My Freshman Year of college part 4

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My Freshman Year of college part 4Between all the hardcore slut training and my school work I was kept very busy, Sam and I were constant companions whether Daddy was vigorous in his slut training of me,and when Halloween approached, I was, informed of the wickedly sinful party Daddy had every year.Sam gushed like a school girl telling me all the lewd activities that would expected of not only us,but a few select Daddies and their sluts.The afternoon of October 30 had Sam and I reading the packet of instructions Daddy had left with us…it contained every detail…our wardrobe requirements, list of all toys we would need,and a set of keys to one of Daddy’s expensive Bmw’s and a map of Daddy’s luxury Cabin where the party would be held.Within hours Sam and I were on our way.Even though Sam had been to many other parties she told me each one was unique, no two the same.We arrived and found the cabin impressive and very luxurious, surrounded be thick lush forest for miles,and seeing we were the first to arrive,we quickly found our rooms and set up all our things.As it grew later and very dark Sam and I explored the cabin and soon settled in the main living room,and while smoking a little weed to ease our attitudes I flipped on the huge 80″ tv and found some interesting porn channels and settled done relaxed and comfortable.We both must have fallen asleep and were awoken by a very tall,leather clad woman standing before us,Sam quickly gasped and dropped down,assuming a submissive pose at the imposing ataşehir escort womans feet,I unfortunately,wasn’t as quick and found myself being yanked up by my hair by this amazon of a woman,my feet swinging feet off the ground “why you arrogant slut” she growled “are you not a properly trained slut” she smirked as she tossed me forcefully to the floor,kicking me as I quickly submitted, ” now thats better slut” As she strolled around the room,I could feel her eyes inspecting every inch of me and with a snap of her fingers she ordered us both to strip,and both of us ripped our clothes off our bodies and dropped back down at her feet,as she eased down onto the couch her long legs spread wide and towering above us,”Sammie dear,come up here beside me”I watched as Sam scampered obediently to her side and as they whispered to one another I felt a sudden wave of fear at what was to come,but after a few minutes of hushed talk Sam quickly bolted out of the room,rushing upstairs,I slowly began to tremble and felt the strong womans hand caress my face and shoulder as she cooed gently ” don’t fear my tiny slut,I know you are a new little slut so we shall be gentle with you….there there…now rise” and slowly I stood,her long legs on either side I stood head down but straight and tall before her.” mmmmmm….” she cooed..” I love all the tattooes and piercings and your tiny lithe body is just as I like” I stood there as she quickly stood up before me…towering above me,and as she peeled escort ataşehir off her tight leather outfit I noticed just how muscular and sleek she was,with long braided black hair,firm breasts with nice hard nipples and long finely toned legs,as her strong hands began to roam and explore my tiny body she bent down and whispered in my ear ” so tiny my little pet…now just relax and let Auntie see if you are as good as Daddy brags” both hands were all over me as she bent over and began kissing ,licking and nibbling my face,neck and her mouth found a hard nipple her fingers slid into both my slick twat and tight puckered ass,my legs wobbled as she quickly brought me to a powerful orgasm,making my knees buckle I fell weakly against her,as she sucked noisily on her gooey fingers..”sweet as honey” and she grabbed my throat and pulled me up and kissed me passionately and lustfully,as our tongues wrestled she dragged me across the room,up the stairs to a room Sam had been preparing for “Auntie”…I was tossed like a rag doll onto the huge bed as Auntie hurried Sammie out of the room barking at her ” find him and bring him up here slut” and slammed the door and quickly pounced on the bed,lying back and barking commands ” eat my fucking cunt slut…make me fucking cum”…I buried my face in her drenched fuckhole,my frenzied tongue slathering deep into her tasty cunt,I sucked and slurped her gushing cunt as she ground my face hard against her bucking cunt,I jammed 3 ataşehir escort bayan tiny fingers deep in her ass and feasted lewdly on her cunt her loud groans and thrusting hips fortold her building orgasm…Auntie began to squeel loudly “…unnnnfffff…..thaaaats it slut,…..gonna fucking…cummmmm…ohhhhhh….yeaaaaaaaaaaaa….”Auntie pumped her hips and tore at her red rock hard nipples while I was drenched with copious amounts of sticky gooey juice, Auntie slapped her rigid clit as she gushed juices out her sloppy cunt and I slithered my long tongue deep into her tight ass…”ooooommmmm”…Auntie mewed as I tongue fucked her puckered ass…a loud knock on the door brought auntie to her knees ,pushing me aside on the bed. “perfect timing….come in come in….” Auntie bellowed….the door quickly opened and shut and suddenly there was another body on the bed…Auntie grasped the person and threw them backwards on the bed beside my and thats when I saw “IT”….towering majestically from his clean shaven loins was the longest,thickest cock I had ever seen…it was massive…thick with big throbbing veins topped by a huge purple bulbous head that was oozing precum that flowed down the steel hard shaft….Auntie grabbed it with both hands stroking its monstrous length while stuffing the head into her greedy mouth…I sat awe struck as Auntie swallowed inch after inch of thick cock meat and began to bob her head furiously up and down with long hard strokes….after a while Auntie plopped the huge head out of her greedy mouth and quickly straddled herself above the massive fuck pole and while grasping firmly at the base impaled herself on his staff and quickly swallowed the entire monster cock deeply into her hot cunt…(…more to cum…sluts..hehe)