My Girlfriend and Her Ex Pt. 01

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This story was partly inspired by that Reddit post about that dude’s girlfriend telling him he had a “boyfriend dick.”

My girlfriend, Hailey, and I (Nick), have been dating for the last five months. We are both juniors in college and live together in a student apartment. Hailey is 22, one year older than me, and far out of my league. I have always been on the quite side and often got rejected by girls I asked out. Before I met Hailey, I never had a girlfriend. I had sex once in high school, which was about twenty seconds of awkwardly humping a girl who I had pursued for months before she let me have a pity fuck. So far in college I only ever hooked up with an unattractive girl after a party in freshmen year and that was the climax of my “college experience.” Hailey on the other hand seemed to have a much more exciting college experience than I had before she met me. Hailey is about 5’8, only an inch shorter than me. She has black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and an incredible figure. She wears a C cup bra and has a beautiful well-rounded ass, soft and just squishy enough. I am pretty average looking and my slightly smaller than average 4.5-inch penis didn’t help. I’m not sure what Hailey sees in me, but if I had to guess it’s because I seem to be the only guy who treats her with respect and takes care of her emotional needs. She hasn’t been completely open with me about her entire sexual history, which I am indifferent about. She had only four previous boyfriends, her exact body count is unknown to me, but if I had to guess it would be in the forties. My friends have told me stories about her being a massive slut and getting passed around by various friend groups and even the tennis team, but despite all of that (whether it’s true or not) I still love her. One of her particular ex-boyfriends, Justin, the most recent one, stuck out to me. She told me they broke up about 9 months before we started dating. Apparently, he was a real asshole to her, and they only dated for a couple months, but I couldn’t help feeling anger towards him for not treating her right. I constantly think bahis siteleri about how I would give him a square punch in the face if I ever saw him, Hailey always just chuckled when I talked about it.

Now, for our sex life, I think it is amazing. Hailey lets me fuck her in all kinds of positions and always lets me go in raw. I am however, never allowed to cum in her or anywhere near her face, which I think is a fair compromise. One time I pushed her to give me an answer as to as why, she simply replied.

“Nick, you are the most compassionate and respectful guy I’ve ever dated, I think it would be degrading to me if I just let you cum anywhere you want, don’t you think?”

She was right, she is my girlfriend, and I should not be treating her like a slut, but rather, worship her like a goddess. However, I can’t help but wonder if that rule was only for me and how many other guys’ loads, she might have swallowed or taken in her. Nonetheless, I am lucky she is my girlfriend.

One night, while we were having sex…

“Fuck Hailey, I’m so close to cumming.”

She moaned as I kept fucking her, my hands dug into her ass while she laid on the bed with her ass raised up as an invitation for my cock.

“Fuuucckkk I’m cumming!”

I slipped my cock out of her pussy as quickly as I could and shot my load over her plump ass cheeks.

“That’s all you got in you tonight?” Hailey asked with a slight smile.

“Ahh, yea I’m sorry babe, you’re so hot I can’t help it.”

I only ever last six minutes with her, a measly three-minute round tonight. I got up from the bed and grabbed a towel and cleaned her off. Like I said before, I worship Hailey like a goddess, and I want to please her in every way, but I feel like I’m letting her down sexually.

“Babe, can I ask you something?

Hailey let out a soft moan as she laid peacefully on the bed.

“Yea?” she softly said.

“Have you ever orgasmed from me fucking you?”

She didn’t say anything for a few moments.

She replied with a curt “No.”

“I kinda figured, are you upset with me? canlı bahis siteleri I want to be the best boyfriend in the world, but I feel bad…”

“Aw Nick, you are the best boyfriend in the world, its okay, really. A relationship is so much more than sex. All you want to do is make me happy, right?”

“Yes, your happiness is everything to me babe. I will do anything for you, alright?”

“You’re too sweet, could you get me a clean pair of undies and some water?”

“Of course, can I ask you another question?” I replied.

“Sure, let me get cleaned up first.”

Hailey got up from the bed with nothing but a dark blue bra on and walked into the bathroom. She looked incredible. I walked over to the kitchen and got a glass of water then placed it on the bedside table. I looked through her dresser drawer (we each had our own dressers) and picked out a pair of black Calvin Klein bikini briefs. Hailey loved her Calvins’ and I always made an effort to buy her clothing from there (when I could afford it.) I put her panties on the bed and got under the covers, its late and I have a 9am tomorrow. Hailey finished cleaning up in the bathroom and walked over and slipped into her fresh panties. I just laid there admiring her beauty, her panties hugged her ass perfectly and her bra accentuated her perfect boobs. She snuggled under the covers with me, and we cuddled, I always liked resting one of my hands on her ass while wrapping the other around her body. I looked her in the eyes and softly kissed her lips.

“Are you happy with my dick”

Hailey, looking tired, took a minute to reply. She sighed.

“Well, if I’m being honest its on the smaller side. Much smaller than what I’ve had. But it’s a perfect boyfriend dick!” she said, a bit too cheerfully, emphasizing ‘boyfriend dick.’

“What’s a boyfriend dick?’ Taken aback, I can’t believe my girlfriend called my dick small!

“Like, you know it’s the perfect size to have sex with long-term. It doesn’t stretch me out or make me feel uncomfortable the next day. Most of the guys I’ve hooked up with had really canlı bahis big dicks and I needed a few days to recover, ya’know? It doesn’t matter, like I said before, a relationship is more than just sex.”

I felt even worse, but her reassurance gave me a little comfort.

“Ah, okay. Well maybe you could teach me to give you an orgasm?”

“Haha, I don’t think that’s possible, it isn’t just size, I’ve only ever orgasmed with one guy before…”

“Was it Justin?” I asked sternly.

Hailey again, took some time to reply but I knew it was him.

“Yes…and…well we continued to see each other casually after I broke up with him.”

I took my hand off her butt and moved away a little. She noticed and followed up with:

“I know…I know…I should have told you, but I stopped having sex with him when we started dating. I just couldn’t help it, he made me feel so good in a way no other guy has. Nick, I love you and you make me feel incredible too, that’s why I’m dating you and not him.”

Hearing her saying that felt like a knife in the stomach, but curiously I felt my cock getting hard. I stated thinking about how we went through a month-long talking stage and how I thought we were just seeing each other. I guess I was wrong. I felt a bit angry at this revelation, Hailey always told me about how rude Justin was to her and how he never tried to be a decent boyfriend to her. I couldn’t help but feel a bit turned on though. I recall all those times when we first started talking and hanging out, how she would leave my messages on delivered for hours or not talk to me for the entire night. I imagined her sneaking off to fuck Justin after we had just finished face timing and listening to her tell me about her day. I cleared my head.

“Well…As long as you’re not talking to him anymore.” I said, with a questioning undertone.

“Nick, I never said I stopped talking to him. Now and again I’ll text him because I want to stay on good terms. It is not your place to control who I talk to. You are sounding a lot like Justin right now.”

“I-m…Sorry.” I quietly said. It hurt to hear her reveal that, but she was right, I am sounding controlling. She turned her back towards me and said nothing else.

“Good night, I love you.”

She replied with a quick “You too.”