My first bi experience

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My first bi experienceWell, here goes I guess. I had told my girlfriend (blonde hair, size 6, 36d) of 2 years, Deidre that I have always had the fantasy of a bisexual encounter. I never thought anything of it until she told me she had a surprise for me on our anniversary. I figured that she had bought a strap on at most and was going to bring it out for the special occasion. I came home from work around 9 p.m. and there she was sitting on the couch in some sexy lingerie. And there was her gay friend, Justin sitting beside her in boxers. I stood there stunned for a second, not knowing if I had walked in on something or what. I didn’t know what to do, my brain said walk away, my ‘other brain’ was immediately getting hard. Deidre started to explain. She told me that she wanted to make my dream come true. They both got up and beckoned me to follow them towards our bedroom. As I walked, I started removing all my clothes. As I got into the room I was removing my boxers and Justin dropped down to his knees and started to suck my 7.5’’ cock. I grabbed Deidre and started to make out. ?Justin was a pro at giving head and I was rock hard in a matter of seconds. I started to finger Dee slowly and she squirmed as soon as I touched her. I then lifted Dee up onto the bed so I could get right in there and canlı bahis eat her sweet pussy out. As I kneeled down to attack Dee’s pussy, Justin suddenly stopped sucking me off. I was kind of disappointed that he had stopped. He got up on the bed and fed his cock to Dee, who sucked it like it was the last cock on earth. After a few minutes of eating Dee, she squirted all over my face. I loved that sweet liquid and lapped up as much as I could. Justin came to me and started to kiss me and lick up all Dee’s juices. Dee then got up and got me to lay on my back on the bed. I did and she got up on my cock and started riding it. Justin then stuck his cock in my mouth. I was kind of disgusted with myself, but went along with it because we were all having an amazing time. Dee was riding my cock and playing with her clit while I continued to suck Justin’s cock. Justin pulled his cock out of my mouth and straddled my face. He lowered his asshole down and told me to go to town. I figured what the hell, it was just like eating a girls ass, and went at it. Surprisingly I actually enjoyed it, and Justin seemed to enjoy my tongue as well. Dee was getting close to an orgasm and picked up her pace, orgasming just before I blew my load deep into her. They both dismounted me and Dee came and sat on my face. bahis siteleri She told me that I had to suck out all my cum and share it with Justin. I did as I was told, again kind of disgusted, but actually kind of turned on. I kissed Justin and forced my cum into his mouth. He swallowed and told me to give him some more later. He then laid down on his stomach and Dee grabbed my cock and sucked it back to hard in a few seconds. Justin grabbed some lube and told me to go to town and I did just that. I fucked him as hard as I could and he loved it. All the while Dee was lying there playing with her pussy. I can honestly say I was super turned on by the fact that I was fucking this guy while my girlfriend was playing with herself. As I was pounding Justin’s ass, I pulled out and Dee sucked my cock and shoved it back in. She then kissed me. ?I was pounding away on Justin and Dee and I were making out. We soon changed positions. I ended up on the bottom with Justin riding my cock and Dee was sitting on my face. Shortly there after, Justin shot his load on my chest. Dee sucked him dry and licked his cum off my chest. She then snowballed it to me. I swallowed it and actually liked it. I knew it was my turn to get fucked next, so I moved over to the edge of the bed for easy access to my ass. Justin güvenilir bahis got to work on my hole and it felt like heaven on earth! I almost blew my load right then and there. Dee got to work on Justin’s cock. I was honestly a little nervous right about then about the size of his cock. I have had a few things up my hole, but never anything that big. He was probably 6.5″ and as thick as a golf ball. Justin worked one finger in to my hole and then another before he asked if I was ready. I figured that it was now or never. Dee got up on the bed beside me and helped Justin guide his cock to me hole. I was rock hard in anticipation and he slowly entered my ass. It felt awesome! Justin slowly started to pick up his pace, and I was loving every second of it. Dee could see how much I was enjoying it. She slowly started jerking me off while making out with Justin. He was now fucking me hard and Dee was jerking me off at the same pace. I could feel his cock tingling inside of me and I was about to explode myself. He pulled out and double jacked my cock along with his. We both sprayed our cum all over my stomach and chest. Dee licked it all up and shared it with both of us. We all kind of collapsed there on the bed exhausted from our endeavor. After a little while we decided to hit the shower together where we all cleaned and played with each other until we all came once more. We went back to our bed and slept quite well. The next morning Justin and I woke up to Dee sucking our cocks hard again for another round! ?