum all over your chest & bellyas i finally feel your cock starting 2 throb & pulsate& u pull my ass savagely downward on2 your cockwhile u press your hips upward as far as they will go& u groan” i’m cumming in your ass !! i’m cumming in your ass !!! “as i feel the hot spurts splatter & spray in2 my asscumpletely filling my insides with your wonderful seed& i grind my ass-hole on2 your fat cock even tighteras i moan” deep in me !! deep in me !! cum deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !! “& i rock my hips back & 4th 2 milk every drop from uas i feel your slippery juice escape around your cock& slip from my ass-hole 2 drip down on2 your balls…when we are both finally able 2 breathe againi slide my ass slowly up off of your softening cock& moan softly as my clutching hole slithers off u…as i step back off the bench & look in2 your eyesi whisper” i love it when u fuck me out here !!! “( do u wanna ??? )