My first time.

5 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri

My first time.I had been playing with myself for all day long, i was feeling extremely horny.There was this guy I met online. We had been chatting for a while.He was older than me but I liked him. We chatted about a lot of normal stuff almost never about sex.I contacted him asking how he was doing and we began to chat again.I was becoming more and more excited and wanted this to happen so badly. I had been waiting years to meet my first man. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I wanted to know so badly how it would feel so I asked him if he wanted to come by…He said yes, I gave him the adres and started to wait. I was terrified. My heart was beating fast I didn’t know what to do while waiting when finally I heard him arrive. He was there at my front door. I opened and he came in.We were sitting both at one side of the sofa, it was weird but I was still excited and he looked like I had pictured him so I felt reassured. I asked him if he wanted to drink something and we started watching a soccer program as we both liked soccer. I was still terrified but feeling more and more comfortable trabzon escort at the same time.I hoped he would do the first move but it was clear that wasn’t going to happen… so at one moment I went to the kitchen, I took a moment to relax and when I came back i went closer to him. he watched me in the eyes andI asked him: do you also want this to happen?He answered: I think so, yes.Then we started to kiss slowly… and got closer. I started to kiss him in the neck and touch his body.It felt amazing to touch him and feel his warm body. Then I jumped on him we continued kissing I could now feel he had a boner, I felt so proud he was excited for me. At that moment I really felt how hard I had wanted this… I totally surrendered to him and wanted to do everything to give him pleasure. I got off him en went in front of the sofa on my knees. I started to unbutton his jeans and discovered his dick. I had seen pictures of it but it looked much bigger so I thought he was really excited and enjoying this as much as me.I started to stroke his cock, then licked his balls. I could hear escort trabzon he was enjoying from the noises he made… I started to suck him slowly while stroking his cock. It was feeling so good… Then I tried to take it deeper so he could enjoy more. At one moment he was looking in my eyes again while I had his cock in my mouth. It made me so horny to see him enjoy. I stopped sucking him and he started touching my body, my belly, my ass, my nipples, he was very soft with me. He told me I was beautiful and he liked my ass very much so I asked him : do you want to fuck it? He took a condom out of his pocket and put it on… I didn’t know how we wanted to fuck me so I went on my knees on the sofa with my ass up. He told me that was very sexy. I was wearing knee socks and a little panty. He came closer and took my panty off. I could feel his cock touching my ass and slowly he started penetrating me. It was big but it felt so good to feel a man fucking me. He put his hands on my hips and asked me if I was feeling OK, I told him: yes please continue and he started to fuck me a little trabzon escort bayan harder. His cock was big so I started to moan… I could feel he was also enjoying it as he was making more and more noises. His cock started to feel very good in my ass so I started to move as well. I could now feel his hips touching my butt all his cock was in me. I was so horny. Is started to move faster again and I felt his hands holding me tighter and he said I’m going to cum. I took his balls with my hand and told him to cum…. I could feel his cock growing every-time he ejaculated and could feel his balls go up. he finished with long strokes deep in me while we where both moaning from pleasure…He was now laying on me on the sofa with his cock still in me taking deep breaths and he said: thank you that was amazing. He took his cock out and went to the bathroom.I felt so good in the sofa at that moment. I was still touching my ass and feeling very horny.He came back from the bathroom, it was already late so he decided not to stay much longer. I wanted to be alone as well so I was fine with that. Few minutes after he left I got a message from him saying he had a great time and hoped we could do this again. which we did, because even if It felt amazing it was also very short and there was so much more I wanted to try… with him.