My First Dogging Trip

27 Ekim 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


My First Dogging TripHave you tried dogging yet?I plucked up the courage to join in a group who meet in a woodland park just off the A1 three weeks ago. An older couple, she was a big girl in suspenders and stockings with her skirt hitched up around her waist, leaning against a car while blokes fingered her. He was taking pics and helping blokes to get their cocks out! when it came to my turn, I managed to lick her big fat pussy canlı bahis and then push four fingers up it. next thing I know, I’m no longer stroking my hard on cos hes got it in his mouth! when i look round, theres a guy shafting this fat old woman from behind, and two guys sucking other guys cocks. his mouth was so hot and i was so turned on I couldn’t hold my load back, just shot a huge sticky mess in his mouth and down his neck! bahis siteleri Then he unzipped his fly and his huge dick sprang out, he was so turned on, I didnt get chance to do more than lick his balls when he too shot his load, in my eyes and up my nose. bloody hell, Ive never seen so much cum. the woman then bent down and started licking his cum off my face and pushing her cummy tongue in my mouth. I was rock hard again. güvenilir bahis she pulled me up and leant back on the bonnet and i plunged my raging hard on into her hot cunt. Again, I only managed about twenty deep thrusts and i lost my willpower and squirted the lot. the others were watching and wanking and squirting the cum on her face. I couldnt manage another hard on, so I quickly left and drove home, but as i left the car park there were others arriving and other couples and women being fucked on benches. If you ever get chance to go, its on the turn off to Colsterworth just off the A1 in Lincolnshire. they meet three or four times a week.