My Greatest Fantasy (short true story)

7 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


My Greatest Fantasy (short true story)Because practically no one will be reading this, let me tell all of you random but greatly appreciated people my biggest fantasy:A lover of mine (or any hot/cute chick) is taking load after load into her open and willing mouth. She holds it all in her beautiful mouth until it’s filled ultrabet yeni giriş to the brim with semen. If she was up to it, I wouldn’t mind at all if she was gargling and blowing cum bubbles while waiting between loads.Then, instead of swallowing all those loads like a champ, she lets it ultrabet giriş spill out of her mouth and all over her chin, neck, tits and stomach. I’d be off to the side playing with my hard-on until this point. Then, going over to her, I’d lick and play with all that gorgeous cum while I fuck her pussy. ultrabet güvenilirmi Swapping cum between me and her is optional. Meanwhile, dozens of men are cumming on both of us as we fuck.Here’s the best part: once I unload my salty-sweet jizz into her wet, juicy pussy, I come to my senses and realize I’m covered with the sticky, drying cum of so many recently satisfied men. So I scream like a blonde in a slasher movie, run out of there like I was on fire, and take the world longest shower while brushing the hell out of my teeth.True fantasy with realistic ending. You’re welcome.