My First Squirter “I’m sorry I made such

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My First Squirter “I’m sorry I made suchWe’ll call her L, 23, BBW, 5ft, Medium blonde hair, C cup, shaved.Met her on an online dating app, wasn’t looking for anything serious first date was simple enough a drink in town and then a peck of the cheek. Second date rolls around and we go out for another drink, have quiet a few and end up back at hers, were messing around on her bed and I put my hand down her pants and instantly feel she’s soaking, I start to play with her lips and she starts to shake, she looks up at me and said with big eyes and a bit of embarrassment in her voice “I squirt” I said that was ok, she said “but I squirt a lot” I said good. I take all her clothes off as she wanks my cock, I then lay her down and put my fingers deep inside her and she starts to moan and before I knew it released balıkesir escort a big gushing spray all over the bed making those noises only squirters make as it left hernbody, she looked up at me with still with a look of embarrassment, we were both covered in it but before she could say anything I’d already got the condom on and was feeding my cock into her dripping pussy. It slid straight in and I pushed as far as it would go, she let out a gasp and I just stared pumping, it was so wet and I could feel her getting wetter, I held her down and felt her pussy clench up “oh fuck I’m going to cum again” she said I’m a suprised voice that just made me harder, I kept going and then just felt a gush of juice around my cock and balls, she shook uncontrollably again and moaned like a farm a****l, escort balıkesir her body was trying to push out my cock as the squirt came shooting out but I was in so deep that wasn’t going to happen, and I just kept trying to see how much deeper I could go.When she had finally stopped shaking and saying fuck I slowly pulled out of her and the second I did squirt started pouring out of her pussy onto the already soaked bed, she lay there with her legs spread and looked up at me with a big smile and asked if I wanted to finish in her mouth, there was a suddenly a sense of submission, like guys had been out off by how much she squirted but the fact that I enjoyed it opened her up to me. She knelt down and started sucking me off, licking my cock up and down and smiling implying she liked balıkesir escort bayan tasting her juices on my cock, I reached my hands between her legs and started playing with her again, still soaked we both started to climax I could feel her cum running down my arm, I started to cum and shoved her head down into my cock and exploded in her mouth, as I did she came for the third and final time in less than half and hour, again spraying squirt all over the place. She moaned and shook and swallowed my load, she seemed content with my cock deep in her throat and cum running down her legs, she kept sucking and swallowing and then looked up at me with that embarrassed smile and cum round her mouth “I don’t usually” I interrupted it’s ok, she smiled again and looked at herself and then the bed “I’m sorry I made such a mess”.We fucked on and off for 2 years, she gave a great blowjob and wanted it raw after the second date, she squirted in my mouth while I ate her out, the noises she made when she came made me fall in love with squirters, she was my first but not my last.