My First Ride Of Spring.

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My First Ride Of Spring.I woke early. I only had a few days left to my vacation, and up until now it had rained most everyday this week. I poured myself a coffee and went out on the deck. It was still a bit chilly, but the sun was coming up and there didn’t appear to be any clouds in the sky. Being the 3 rd week in April it was about time we had a nice day, so far it was a wet chilly spring.It’s going to be a good day for a ride.I finished my coffee and went inside to take a shower and shave. I grabbed a clean T-shirt and a pair of jeans and got dressed. Before leaving I grabbed another cup of coffee and again went out side. Yes it was going to be a splendid day. The forecast for today said that it would be in the mid 70’s. I guess I would ride north into N. H., with a day like today it really didn’t matter I’d go wherethe road took me.I picked up a little, rinsed my cup and put everything in the sink. It was time to go.I stopped at the closet and took out my chaps to put them on. Next I put on my boots, grabbed my jacket, gloves and helmet and headed to the garage.I wheeled my Harley out of the garage and quickly wiped it down, checked the oil and tire pressure. I was ready. I fired it up and put my jacket helmet and gloves on. How I loved the sound, I hadn’t really ridden much yet this year and I was going to enjoy this.I checked the time it was 8:07 am , checked that I had my cell and climbed on. There was nothing like the feeling of all that power between my legs.I left the house and headed north. It was starting to warm up nicely.I continued north and jumped on rte. 202 and stopped for a bite to eat in a small diner in Winchendon. After eating I continued north into N. H. I decided to run parallel to the southern border of N. H. and head to Vermont . I made numerous stops along the way to look at the scenery. Everything was turning green.After I entered Vermont I decided to head back south, I worked my way south down some countryroads. I was close to UMass and decided to cut across the campus. With the weather so nice, there was a lot of activity. Students were playing Frisbee and catch all over the campus. I continued to ride along and up ahead I saw a girl standing at a crosswalk. I slowed down so thatshe could cross. adana escort As I came to a stop I couldn’t help but look at her. She was a petite girl, maybe 5’-2” tall and 110 lbs. probably in her mid 20’s. Her hair was long dark and curly, and she hadbeautiful blue eyes. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a white tank top that showed about an inch of her flat midsection, this had always turned me on, and she did.She looked at me while crossing and said, that looks like fun.Jokingly I said that I had another helmet if she’d like a ride.She said sure.I looked at her.And she said she was serious.I pulled ahead at a bus drop-off, got off of the bike and opened my saddlebag to get a helmet. Ipulled it out and handed it to her. She needed help to adjust the strap. After that I got on and she got on.I asked her if she had anyplace that she would like to go.She said it didn’t matter, and that she had time.We rode along some tree lined country roads with stone walls and farms, the ride prior to this was nice but it had just gotten better. I looked at the odometer and decided it was probably a good time to get gas. I found my way back to a main road so that I could find a gas station. I soon did and pulled in and up to the pump. I got off and proceeded to fill the tank, when I was done I asked if she was thirsty.She said yes that she could use something to drink.I walked toward the convenience store and looking back thought how incredible her ass looked sitting on the bike. I got 2 waters and walked out and handed them to her. I got on the bike and started it. I pulled forward to where there was a bench at the side of the store. We got off and took off our helmets, sat down and put them beside us.I opened my water and started to drink. We chatted casually. She told me that she was 24 and going for her PhD. in Environmental Science. I told her that I was 50 and that I was self-employed.She told me that she was tired of the dating scene as most guys her age only thought of themselves, especially when it came to sex.I told her that I wouldn’t know about that, but that I had learned at my age that a woman should always be taken care of. She told me that she had watched me walk into the store and that guys adıyaman escort in chaps had always turned her on. She also told me she thought I had a nice ass.While I felt that she was an extremely hot woman. I wasn’t feeling comfortable with theconversation. I finished my water and said that it was time to go.While riding I thought about how I was a 50 year old man in reasonably good shape. I had salt and pepper hair and I was muscular. I also knew that I was a reasonably attractive guy. Was Imisreading what she had said, maybe I should just relax, after all I was old enough to be her father.We continued to ride and she leaned forward and asked if I could pull over here. So I did.We got off the bike. She opened the saddle bag that held the spare helmet, grabbed the blanket I had in there, grabbed my hand and pulled me into a small clearing through a row of trees.When we entered the clearing she turned and faced me saying that she didn’t know why but that she was feeling aroused and stimulated sitting on the bike.I laughed and told her that they didn’t call it the Milwaukee vibrator for nothing.She dropped the blanket and pulled me close for a kiss. At this point my hormones got the best ofme. Besides here was this beautiful woman, ½ my age throwing herself at me.I bent down to kiss her. Her lips were so soft and parted easily when I thrust my tongue betweenthem. I wanted her and I wanted her right now. While kissing her my hands found their way down and squeezed her firm round ass, with this it seemed we both relaxed a little.When our lips parted, she smiled and then pulled away to spread the blanket out on the ground.From here the road was barely visible, yet you could hear the occasional car drive by.After spreading the blanket she kissed me again and grabbing my crotch said, now why don’t you show me how a woman should be treated.I told her I was more than happy to oblige. I took off my jacket and threw it on the blanket. We both knelt on the blanket and while kissingI slowly started to remove her tank top. We stopped kissing and I pulled it all the way off. I pushed her down gently until she lay on her back. I then pulled off her shoes and helped her take off her pants. I looked down at escort bayan her body and it was incredible.She then sat up and helped me to take off my shirt. She unbuckled my chaps and I took them off, Ilay down and she undid and slid my boots and pants off. She climbed on me and started to kiss meagain, I rolled over so that I was on top, grinding my cock on her mound. I could feel her breath quickening and so I started to kiss her neck, working my way to her perfect breasts. At the same time as I pulled one of her nipples into my mouth I started to rub her mound with my hand. She was by now pretty wet.I then rose up a little and told her that if at any time she felt uncomfortable that she should let me know and I would stop.With heavy eyes, she nodded and said okay.I then returned to licking and sucking her nipples while at the same time spreading her pussy lips with my thumb. She was incredibly wet and warm. I started to rub her clitoris with my thumbin circular motions. Her juices were now flowing rather heavily so I started to rub her asshole with my index finger, at this she moaned and arched her back upward pressing harder against my fingers. I continued to work both my thumb and finger in a circular motion. I knew that she was close to coming. I slid my thumb down and pushed it into her pussy; she let out a moan and thrust her hips upwards so my thumb could go deeper. I slowly worked my way down and repositioned myself so I was between her legs. I then placed my tongue between her lips and started to flick it back and forth on her clitoris. Her breathing got heavier and she was moaning almost constantly. It wouldn’t be long now, and sure enough she climaxed.I was still rock hard and moved up until I could feel the tip parting her lips, she reached down and helped to guide it in. As I slowly penetrated her she moaned and when I was fully in she gasped. Istarted to thrust slowly at first, but my need for release was starting to be too much, our hips were working in rhythm and with one deep thrust I felt the spasm as I started to cum. The orgasm traveled through my entire body. She continued to push her hips upward until physically I couldn’t go on. I collapsed on her staying in her and after a few minutes when I had relaxed pulled out. I kissedher on both eyelids then her nose and mouth. I asked her if that was what she had wanted.She stated most definitely.I rolled over and we both lay on our backs looking at the sky.She then said to me isn’t this a beautiful day.I couldn’t agree more.