My favourite memory Pt2

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Aria Lee

My favourite memory Pt2In part one I told you about an early experience of with a housemate that led on to a memory of mine that can get me off at any time when I need a quick wank. In the story I mentioned an earlier event in which we’d both been involved.We were still living in our hometown in Southern England and having a ball. Lots of dope and beer and late nights. I had a room in a large house with a group of mates, Sean and Al being two of them. One evening we were at home smoking a few jays etc when Dave turned up with Laura, his bird. This was common enough as they were both still at home at the time and our place was an open door. TV was crap so we had music on and chatting away when Dave brought the subject around to strip poker. Of course we’re all up for it as Laura was an absolute honey. She was about 5’4″, shuolder length straight brown hair with a real healthy shine to it. She was petite but had a lovely pair of breasts which we’d all seen at the beach during summer. They were large, firm and rounded with perfectly circular dark nipples. It was now winter and hte beach a distant memory so I guess we all could have done with a reminder. Her complexion was a beautiful mediterranean hue with clear skin and always a beaming smile. We were all enamoured to say the least. She was reluctant at first but she was no prude and joined in with little urging. The game quickly degenerated into a farce as both Dave and Sean were handy with a card pack. Laura was down to her bra and knickers in no time with us all having lost little more than a sock! She cottoned Çubuk travesti on but far from being upset just giggled about it. A few more hands and us blokes were down to only a few items and Laura was naked. As she revealed her boobs we had cheered and she had playfully moulded them about for us and stuck coy poses. As her slim red knickers were lowered however she was much shyer and tried to cover herself but we all saw her dark bush nestling between her slim thighs. A new tension filled the room.Next up Dave was nude and he gladly paraded his hairy cock oblivious to our hoots of derision. I couldn’t help noticing that he was thickening up a bit too. Then Al got naked. He was slim and blonde with a light covering of pale brown pubes. I was relieved to see that he was circumcised. I was still a bit embarrased at times about my own skinless prick as it was quite rare. As fate hd it I was next to nude up and had to drop my pants. I had felt myself stiffen at Lauras nudity and so I looked quite well hung. Laura in particular cheered. The game became one of dares and they were obviously sexual in nature. Dave had to stretch his foreskin into weird shapes, Al had to tuck his cock into his thighs and so on. We realised that we were still in the lounge and some other housemates were due home so all went up to my attic room. At this point Al got cold feet and scampered off!! Wierd. However, Dave, Sean,Laura and I were all game and our dares continued but more explicit. She was on the bed, I was opposite her on a low chair, Sean to my left and Dave to my Çukurambar travesti right. Laura was the centre of attention in a close circle now.We had all forgotten about the cards and so Dave suggested she blow him. She sunk to her knees in front of him and her sweetly rounded bum stuck up in the air. I could see the dark folds of flesh of her gorgeously slim cunt part a little. A few moments of sucking and then she turned to me. I was in heaven as her hot mouth slid over my helmet. She muttered that she had trouble with circumcisions but proved a valiant learner and as well as adept at rubbing my shaft. Frustratingly she moved on to Sean and gave him the same treatment. He had a slim cock that was quite long and he had a full foreskin. Laura made great play of pulling this over his glan and back as I soaked up the scene. I noticed, by the way, that I was both longer and thicker than both the other two! My confidence was up.After breaking off from Sean Dave got her to masturbate with a nicley rounded deodereant bottle. She lay back on my bed, supporting herself with one elbow and parted her slim legs. Her dark bush was seen in its full glory and in the low lighting I could see a glistening slit. She slid the bottle over her mound, then down a little to her clitty before sinking it into her pussy. Her eyes closed at once and she was obviously enjoying herself. She moved slowly and I was entranced. I heard Dave moving and saw that he was now kneeling beside me with his hard prick in his hand and was jerking himself off. Sean too was as hard as a Demetevler travesti post and was lightly stroking himself. Finally the tension got too much and with the phrase “Pile on”, Laura found herself under three men.Its difficult to remember all the details but I know that fairly quickly Laura was on her back with Dave on one side being wanked off by her and Sean on the other sucking on her tits. I went down on her briefly and licked at her hot and dripping muff. God she was slippery and so sweet tasting but I was horny. I moved up and wedged my leaking prick at her moist opening and with a movement was engulfed by her cunt. I saw her eye widen and she grinned at me. I’m ashamed to say I probably only lasted a couple of dozen pumps before I felt my seed rising. I tried to hold back momentarily but I opened my eyes only to see Seans dick being taken into Lauras mouth again which proved all too much for me. My bolt of spunk jetted from me and filled her pussy, the combined heat of our juices washing my pulsing flesh. I shot load after load into her, oblivious to all else. I thrust and pounded until my cum was frothing over my balls and we were making slurping and sucking noises. As I slowed I realised the other guys were as turned on by my cum as anyhting else. Sean moaned and pulled his slim, reddened dick from Lauras mouth, twitched it once and shot onto her chin, throat and hair and sweating tits. Dave’s orgasm was inevitible by now as she fiercy hammered at his prick. HIs balls jiggled and bounced and then as he fell sideways cum oozed and spurted into her hand and onto his belly.What a glorious climax for us…but wait. Laura hadn’t cum at all. She was quick to inform us of our poor behaviour and the next two hours were spent making sure that she was well and truly satisfied…. But thats another story.