My favourite panties.

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My favourite panties.What kind of panties do I wear? Well there are three types really. The type I normally wear under my jeans or the white cotton hipsters that I wear a lot are just an ordinary T bone thong. Most of them are white although I do have some that are different shades of red, from pink upwards, most are transparent and some of them have ribbons attached. They have a small triangular piece of material in the front, which gets narrower as it reaches my slit. Most just cover the slit and then there is a cord that disappears up my crack and when it comes out the top, it attaches to the bahis siteleri cord coming round my waist. That cord gives me a lovely feeling when it rubs against my bum hole.The second type I have are coloured hipster trunks. The legs only come down to level with my ‘factory air’ (I love that saying, I have never heard it before, it’s funny) and the top sits on my hips.Unfortunately, If I stretch, you would have a clear view of quite a bit of my pubes, so I have to be careful who is around when I wear them. I normally only wear them around the house or when I am on the beach I wear them with canlı bahis a T shirt.The third type I have aren’t really panties, they are pairs of denim looking material that are scrubbed. They have very short legs that show a lot of my bum and a very loose waistline that I wear loose with a big belt hanging in front of me.When I am walking along, the V that runs down to my crotch from my hip bones around the edge of my tummy, tends to pull the front out a bit and when I look down, I can see right down the front of them, so if you are quick enough, or when I am stopped to talk to someone, güvenilir bahis I suppose, they can see the same.Once again, when I am laying on the beach, with my feet flat on the sand, the material stands up on it’s own away from my tummy and it really gives me a thrill sometimes to think that someone can look right down my shorts and virtually see everything.Of the three types, the thongs show the most, because they are the smallest and transparent. You can see so much hair and the outline of my pussy and if I bend forwards, from behind, you can clearly see my littlest hole with the cord across it.The hipsters are the best for showing my ‘factory air’ (giggle) and the outline of my slit, but the shorts are the naughtiest, because they show quite a bit of bum cheek and if you are in the right position, lots down my front.