my first time final part 1 of 2

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my first time final part 1 of 2his big dick began to fuck my mouth faster, and his fingers flicked my clit faster as well, he spat on my pussy and pushed 2 fingers deep inside me, i moaned in pleasure and pain. He fingered me softly at first telling me how tight my pussy was, my cunt was dripping wet, and his fingers found a steady rhythm pushing in and out of me, his fingers were touching my inner hot spot, and i pushed them deeper into me, i told him to fuck me faster and faster, and i could feel myself getting close to cumming, he bent down and sucked my tits one at a time, sending goose bumps all over my body. He saw it too, he bent down and opened his mouth wide around my pussy, his fingers fucked me, his warm mouth, then his tongue engulfed me and i began to cum. my body contorted, i pulled his head hard onto my pussy, and his tongue didn’t stop licking, electric shock waves of intense pleasure made me cum so hard that my pussy squeezed his thrusting fingers out of me, and with it a huge gush of cum straight into his mouth and over his face.Don’t stop, please don’t stop i begged, i had never felt anything like it, my body was thrusting involuntarily on his fingers and amazingly i was still cumming. i had almost forgotten about sucking his dick, but he shifted position and swung his leg over my head into a 69, his cock and balls dangled in my face, and his firm smooth ass. I sucked his cock canlı bahis and balls and caressed his bum, i was moaning loudly and he pushed his bum into my face, lick my fucking arse bitch, he said, and without hesitation i pushed my tongue into the crack of his ass, he moaned on my throbbing pussy, i moaned in his ass, i had never imagined me licking a mans arse hole, but it felt so right, the smell of ass, strangely really turned me on… i felt like a dirty fucking slut, and that thought alone made me cum again in his mouth. After two of my hardest ever orgasms, my clit was on fire, i pushed his head away from me, and he rolled over onto the bed, are you ok? he asked, im fine i replied still twitching. I just lay there for a minute, with my legs wide open, still feeling the echoes of my first male induced orgasm, he lay there on his back his cock still semi erect, i reached over and wanked him, he lay there and began talking dirty, telling me that his is going to fuck my pussy, and that he is going to spunk all over my face, and in my mouth just like i did, i wanted him two, my pussy was ready for more, ready for her very first cock, and her very first fuck…as we lay there talking dirty, his mobile phone rang, we both got up and panicked a little, he answered his phone and i realised it was his gf, he sat back on the bed and began talking to her, she must of been a bit drunk and upset. i walked bahis siteleri naked to the table and lit a cigarette and his joint and smoked both before passing it to him, as i walked across the room my clit rubbed between my legs, i felt so sexy and so dirty, i wanted him more, as i smoked my cigarette i blew smoke into his face and pushed my tits together for him. he began stroking his cock so i bent down and blew smoke over his dick, he pulled my hair and pushed my mouth onto his dick, i sucked him, while he was talking to her.I sucked and wanked him hard, then stood up and went and sat on the chair opposite, i spread my legs wide and teased my clit as i finished my smoke. he was still stroking his big dick, and i was whispering for him to fuck me. He made his excuses to his gf and said goodnight to her, then he walked over to me and lifted me right off the chair, he held me close to him and kissed me deeply our tongues wrestled wildly, in each others embrace, and his fingers once again found my wet pussy, then i could feel his cock touching my pussy and him moving it around my clit it felt so warm next to me, then slowly he pushed himself inside me, his cock was much bigger than 2 fingers, but she was that wet it wasn’t as painful as i had feared. slowly his hot dick, found a rhythm, we were still kissing wildly, and his strong arms lifted me up and down on his dick. I remember thinking güvenilir bahis at that point, now im a woman. his cock felt so great inside me, we moaned and kissed in each others mouth, his cock pushing deeper than i have ever felt. he held my ass,and fucked me i looked over his shoulder, and saw him in the mirror fucking me, his big dick pushing in and out of me. we kissed harder he fucked me faster, and harder, then on the bed he lay on top of me and fucked me, my legs were wide and in the air, he pushed all his weight on me and began pounding my pussy hard. I loved every thrust of his dick, and he told me that i was his secret little fuck hole, and when ever i come over to visit my sister, he is going to fuck me, i am his slut now, he also promised to pick me up from school, and take me on a drive into the woods and fuck me, i was in heaven, i felt a million miles from the the girl that woke up this morning, i was being fucked by a guy twice my age, i was high on d**gs, and i had just had to two of the most powerful orgasms of my life, the bed began to squeak as he nailed me, faster and faster, i could feel his cock and balls clenching an him moaning louder, then he pulled himself out of me and firmly held my face in front of dick, i opened my mouth just in time for him to spunk into my mouth a hot jet of cum hit the back of my throat, and i swolloed quickly, three more heavy loads sprayed my face and hair, and covered me in his sticky cum, i licked the cum from my face and rubbed his cock over my tits, i felt so proud that i had made him cum, i cleaned his bell end with my tongue, and told him i wanted more.