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Subject: My Grandson Billy Part 1 My Grandson Billy Part 1 This story features M/b love, if that’s not your thing, don’t read it. As I watched William walk across the stage for his diploma, I had to wipe away a tear. I had so much admiration for that young man. I sat with his mom and dad and I was overcome with emotion for all that he had been able to accomplish despite his parents and despite a school that didn’t seem to care whether or not their students were safe from bullies out to do young kids that were obviously different from them some emotional or physical harm. His mom patted my arm and his dad nudged into me. I shrugged my shoulders. I couldn’t help it. I remembered back to when my relationship with Billy had become special; he was only 9 or 10. I remembered the first time he came to my little study, fresh from his bath that night. His parents on their way out told him to be good and mind me. It would be the first of many days of us on our own as Billy’s mom and dad figured out what being a parent was really all about. Billy walked in his shirt and shorts and stood looking at me in my big oversized reading chair. I was in my robe, undershirt and briefs. I smiled at him and he climbed up beside me. I made room for him by scooting over as much as I could. We sat that way awhile, him peering into the book I was trying to read, but really, nothing inside worth looking at, words, words, words. He fidgeted a bit and patted my leg and made me draw my attention away. I put the book aside and I pulled him up and over my leg and into my lap. It drew my robe askew, but it did not bother me that he might see my underwear or my bare legs. He just wanted a bit of a nuzzle. He didn’t ask for it right out, but the way he leaned into me, the way his hand strayed into the part of my robe to touch my chest, that maybe he wanted some extra closeness. I wrapped my arms around him as best I could and we just snuggled and chatted. It was so nice. I hadn’t had a young man in my arms in a very long time, certainly not one as young as him, but it did bring back some real stirrings and indeed a longing that had gone unfulfilled for a long time. I let one hand run down the outside of his thigh down to his butt. I ran my fingers inside the hem and I felt his own briefs just underneath. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t squirm away. He was a little red faced, but he made no move to shriek or giggle or tumble away from me. I pulled the edge up of his briefs gaziantep travesti with one finger and squirmed a couple of fingers underneath. His skin was soft and amazing. He did squirm for that and I pulled my hand away and ran it up to his knee. When I did that he let his leg fall open. I could see his boy mound covered in his little night shorts clearly. I moved my hand to more inside his thigh, my thumb stroking along his leg gently. When he saw I wasn’t going to press much further he closed up his legs with my hand caught in between. He laughed at me. His eyes so bright. He raised up and kissed me and hugged my neck. He spread his knees so I was between them as he leaned into me and rested his head on my shoulder. I ran my hand back to his bottom and held that right cheek in my palm. I could feel the muscle of his buttock flex. I could feel the warmth of him. I had a solid hard on in my briefs beneath my robe. That’s how it passed between us for several days. He would sit with me and we would just a have a moment together. It was like he was making up for all the lost days of having no one he could hang onto until now. He was making it all up at once. I remember so many special moments. My hand finally making it to the split of his leg, the only thing separating it from his young boyhood was his bedclothes. The time he kissed me on the lips. I smiled at him and with a long look in his eyes, I bent forward and kissed him back. Like on TV he said. I smiled. Like on TV. I leaned in and kissed him once more, a little longer. I remember his hand reaching into my robe. I didn’t have an undershirt on. He pushed across my chest and felt my nipple. It was a firm nub, stiff and excited. He laughed at that. I pulled my robe back and showed him. That’s my titty, I told him and a chuckle. He rubbed his palm over it. I sighed. Oh that feels good little Billy. Pull on it. And he did. He grabbed it and pulled it. I almost swooned. I love those big old nubs of my being played with. I pulled back the other side of my robe and showed him the other one. He pulled on them both at the same time. He boinked them with his fingertips. That’s when he pulled off his shirt. These are mine! He said with such a smile. I put my thumbs to each one and rub them ever so gently. He was a little chunky, not much, but it did make his breasts puffy and soft. I caressed them and rubbed over them. Those are nice titty’s little gaziantep masaj salonları Billy, I told him. He was blushed in his cheeks and across his chest. Soon, those little boy nubs came hard to little peaks. I pulled him to me and held him. My hand went down to his shorts, but I went under the waistband and under his briefs and I held his fleshy butt in my hand. He laughed at that and squealed away. As he dashed away to get something else to read, my robe was open. My briefs tented with my own thick erection. I didn’t hide it. He didn’t mention it climbing back up to sit with me a little longer before bedtime. The next time he came in he showed off a brand-new robe. His mom said that he wouldn’t let up about it at the store. Just like yours he said. Indeed, he was right. I sat primly in my chair as I wore nothing under my robe this time until his mom left. When she did, Billy climbed up as he usually did and I let my robe hang however it was moved. He said he wanted to be just like me! I hugged him and kissed him. I told him I had a secret. What? He wanted so much to know. I told him that not only was I not wearing my undershirt, but, gosh, I’d forgotten my underwear as well! I winked at him. Really? He asked me. I nodded. Why? I thought it would be fun. He smiled a sly smile and put his hand down my robe until his got to my waist and he found nothing there! He gasped and pulled his hand back. Then he frowned. What was wrong? I’m not like you now! What do you mean. I’m wearing my underwear he said. I leaned in and whispered to him. Take them off! His hands dug up under his robe and he pulled them down his legs and off. He held them up with a smile before tossing them away. I put my hand inside his robe and felt his soft, chubby skin. I bent down to him and kissed him. Stick out your tongue. He did. I sucked it with my lips. He pulled away with a laugh. Please? I said with a smile. He stuck out his tongue once more and I sucked on it and then a moment later I put out mine for him. He took the hint and let me push it between his lips. He was really red faced when he pulled away. He put his hands to the knot of my bathrobe tie. What are you doing? I asked him. I want to see he said. You want to see what I look like without my underwear on? He nodded. I want to see what it looks like. I let him pull at the tie around my waist and work it free. Take a look at me, I said rubbing gaziantep escort bayan his shoulder and then his head with my hand. He pulled my robe back and there it was. Sticking up hard. Dark in color with a swollen head, 8 inches with a long sack of balls underneath. My pubic hair was salty gray. He stared at it. It’s really big. I know. Do you like it? He looked back down at me. He nodded. I gripped it. It’s thick I said. You will be too when you get older, I’m sure. Really? Yeah, I said. I gripped my balls and stretched them up. Billy reached down and undid his robe. I want to show you mine. Okay I said. He shrugged out of his robe and let it fall down his back. He opened it slowly, letting me get my first glimpse of that 3 inches of taught boyhood and that pink sack of balls. He was bright red with a blush. I smiled at him, cooed at him. Wow. You’re really beautiful. You think so? He asked pushing his hips out. Yes, you have a nice penis for a boy your age. He laughed at that word. He climbed up, shrugging the rest of the way out of his robe and he sat with me as if it were perfectly usual that we were naked together with our hard erections sticking out in the air. His leg would spread, my hand would go to almost to his scrotum. I rubbed his belly and chest. He turned into me, spreading his knees around me for a hug, our erections coming momentarily together. His arm finding contact with my wet, leaking head. All taken in stride. My mouth over his, our tongues out and lashing together, my hand over his bottom, the fingertips slipping just into the edge of his crack. I carried him to bed that night, my hard-on bouncing all the way, his still steel stiff, the slit in the head still winking at me. I tucked him in, putting him in his shorts and underwear and I went off to bed as well, though not before blowing a torrent of cum onto my belly. It would be that way over the next several days. Naked and aroused, not quite touching, but touching enough. He would enter in his robe and when it was safe, he’d toss it to the ground, then he’d undo mine and together we’d sit naked together. Maybe some TV, maybe some reading, maybe some chatting, but all the while his cock on display as was mine. Hard, mostly, sometimes soft. Sometimes I’d tap him on the leg or the side with mine, or sometimes he’d make sure his penis was right up against me as we kissed or hugged. I had him over my knee and I looked at his tender butthole. What a sight that was. It would only become more fun over time. His mom tapped me, we were getting up. I was lost in thought. Time to go and we got up and moved out of the large arena and back to our car, eventually catching up with William who held my hand the whole way out. That’s part one � any feedback or requests or anything else � send it on to me! Hank – ail