My First Blind Date Ch. 02

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You will find it very helpful to read Chapter 1 first. Strong sexual content.


Sue and I went out shopping. The mall we went to had a large indoor garage and I was able to find a handicap parking space. I had to back in so I could lower my ramp into the stripped area to unload my wheelchair. After folding the ramp back into the van we set off to find something to eat as the first stop. All of the locations inside the mall were cafeteria style so I found an empty table for Sue to sit at and I got our food. It was finger food so it was not a big deal for Sue to feed herself. She said she wanted to find a couple of pairs of shorts and some blouses to go with them.

We started down the mall and were soon in a women’s shop that I had described to her. We found some shorts and she said she would like to try them on. It was obvious to the clerk that Sue was blind and she said it would be fine for me to go into the dressing room to help her. She must have thought I was harmless being in the wheelchair!! Inside, Sue removed her short skirt and the first thing she asked was if her pad was ok. I told her it looked fine and saw no sign of any blood.

I described the color of the shorts and she tried on a few and found two that fit her good. She also found a pleated, short, skirt that looked good on her. Since we now had the color chosen for the shorts it was time to find some blouses that matched. I told Sue I was getting hot watching her dress and undress. Naturally she posed a lot to rub it in.

We found some blouses and went back to the dressing room and she again listened to my description and tried them on. She was braless and her A cup breasts gave a tease through the fabrics as to her arousal. She did not want anything that had pockets that covered her nipples up. We found 3 that fit her well and she came to me and stuck her breast in my face before she got dressed again. I was able to suck for a few minutes and she had reached down and stroked my hard dick.

We paid for the stuff and walked a little more down the mall. She walked beside me with her hand on my shoulder. I only had to flex it as the signal to move over behind me. I described what I was seeing to her and it seemed to have become natural for me to do so even though she had only been “blind” for a couple of days. After a while we headed back to the van.

The driver’s side of the van was parked next to a wall as was the rear of the van. I opened the passenger door for Sue and she climbed in. After I got my chair into the van and closed the door, Sue came back to the rear seat and sat down. She said she needed to do a couple of things before we started out. She asked if anyone could see into the van and I told her how it was parked and there was no one on foot walking around us. The side windows are tinted very dark and me sitting in my chair blocked anyone seeing in from the front of the van. Sue said great and squatted on her heels on the van floor. She gathered her skirt around her hips and opened a plastic shopping bag she had brought along. She undid her napkin, asked what shape it was in and I told her just a very small amount of blood on it. She removed it and took the rest of the contents of the bag out. There was another pad, some tampons and the box of rubbers. Needless to say I was again getting very hard watching her. She pulled the tampon out and let it drop in the bag. She asked how bad it was dripping and I told her I could see no drops at all from either the tampon or her pussy. She said great!!!

She used a wet wipe to wash herself off and then reached out and found my lap and pulled at my shorts. It did not take a mastermind to understand what she wanted. I knew the rubber was going to be used as a mess saver so I would not cum in her and it run all over the place. I lifted myself and she pulled my shorts down. I had no underwear on as usual. She found my hard and then pulled one of the rubbers from the foil. She rolled it down my cock, removed her skirt, unbuttoned her top and straddled me. The rubber was lubricated and with her fluids she slid down on it all the way with no problem. She got into motion and I played with her breasts. With her being on her period and me watching the show while she tried on different outfits earlier, it did not take long for both of to have a great orgasm. We held each other for a while and she contracted her vaginal muscles several times to stimulate me. It kept me hard for sometime before I softened and fell out.

There was only a little blood on us as apparently her flow was not as heavy as she thought it would be. She got off me and I removed the rubber full of cum and got some wipes which I used and put all of it in the plastic bag. She did the same, and inserted a tampon, fastened a clean pad to the belt and got dressed. I told her it was a great show watching her and she reached up and found I was hard again. All she said was hold that thought!! Sue helped me get my shorts back on giving my legs an extra feel. She put everything away, and I told her there was a trash gaziosmanpaşa escort can right outside the van at the rear. I asked if she wanted me to dump the stuff and she said no she would, just tell her how to get there. I did that and as she got back in the passenger door someone came to the car next to us. We both laughed and pulled out to head back to the hotel.

We decided to go out to the pool after we got back and she changed into the tiny bikini she had brought and we left to get some sun. There were not a lot of people there as it was a weekday afternoon so we had lots of room. I pulled my chair up to the side of the pool, lowered myself down to the cement and then lifted my legs over the side of the pool. Sue sat beside me and lowered herself into the pool first. After she said she had a grip on the wall I fell forward into the water.

As we were the only one in the pool at the time I asked her if she wanted to try swimming. She thought for a few seconds and said sure, why not. I said that since my left leg was totally paralyzed and I could not use either of them to swim, she could swim alongside me and hold on to it. I could pull her along and she could use the other hand to swim with. I said we should try it on our backs first and then go from there. She floated up on her back first and then I got on mine and directed her hand to my left leg. She made a remark that maybe this was not such a good idea as I should know how Horney she gets when touching my legs. I said well, with no more people then there were at poolside, it would not be a problem if we got it on. After getting the water out of my eyes that she had splashed me with, I started a slow paddle along the pool wall. It worked great so I ventured out further into the pool and we both had a ball. I could also see her hard nipples sticking out of her top fabric.

Sue found that she could float on her back and swim towards my voice. After a while I pulled myself out of the pool and got back up into my wheelchair and we headed back to our room. After a brief shower, during which she shaved herself and me, we decided it was time for dinner. She dressed in the short skirt and a blouse that had a very good fit showing off her form. I put on slacks and a shirt and off we went. I had seen a steak house that looked good so we went there. After a short wait we were shown to a table and had a great dinner. Because there were a lot of people around us, and no table cloths on the wooden tables, we behaved ourselves.

After dinner, Sue asked if she could try a movie and see if she could get anything out of it. There was a chick flick at the local theater so we tried it. There was an area for wheelchairs and I pulled up beside a regular seat and Sue sat down. The movie started and as there were no other people in chairs or in the area I slid my hand down to her legs and she got the hint and opened them up. She also placed her hand in my lap. I worked my way up and found her shaved pussy and every once in a while would move my finger around it. I could feel the string to her tampon as I did. She managed to get my zipper down and put her hand inside and just held on to my hard. After the movie was over, Sue said she was able to understand most of what went on and was not disappointed that she had tried it.

We got back to the motel and sat out on the patio outside our room enjoying the cool air. She mentioned that we should probably head home in the am as she needed to get back to work. She asked me how I felt about her “being blind”. I said that it did not bother me at all and I thought she was very sexy that way. I asked if she had given any more thought about being that way permanently or about being an amputee. I then asked how she felt being around a cripple. She said that being with me so crippled and in a wheelchair and between being around a cripple, and being blind, it was the best time she had spent in her life and thanked me for letting her do it. And yes, she had thought about being blind for real. That was more on her mind than becoming an amputee. She came over and sat in my lap putting her arms around my neck. We kissed for a while and I then asked her how would she like to move in with me and quit her job.

She was very quiet for a while and then said did I really mean that after knowing her for such a short time. My answer was that I did not feel that was a problem and that we seemed to be on the same wave length on a lot of important things. Sue then said she would be glad to move in with me and enjoy what we had together. Was I sure she should quit her job and I said that sometimes I need a secretary and she could work for me when the need arose. Otherwise, yes there was no need for her to work.

Sue asked about her place, what she should do with it. Since it was accessible, I suggested she keep it and rent it out which would give her some mad money to do what she wanted with. It would be a good investment for her. She agreed and said that was easy.

I said it was time for me to pee and wheeled gölbaşı escort us into the bathroom. She stood before me and undressed and helped me to do the same. She found her way to the bedroom and came back a few minutes later and asked if I would mind getting on the floor of the shower. I said no and she asked me to place a couple of towels there for me to lie on. I wheeled into the shower, put the towels down and transferred from my chair to the floor. Using my hands to guide my paralyzed legs, I stretched out on the floor.

Sue had used the john and removed her tampon. She came into the shower and moved my chair out and knelt down beside me. She had a bottle of massage oil in her hand and poured some on my left, totally paralyzed, atrophied leg. She spent some time rubbing it form toes to balls. She often said she loved how useless it felt in her hands. She also massaged the mostly paralyzed, atrophied right leg and this time as she reached the top she poured oil on my cock and balls. She massaged and pulled my balls. My pre-cum mixed with the oil and it became very slippery as she worked her hands up and down and around. She had moved from one side of my legs to the other and now was straddling them as she masturbated me.

After a little while she asked me if she was bleeding and I looked down and yes there was blood on my legs. I told her so and she said that the great orgasm she had in the morning must have started her flowing again. She said she was sure Horney and slid up my legs until her pussy was right over my stiff cock. She squatted on it and it slid in to the hilt. She just sat there for several minutes and said that felt better that being stuffed with cotton. She wiped the oil on her hands on her breasts and nipples and started rubbing them as she started rocking up and down on my hard on. I could see where my cock disappeared into her and it was soon red. It did not take her long to reach her first orgasm and I was able to put off joining her. I wanted her to enjoy ridding me as long as possible.

I replaced her hands with mine and continued to massage her slippery breasts and nipples. She had slowed done some and I then moved one hand down to her pussy and used my thumb to massage her clit. This caused her to buck hard again and her clinching my cock with her vaginal muscles caused me to cum hard also. I must have build up a good supply since this morning as it started coming out of her tinted red as she rode me up and down. We were both finally spent and she fell forward on to my chest and we kissed and held each other for some time.

After a few minutes she asked me to remove the tape and eye shields, that she wanted to see and have a good memory of what had just happened and the mess we made. I did so and after she got used to the lights, she looked around and at first started laughing. She then hugged me again and said thanks for being so good to her. I was still in her and with all the moving around I got somewhat hard again and she felt it. She started screwing me again and looked down at my cock going in and out of her. She kept watching as I again used my thumb on her clit and she came again. I told her that I was glad she had me move into the shower for this and not used the bed. She said that as she was removing her tampon it felt heavy so she was glad also. She leaned back and I fell out along with our cum. She then got up and grabbed the shower wand and turned the water on. She rinsed herself off and then turned it on me. After I was rinsed I pulled myself up on to the bench and I could tell that watching me struggle to do so aroused her a lot. This was the first time she had see me do this. We washed each other good and she put her leg up on the bench and I gave her a douche. It was still quite dark so I refilled the bottle with water and repeated it. It finally started to clear.

We rinsed the towels out and then dried off and after she inserted a tampon we headed for bed. I asked if she wanted her eyes to be re taped and she said no, she was fine for now. We talked about the plan for tomorrow and she kept stroking my left leg. We went to sleep with her hugging it against her breasts.

The next morning we got up, had breakfast in the dining room and headed home. Sue had not re taped her eyes and she spent the trip looking at the sights. We stopped at her place first and she packed things she thought she might need in the next few days and we headed to my place. We talked about should we leave the place furnished and rent it that way. I have a friend in the house rental business and gave Sue her number to check with.

Mine is a ranch style that is fully accessible. The doors are a little wider than normal so I can get my wheelchair through without hitting them. I showed Sue around the house and she seemed to like it very much. The bathroom was large and had a wheel in shower. There were two guest rooms and one of them had a tub and the other also had a wheel in shower. Both were at the opposite end of the house from the main bedroom.

Outside keçiören escort the dining room was a patio and the yard had a high privacy fence even though there were no neighbors around for some distance. I had thought about a pool several times but had never put it in……yet. There were the usual lounges, chairs and gas grill and a covered picnic table. All of the door sills in the house were recessed so my chair would go over them easily. I had an office just off of the master bedroom where I worked from. The bed was a king size and low enough to make transfers from my chair easy.

We went through the ice box and pantry and made a list of things that were needed and decided a trip out for lunch and the store was in order. We stopped for lunch and then made the other stops to get groceries and other item that were needed. We got back home and put everything away including the things that Sue had brought from her place. She asked on the way home if she got to stay in my bedroom or one of the guest rooms. I asked what she wanted to do and she said be in mine. We sealed the deal with a kiss at the next light.

Sue and I talked about her work and when she wanted to quit. She said she would tell her boss in the morning when she went in and see what happened from there. She had picked up her car at her place and brought it over. There was room in the garage for it even with the lift gate to my van out.

Sue noticed that the place was very clean and I told her that I had a house keeper that came in every two weeks. She had been in while we were out of town. She cocked her head asking if that was going to continue and I said I would think about it, turning my head so she could not see me smile. I asked if she wanted it to continue and she said it would be nice if that could happen and I said ok works for me. We had dinner, sat outside under the stars and went to bed and watched TV for a while. We were both tired from the trip so we just fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We got up in the morning and Sue groaned and headed for work. She went straight in to her boss and gave him two week’s notice. He was very surprised that she was leaving and offered her more money if she stayed. She told him it was not about the money but did not tell him much more about her plans. He told her she did not have to work the two weeks as it got him out of a jam with a friend of his that had asked if he had a job for his daughter. Now he could hire her and have her start to work on Monday. He even gave Sue the two week’s pay for having been such a good worker all the time she had been there. He told her to finish things up she was doing and she could leave at noon. She broke the news to her co-workers and got her belongings packed up and left at noon. She called the rental lady and agreed to meet her at the condo and headed that way. The hit it off and the lady thought leaving the unit furnished was a great idea and Sue hired her to manage the whole thing. There was a hospital nearby and she thought they might be interested in it as it was fully accessible.

After Sue left that morning I called a friend that lived on the west coast and asked if he and his wife had any plans to be in my area. He said yes they were going to be meeting at a city not too far away. He was going to make a presentation at the meeting and she was coming back from a trip for her business and they had agreed to meet there for some R&R after the meeting. I said great and invited them to come down when they could and that we would be in touch soon.

Sue got home early in the afternoon and I wondered what had happened. She told me the whole story and about her place. I was very proud of what she had done. I suggested we go out to a very nice place for dinner to celebrate all that had happened this past week. She agreed and asked that I start wearing my braces again, that she had seen me without them and wanted to see me with them now. I readily agreed as I liked to wear them very much. My lower right leg was now paralyzed again. With post polio we usually return to how we were when we left the hospital and that was what it was like then. The upper part of my leg was about 10% usable. I had decided I would not really walk anymore but use my wheelchair all the time.

When it was time to get ready I asked Sue to help me get dressed. I was sitting on the bed and I showed her how to put my braces on each leg. She put my stockings on first then lifted my leg and put the brace under it. The foot rested in the plastic piece that went inside whatever shoe I wanted to wear. She did each of the straps and the knee pad and then repeated with the other leg. I could tell she was aroused while doing this as she was naked and her nipples got very large and distended. I transferred to my chair and she put my legs into my pants and pulled them up to my waist as I lifted myself. We kissed and I rubbed her nipples as she was doing this. She squatted down in front of me and put her hand up my left trouser leg and rubbed my leg. She opened her legs as she was doing this and I could see her bare pussy and the white string coming out of it. She looked up at me knowing where my eyes were and grinned. She asked if I needed any more help and I said no, I could manage from here and she was off to get dressed. I finished putting my shirt, tie and jacket on.