My fantasy

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My fantasyOne of my fantasiesI woke up last night with a hard cock thinking about you and a fantasy I have. I’m in a dark restaurant in a corner booth, when you and your husband come over and join me. You sit between us, wearing a tight, short dress, as I had asked you to, but closer to me than him. I had already met you at the hotel pool earlier and told you what I’d be wearing, so you would be anticipating it. It is a nice restaurant so i had slacks on, but under them was a sheer thong and thigh highs. You kept looking at me and biting your lip. I could feel blood rushing to my cock. We started with some drinks and you occasionally slid your fingers across my cock to tease me. Your husband got an important work call and had to leave. I couldn’t take it anymore and unzipped my pants. Your hands sliped into my pants almost immediately feeling my cock in the soft thongs. You let out a gasp of pleasure as you rubbed my cock until I was hard in them. You slid your hand down my thigh just to check if I really had my thigh highs on. You feel the top of them and smile at me, again biting your lip. You comment on how smooth my legs are and spread your legs for me. My hand caresses your thigh and I run my fingers across your thong. I whisper for you to take them off and you oblige. I can see you breathing deep and I run my hand up your thigh again, this time gently touching your pussy lips. They’re soft, warm and wet. My fingers spread them and I push one finger into you. You push your pussy forward, sending my finger deeper into you. You’re grabbing my cock harder at this point, making me throb in my thong.My thong is getting so wet as you stroke me, and I almost forget we’re in public. I try to regain composure as i pull my finger out of you and drink my cocktail. As I bring my glass to my mouth I can smell your sweet pussy and put my glass down and lick you off my finger. I want so badly to see you cum, so I begin teasing your clit, making you gasp and close your eyes, titling your head back. Your nipples are visible through the thin fabric of your little black dress (I told you not to wear a bra), which drives me crazy. My hand brushes across one, stopping to gently pinch one, making you moan. I play with your clit faster because I can see that you are close to having an orgasm. I look around to make sure no one is too near us and make you cum. Your pussy is pulsating and your lips are soaked and your nipples are trying to poke through kadıköy escort your dress. My fingers go straight to my mouth because I need to taste you.You sit back up and smile at me, knowing we aren’t even close to being done with each other. You look down and notice a wet spot in my pants. I have gotten so horny playing with you that my cock was leaking precum the whole time. You again slide your hand in my pants, feeling all my wetness. You whisper that you want to taste me too. Pulling your hand out, your fingers are wet, and you lick my precum off them and rub some on your lips just to tease me. My cock is aching to be sucked, but we’re still at the table. I call the server over and quickly pay the bill so we can leave. I tell you I want us to go to my room, but you have other plans. You lead me outside to the pool and push me down on one of the lounge chairs beside the pool. You tell me to take my pants of, but I tell you no because I’m still wearing my thigh highs and thong. You say you don’t care and pull my belt off, undo my pants and pull them down right there. I am very shocked, nervous and very aroused all at the same time.I’m just Thinking about is by the pool, my pants down to my ankles, revealing my sheer, black thigh highs and black, sheer thong with a rather large wet spot. You are between my thighs, running your hands up my calves to my thighs, squeezing them as you go, almost massaging them. It’s dark, but you can still see my thigh highs enough that you are dripping wet. Your panties are still in my pocket and your nipples are begging to be sucked. You crawl up some and I pull one of your straps down your shoulder so I can suck your amazing nipple. You moan so sexy and my cock twitches in your hand. You pull from me and kiss my cock through my thong and begin sucking me through them. I thrust my hips forward and you pull my thong to the side. My cock pops out, slapping you in face and you quickly devour it. I moan maybe a little too loud, but you keep sucking. My legs spread wide and my ass comes off the chair, and you take that as a cue that i want you to finger my pussy. I feel two fingers penetrate me and I gush precum. You weren’t expecting it and some drips down your lips to your chin.My cock is aching and I need to explode, but I don’t want to because I want to cum while fucking you, but you don’t stop sucking my cock and fingering my pussy. You look up at me and üsküdar escort smile because you know I’m about to cum and with one more hard suck, I shoot my cum, some going down your throat, some still in your mouth and even more dripping out between your lips and my cock down your chin and my cock to my balls. You swallow what’s left in your mouth and clean my balls off by licking them clean. I slip my cock back into my thong and pull my pants up looking very satisfied.I am a little upset because I really wanted to fuck you, but you take my hand and put it against your soaking pussy, whisper for us to go back to my hotel room, and that is enough to get a little chub again. In the elevator, you run your hand over my cock, feeling my cock that’s a little hard by now. we get to the room, I hand you my card and you (accidentally) drop it, then bend over to pick it up, giving me an unobstructed view of your amazing pussy, that it this point is glistening with your juices. I drop to my knees behind you and give you a good licking, grabbing your thighs and burying my face into your pussy. You jump up and get the door open. we enter the room and I can hardly wait to get you undressed. I grab my cock ring and struggle to get it on being that my cock is already growing again, but I want to have it on to be extra hard and thick for you. My pants and shirt are off, leaving me dressed in only thigh highs and my sheer thong.I tell you to come over to me and you don’t hesitate to follow my order. I grab the bottom of your dress and pull it off over your head and as I do, I can’t help but suck a nipple as it is begging me to suck it. I hear you moan, so I continue sucking, just a bit harder. It’s so hard and warm. I am so horny because I love hard nipples, almost as much as I love eating pussy. I tell you to face the bed, then I lay down on my back on the bed, my head hanging off the end of the bed. I tell you to come closer, spread your legs and straddle my face. I kiss your thighs and look to see if you’re dripping yet. You are getting so wet and i can’t wait until your juices start dripping from your pussy and into my eagerly awaiting mouth. Then it happens, you are so aroused that your precum drips off your lips and into my mouth. My hand is rubbing my cock through my thong and you begin rubbing your nipples with excitement. You bend your knees and your pussy presses against my mouth. I grab your ass and tuzla escort pull you into me, grinding your pussy into my tongue. I can feel your hard clit and I immediately nibble on it making you grind harder against my mouth. Your pussy tastes so amazing my cock throbs wanting to be in you, but I am having way too much pleasure eating you out that I continue. I can sense that you are about to cum and I nibble harder on that perfect clit… You gasp and your legs begin shaking. You can’t take it any longer and you cum, squirting all over my you lean over me, watching me rub my cock through my panties you can’t take any more. You bend over and you reach for my cock, giving me a great shot at your pussy and ass. you begin sucking me through my panties and now it’s a 69 position, but I begin rimming your other hole. It tastes so sweet that I start tongue fucking you. It really turn as you on because you are really sucking me hard now! I can’t take any more and push your legs to get you off me and I push you on your back and spread your legs wide. I run my hands up your thighs, up to your amazing tits and to your wrists, which I pin to the bed as my rock hard cock penetrates your soaking pussy. You whimper as I bury my cock deep in you. still holding your wrists, I start nibbling on your nipples, biting every now and then.You begin thrusting your pussy against me telling me how much you want to ride me. But I keep fucking you. I let you up and you persuade me to let you ride my cock. You turn your back to me and get on, grinding that perfect pussy into my cock. I grab your hips and make you grind faster.After half an hour of grinding your clit against me, you cum, soaking my chest with your juices… you throw me a towel and disappear into the bathroom only to re-emerge with your 8-inch strap-on securely tied around your waist. You get to the bed and tell me to turn around so my ass is at the end of the bed. You grab my feet, still covered in thigh highs, and raise them, getting me very horny. But, before you place them over your shoulders, you stop and tell me to rub them on your already tight, and extremely hard nipples. I moan as I see the pleasure in your eyes…You grab them and put them over your shoulders, reach down to move my thong to the side and slowly slide your cock into my pussy that has been begging for you to fuck it! As you penetrate my virgin ass, I moan, a little in pain, but mostly in pleasure. My cock is still in my thong, and the sheer material is soaked with my precum that is now flowing through the material since you began pegging me. You reach down and rub me through them, smiling because you love fucking me and watching my face as you thrust into me, harder and harder.not finished yet… 😉