My Geography teacher part 1

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My Geography teacher part 1Back when I was younger, in my teen years, in Matric. I was in a relationship with a rather attractive boy who at that stage was giving me some sexual satisfaction but however i was looking for a little more. There was an older man that I secretly had a huge crush on. I’m sure I wasnt the only teen girl who had a crush on this man, as he was our geography teacher, Mr Watson. He was tall, dark hair, blue eyes. Fit and well built, a rugby player in his late 20s. A number of times while sitting in his class, a fell into a day dream while listening to his lesson, wanting him to take me to his bed and show me what an older man can do. A number of times I left his class with my panties completely wet from crushing on his sexiness. As the Matric year went on, It soon approach my birthday and as most would know turning 18 was a big deal, I was now legal to drink as well as attending certain night clubs. My birthday was the Thursday, and that night I was just out with my family for dinner and a few drinks. During the night as we chatted away, My older cousin Kelly told my parents that tomorrow night she would be taking me on my first real legal night out clubbing. My parents were ok with it and just gave me a rather generous curfew of 2 am. Soon my birthday dinner ended and we all went home and once I got into bed this Thursday night I was super excited to go clubbing that I could barely sleep. As I laid with my eyes closed I imagined dancing, having a drink and having guys dance around me. I could feel my pussy getting wet from the thoughts of having some fun. I decided to touch myself and I was soaking wet and horny. I rubbed up and down my wet pussy lips, stimulating my clit and soon my body went into ecstasy, my legs tense up and body quivered as I orgasmed while rubbing my pussy. After a good well needed orgasm, I finally managed to get some sleep. Friday arrived and I could definitely feel I didnt get enough sleep for the school day. Arriving at school in the morning I met with my boyfriend who soon became rather jealous due to the fact that my cousin where gonna take me clubbing the night but he wasnt invite as he still hadn’t turn 18 as yet. So he and I had a bit of a fight during our first lunch break, which end with me going to Mr Watson Geography class all pissed off. As I stared at Mr Watson while he spoke about the days lesson, my mind drifted off as I wonder how he or an older more mature man would have reacted to my cousin taking me out clubbing for my first time. I’m sure he would have been fine with it and probably have given me some amazing pleasure before I head out as well as when I arrive back. His lesson soon ended and then the rest of the day surprisingly went quickly and the school day was soon over. On my way out the school I met up with my boyfriend who was completely pissed off and barely spoke to me. I soon left as I wasn’t gonna deal with his Ill mood and hopped into my moms car. I was too moody, but once home and after a hour I started getting rather excited to head out with my cousin clubbing. Kelly message me confirming that she was gonna pick me up at 5 so that we first go have a nice dinner and a few pre drinks. A few drinks sounded great at this stage, and I decided I better go take a shower. Hopping into the shower I took my razor and shaving cream with me. I smoothed up my legs as well as alanya escort my pussy. As the water ran over my body, I rubbed my freshly shaved pussy up and down, stimulating my clit which soon had my legs week and body tensed up as I orgasmed. The orgasm relaxed me, releasing the stress of the day at school as well my anxiety for the night ahead. Once out the shower I dried my body and went to my room to blow dry my hair and do my makeup. My mom soon joined me, too ask and see what I was planning on wearing tonight. My plans were tight Jean’s and a top, which she was happy with so once my makeup and hair was done I put that on with high heels of course. Kelly soon arrived and quickly greeted my parents before taking me for the night. We left my house, and spoke as she drove to pick up her one friend and friends sister.My excitement kept growing although I told her about my frustrating day with my boyfriend. She told me to forget about him for the night as there will be plenty guys to give you the attention you deserve. That got me excited as well as made me forget about my jealous boyfriend. We soon pick Kelly’s friends Vanessa and her sister Amy who had kit bags with them. The conversation immediately became lively as they got to know me and me to know them. We then stopped by Kelly’s townhouse and to my surprise she said to me let’s go get you looking hot my babe. The three girls escorted me into Kelly’s house and too her bedroom. Kelly immediately said we need something a bit sexier than Jean’s for tonight. She opened her cupboard as Vanessa and Amy open their bags and took out dresses. Kelly handed me a black and white dress telling me to try it on. As I turned around their was Amy standing in her lingerie as she was fitting on her dress. I felt a bit uncomfortable as I slowly removed my top but that soon changed when Kelly paid me a compliment saying damn you have a sexy body. Vanessa and Amy agreed and seconds later I was in my lingerie in front of my cousin and her friends. I put on the dress, which was a perfect fit. It hugged my body, showed off my teen cleavage and teen butt. Look how sexy you look in that vanessa commented. I felt my pussy get wet as I too felt sexy and was enjoying all the attention and comments from the ladies. We soon were all dressed. All in sexy dresses and hills. Into Kelly’s car we hopped and we made our way to dinner. Filling out bellies and having a casual glass of wine each as we chatted. Already as we sat at the restaurant, I could notice guy looking at us, which kept building my confidence for a fun filled night ahead. It was after 8pm when we got and settled our bill and then made our way to the club. Arriving by the club, I was under the impression my Cousin was taking me to a no under 18s club but to my suprise as we walked to the door I noticed it was a no under 21s club. I suddenly got nervous as I asked her will they let me in, as I was the youngest as Kelly was 23 Vanessa 23 and Amy 21. But however once we reached the bouncer and door host, Kelly new them, she introduced me to them and there after in we went.The club was still quiet so we made our way to the bar where we ordered a drink. As we sipped our drinks, the club started to fill up and the music became better and louder and before I knew it, we all were on the dance floor, dancing. As We were dancing in a group, we were being hit on escort alanya by a few guys, this is when I noticed that my cousin is a real flirt. She teased almost every guy that spoke to us, dancing with them, letting them touch her body a little as well as she touching their necks etc. Vanessa and Amy were a bit more chilled and laid back than my cousin but as well teased and kept the guys interested. As I was enjoying myself dancing there was one guy who came up to me and danced around me. His name was Marc rather handsome, tall blonde hair and blue eyes. We danced together and soon our hands were on each others bodies, he felt well built and strong and the way he touched me and how he squeezed my ass was so different than my boyfriend and pervious school boys I had been with. Our dance and fun soon got interrupted by my cousin. Kelly said to him, “I’m sure you will find her later”, and she then took me and guided me to the bar. She then told me to keep my options open and not just get caught on the first guy as there will be many more to hit on me. She was indeed 100% right as a number of guys where hitting on me as the night progressed. It reached a stage where us girls needed a bathroom break and after freshening up, as we walked out the bathroom and back towards the dance floor, a guy accidentally bump into me, tripping and falling over. He immediately got up, apologizing to me as he turned around and thus guy just happened to be my Geography teacher Mr Watson. “Interesting to see you here Stacey.” He commented after apologizing again for bumping into me. Looking deep into his blue eyes, I replied, ” it was my 18th bday yesterday sir, so my cousin and her friends brought me for my first club night out.” He smiled as he replied, “very well, but this is a no under 21 year old club.” I smile back at him and giggle as I replied, ” my cousin is friends with the bouncers and door hostess sir, so they let me in.” I then introduced him to Kelly and he then replied, ” can I offer you two naughty girls a drink?” Kelly quickly replied, ” We not naughty, we good girls and we good at the naughty things we do.” Mr Watson replied, I’m sure you ladies are and Kelly quickly replied back saying, I’m all good with drinks now, but you welcome to buy my cousin a drink, not knowing that he’s my school teacher. Mr Watson smile at her and then took my hand, my pussy felt soaking, as he led me to the bar.” Stacey this is totally i*****l of me to buy one of my pupils a drink, but however what would you like?” He asked.I looked into his blue eyes smiling at him as I replied, ” it will be fine sir, I wont tell noone. I will have a single vodka and lemonade.””I’m glad you wont tell anyone” he replied and then ordered him and myself a drink. Once receiving the drinks he again took my hand and led me to a quiet area of the club, where we were lucky to find a both seat, where we sat down. We sat next to each other and chatted as we sipped our drinks. As we spoke we looked into each other’s eyes, his beautiful deep blue eyes had me mesmerized as we spoke. As our drinks finish, he paid me a compliment, ” you look beautiful tonight” he said. I blushed as I replied, ” thank you sir, and you always look amazingly handsome.”He smiled as he placed his left hand on my right thigh and slowly moved nearer to me. His right hand moved onto my cheek and our lips met. Our alanya escort bayan mouths opened and soon my tongue was massaging and exchanging saliva with my school teacher. My pussy was pulsing I was so horny as we kissed. My hands moved over his body, feeling his handsomeness and eventually as our lips aparted, I found myself feeling his package. He was rock hard and through his pants his cock felt huge. He again smiled at me and then whispered into my ear I would love to have you in a quiet place. I looked back into his eyes as i replied” i really would like that sir.” Kelly soon interrupted us, bringing some bad news as she told me that we need to go to reach my curfew. I asked her to give me 5 minutes please, which she did, leaving me and mr Watson alone again. He passed me his phone as he said please give me your number, which I typed in and handed it back to him. He then typed something quickly before saying, ” I sent you a message that you must only read once you in the car.” Ok sir, no problem,” I replied. ” Best I also get going sir.” I said and he immediately grabbed me, pulling me to him and giving me one more kiss. Once our lips aparted he stood up with me and walked me to Kelly and he friends who were waiting outside for me. He gave me one final kiss on the lips goodbye in from of them and then greeted them. Getting into the car I could feel my panties were drenched from all the horniness. “So tell us about him,” asked Kelly. ” hesitantly I replied, ” he’s my Geography teacher.” ” oh my fuck, are you seriously,” replied Kelly. “You naughty horny bitch,” she added in before I could reply, yes he’s my husband teacher. Kelly and her two friends encouraged me, telling me how hot they find it that I’m with my school teacher. And they told me that they think he is very handsome. We continued chatting about the night and how amazing it was. Just before reaching my house I took my phone out and read the message Mr Watson send me. He said, you really look beautiful tonight, and hopefully one day I can really have you in a quiet place, my bedroom, your bedroom or even my class room. Reading his reply got me even hornier and I replied. Thank you Mr Watson you are really a handsome man and I would love to be alone with you one day. Once I sent my reply we had arrived by my house, I greeted and thanked my cousin and her friends for the amazing night. Before heading in to greet my parents who were waiting up for me. We chatted briefly about my night, where I obviously left out all details about Mr Watson. Thankfully they were tired and I could head to my room. After removing my makeup, I undressed, removing the dress and my soaking wet panties. I then put on my pjs and hopped into bed. I had a reply from Mr Watson, ” Think you need to come see me one afternoon for extra Geography lessons.” My left hand was under my pjs, I was rubbing my pussy up and down, stimulating my clit as I replied, “sir my Geography mark is very good though, so will be difficult to get that past my parents. Unless it is said it’s an additional class for Matric final preparation.” I closed my eyes as I sent the text, and as I rubbed my horny pussy, I thought about how amazing it was kissing my handsome Geography teaching. My body tense up as I reached climax and orgasmed over the thoughts and fresh memories of my teacher and I. He then replied,” I’m sure somehow a plan will come up. But thank you Stacey for the fun evening. Speak to you soon. Sleep tight.””Goodnight sir, thank you. Cant wait to have quiet time with you again. Sweet dreams sir.” I replied and soon after I fell asleep after a magical night out.