My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 27

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Mrs. Jackson sighed heavily, her chest heaving as she drove towards the Oak Park Mall. The beautiful wife glanced over at her old neighbor Phil Dorman who was sunk in the passenger seat, wearing his baggy cargo shorts and a black t-shirt. His yellow toenails stuck out grotesquely in his worn sandals. Cringing, Katie turned her attention back to the road. The hot mother was appalled by the way the old man had used her to pay off a small gambling debt. Her stomach lurched at the thought of her neighbor and his creditor using her for their sexual satisfaction but at the same time her body trembled with arousal. Her panties had been a moist mess by the time they had arrived home that afternoon. Even days later, as she thought about the two ugly men filling her mouth with their gooey cum, she would involuntarily salivate with excitement.

Still, it didn’t change the fact that the sexy married woman felt horrible about what she had done behind her loving husband’s back for the past few months. She had fucked her well hung neighbor more times than she could count. He had made her do unspeakable things and not only had she obeyed his every perverted demand, she had relished acting like a slut for the old man.

Katie couldn’t help but notice the way Fred always seemed stressed out from his job and she knew exactly how to relieve it but Phil had given her specific instructions to not let her husband touch her and for whatever reason, the hot mother couldn’t bring herself to disobey the fat geezer.

Looking back, Katie didn’t know if Phil had intentionally tricked her into declaring him her manager in front of Fred or if, for whatever reason, she had done it subconsciously. In the end, it didn’t matter because when ABC had called to set up the first week of shooting, Fred had told them that Phil would be accompanying her. Furthermore, he had urged her to take their old neighbor to the mall to purchase some new clothes, not wanting him to be an embarrassment on national television. Fred had described him to the producer as a ‘close family friend’ and if the cameras were to focus on him, they did not want him to look like a total slob.

The sexy wife rubbed her toned thighs together as she thought of the implications of spending the upcoming week with the fat pervert in a hotel in Los Angeles, away from her husband and family. She was used to Phil being all over her as soon as Fred and the kids left in the mornings and the two of them would usually spend the rest of the day fucking while the evenings and nights would be reserved for her family. Knowing her old neighbor’s virility and stamina, Katie felt sure that, being away from home, the fat man would most certainly be using her sexy body even more frequently and the thought caused her pussy to moisten.

The Jacksons’ finances were strained to the limit with Katie not working, plus the added expenses of allowing Phil to stay with them. The signing bonus with the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ program had already been spent on the tuition for their children’s private school. However, the sexy wife knew that if she did well on the show, her payments would increase each week which could be used to pay off their rising credit card debt.

“Why so quiet?” the old man in the passenger seat suddenly mumbled, “you haven’t been yourself since you choked down our cocks in the parking garage the other day.”

Katie stared straight ahead as she rolled her eyes. A sudden feeling of guilt and anger washed over her.

“You are disgusting!” she hissed.

“Oh, I see we are back to ‘high and mighty’ again, are we?” Phil grinned as he gave a slight cough “I’m not the one who swallowed mouthfuls of cum while my spouse was working next door.”

The sexy wife cringed. “I’m a horrible person” she exclaimed, glancing over at Phil as she swallowed hard “I think we need to stop!”

“Stop what?” the old man cried, turning in the passenger seat.

“You know!” Katie whispered, her face reddening “Us!”

“Don’t get all self-righteous on me, Freckles,” Phil grinned, exposing his yellow, cigarette-stained teeth, “You wanted it as much as we wanted to give it to you. Besides, there is no ‘us’! It’s just been you throwing yourself at me! What’s a good, single man like me supposed to do?”

He chuckled, his large belly shaking as he reached over and grabbed Katie’s exposed leg. Due to several appearances and preparations for their trip, the sexy wife and the old man hadn’t had sex since the incident in the parking garage and judging by the way he was touching her, it wasn’t hard to tell that the ugly widower was horny again. Sometimes, Katie wondered if he ever thought of anything else.

The obese man stared at the beautiful woman. Katie wore a button down white blouse that showed the outline of her white lacy bra. A thin black and white skirt barely went to mid-thigh level with a little silver zipper on the side. A pair of black high heels laid on the floorboard as her bare toes worked the pedals of her SUV. Her long brown hair hung past her shoulders and canlı bahis her perfect painted thin lips trembled.

Though he didn’t let it show, Dorman had to admit that he always liked his married neighbor showing some reluctance and guilt about their affair. It made the way she would wantonly beg for his cock over and over again in the heat of passion all the more enjoyable.

Mentally, Katie pushed Phil’s hand away but physically she spread her legs slightly as he rubbed the skin of her inner thigh. They pulled into the parking lot outside of Barnes and Nobel as Katie shot a glance at her neighbor.

“I really think we need to stop, Phil. What we are doing isn’t right. I’m married!” Katie cried desperately, her face flushed as she stared into Dorman’s eyes. The hot mother couldn’t explain her feelings towards the old man. Though she still loved her husband, being treated like a cheap whore by her obese neighbor turned her on beyond belief.

Phil grinned as he dug his fingers into her thigh causing the beautiful wife to wince. The pain that shut up her legs caused her tight snatch to spasm, “I don’t think you could walk away from me if you tried, Freckles” he laughed, opening the car door as he released her thigh.

Mrs. Jackson paused behind the wheel for a moment, wondering if he was right. Sighing, she slipped on her heels and slid out of the door as they started to walk towards the mall.

Phil limped behind the hard bodied wife as he stared at her perfect figure. Her small, hard ass looked incredible in her immaculate choice of clothing and he had no doubts that the former model dressed seductively for him. His fat cock was already growing in anticipation, knowing he would paw her firm body on the way home and make her suck his cock or fuck her in the backseat out in the parking lot before they went back to her family.

Mrs. Jackson and her lover went from store to store but were unable to find anything that the fat man liked. The price tags on the extra-large clothing made Katie’s mouth hang open in disbelief. Initially she had planned on purchasing a weeks’ worth of clothing but now it seemed doubtful that they would find anything at all.

“I’m starving,” Phil suddenly announced as they walked past the food court.

Katie rolled her eyes.

“Didn’t you eat before we left?” she asked, glancing up and down the bald man’s awkward appearance. His large obese belly hung over the front of his shorts and his short chubby legs. But her eyes fixated on his crotch.

“Yes but I need to keep my energy up” Dorman growled as he winked at her, “Mmmmmm! Panda Express!”

The hot wife sighed as she reached into her purse and pulled out her last twenty. It felt like Phil was eating them out of house and home. Their grocery bill had skyrocketed and so had the costs for other utilities. Katie went up to the counter and purchased two entrees of Broccoli Beef along with two drinks while the fat old man sat down in a booth along the wall.

Mrs. Jackson carried the food back to the table as Phil sat silently, watching the hard bodied wife set the table before him.

“Stop!” he ordered as Katie went to sit down, “Sit next to me!”. He nodded his head towards the booth, “You know you want to!”

The sexy mother breathed heavily through her nose, shaking her head slightly in disbelief as she went around the table and sat down next to the fat man.

Phil’s actions were hidden under the table as he patted Katie’s bare thighs, then ran his hand between her legs and under her short skirt, cupping her crotch.

The sexy wife tensed up for a moment. Her initial reaction was to immediately stand up and move to the other side but something inside of her made her stop and spread her legs a little more.

As they ate, shoppers meandered around the food court and the hallways, walking by them as they sat in the booth. Phil’s hand slowly moved Katie’s panties out of the way, roughly inserting his large, knobby middle finger into her sex hole. A lack of moistness caused his unexpected invasion of her pussy to throb with lustful urges. The hot wife couldn’t help herself. Phil had this strange power over her that she didn’t understand at all but was totally unable to protect herself against. Beads of her sexual lubrication popped out on the walls of her married vagina in copious amounts, coating the ugly geezer’s finger as he started to stroke it rather absently in and out of her fuck slit.

All the while, Phil used his other hand to feed his fat face with the delightful entree that his lover had purchased for him. He had bragged to Reggie Peterson about the fact that the married woman was his sex slave and what he was doing now definitely proved his point. The old man knew that he had mentally and physically broken the sexy mother and that she would let him do whatever he wanted.

Nervously, Katie sipped on her soda as she tried to eat her food while being finger-banged underneath the table. She scooted a bit lower in the booth and spread her legs wider apart for the brute bahis siteleri of a man who was more her master than her lover. Out of shame over what was being done to her in a public place with people all about, she lowered her head and dropped her gaze. Now she could inadvertently see as well as feel the sinful manipulations of her fat neighbor. Her sexy skirt was bunched up at the top of her thighs. Her thin, dark strip of pubic hair was visible as she caught sight of Phil’s thick digit dipping in and out of her rapidly lubricating cunt.

In mortified fascination, the married mother watched herself being finger-fucked. Finding it increasingly difficult to eat, she wished that Phil would stop this lust-inciting insanity, but for some mind boggling reason she couldn’t bring herself to even ask him to stop.

Emitting a soft sigh of surrender to the sensual pleasure, Katie squirmed her ass about, snuggling her pussy tighter against Phil’s pudgy hand. She closed her eyes in order to fully savor the sinful sensations. Moaning softly, the hot wife put down her fork on the table. A wicked little smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Absently, she ran the tip of her pink tongue all around the oval of her soft full parted lips.

Sneaking her own hand under the table and past Phil’s huge beer gut, she grabbed ahold of his large cock over his shorts. She could feel the massive bulge of his erect penis, hard as a rock. Her fingers danced around his thick shaft as she felt the giant head of his prick throb underneath the material.

“What’s this?” Phil laughed, his disgusting mouth half open and full of food as he happily munched away on his entree “I thought you wanted to stop?”

Katie bit her bottom lip. She couldn’t help herself as she moved her hand higher and wrestled with the top button of his shorts. Dorman suddenly eased his finger from her fuck hole and pulled it up. He paused and ran it across his mouth before licking it. The hot wife knew that she was once again losing herself. Opening more buttons of the old man’s shorts, she frantically tugged down his underwear and worked her hand inside. Phil flinched slightly as he felt the cool metal of her wedding ring on his overheated cock.

Exhaling deeply, the freckled wife worked the slick, large cock head out into the opening and started gently jerking the mammoth shaft. Due to its incredible girth, her fingertips weren’t even close.

“Ready?” Phil asked, snapping the married woman out of her reverie.

Blinking, Katie took a slow sip of her soda as her dainty lips caressed the straw between them.


The sexy wife pulled her hand from Dorman’s prick as she glanced around the mall. She had no idea how he could have such power over her. Without thinking, she was willing to give him a hand-job under the table. For a brief second, Katie envisioned making the old man cum right there and then. A little smile flashed over her freckled face as she imagined her lover’s fat cock shooting its creamy spunk all over the restaurant floor with people nearby and no one noticing. Her mouth salivated. She needed his wonderful prick inside her. She needed his cum.

“Come on!” Phil said with a grin, pushing his cock back and buttoning up his shorts. “Let’s hit a few more stores before they close and then I can hit your ass in the parking lot.”

Katie’s eyes filled with lust as she glanced around to make sure nobody heard what he had said. She reached down, pulling her skirt over her thighs as she adjusted her panties. The beautiful mother knew that her neighbor was right about what he had said earlier. She couldn’t walk away from him if she tried.

The married mother’s mind was clouded as she walked next to Phil; she felt the moisture growing between her legs. Her mind frantically told her to stop but her body instinctively looked at her watch to see how much time was left until the stores closed and she and Phil could go out to the parking lot.

The fat man pointed towards the Victoria’s Secret store and whispered into her ear, “You should go pick something for our trip together.”

Without even thinking, the sexy wife nodded in agreement and looked back towards him, “Are you coming?”

“No!” Phil said, grinning at the married woman, “I want it to be a surprise!”

Katie walked off, swaying her hips just a little more than usual, knowing that her old lover was watching her as she walked away.

Katie breathed heavily as she looked over the scantily clad garments. She couldn’t believe she was even considering purchasing something for Phil that she could wear during their evenings while she taped Dancing with the Stars. As she looked at the prices she knew it wasn’t something she could afford. Fred without a doubt would see the purchase at Victoria’s Secret and wonder what she would have purchased, raising suspicion. Even the thought of her husband finding out causing her grief as she panicked for a second as the roller coaster of emotions overcame her body. Katie couldn’t imagine losing her husband bahis şirketleri or her family. Her life would be without meaning. They used to be her world. Now, all she ever concentrated on seemed to be getting fucked by her well-endowed neighbor. She glanced over her shoulder towards the hallway but he was nowhere to be seen.

A petite cashier came up to Katie, “Excuse me ma’am, we will be closing soon. Is there anything I can help you find?”

“No. I’m fine,” Katie sighed as she put the sexy negligee back on the hanger. Briefly, she imagined herself standing at the bedside in a hotel room, wearing the flimsy garment, striking poses for the ugly neighbor while he stroked his huge cock.

Sighing, she walked out into the hallway as she looked up and down but didn’t see the fat man. Katie sat down on the bench and figured he was probably using the restroom and would be back shortly. Katie glanced down at her phone and knew the mall would close soon. Her entire body tingled.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” she whispered to herself.

She glanced back and forth looking for Phil to come walking up but suddenly her stomach dropped as her eyes wandered to the ‘Gap’ store. Her breaths quickened and she felt as though she was going to hyperventilate. Through the shop window, she could see a young clerk and immediately recognized him. It was the same young man who had taken advantage of her years ago. Blackmailing her by using the video he found on the internet. He had forced her to suck him off in front of her husband. She had avoided this part of the mall for years, afraid she would run into Joel again.

“Right. Let’s try that one!”

The sound of Phil’s raspy voice snapped Katie out of her reverie. Startled, she looked up and saw the old man pointing towards the store. A lump formed in her throat and her heart skipped a beat.

“You…you go. I’ll wait here.” she said, blushing.

“Bullshit. You’re supposed to buy me something, remember?” the fat man growled, roughly grabbing her arm as he pulled her to her feet “Let’s go!”

“Phil…I…I’d rather not” the beautiful wife whispered.

“Why not? What’s the matter?” Dorman demanded, still holding onto her.

“I just don’t like the place, that’s all” said Katie.

Taking a quick look around, she took a step towards the old man. Her expression suddenly changed.

“I thought we wanted to go to the parking lot” she whispered, licking her lips. Looking around again to make sure that no one was watching, she reached down, the back of her delicate hand brushing the crotch of her fat lover. Her fingers playfully traced the outline of his large tool.

“Please, let’s go! I need it so bad!”

“Don’t worry, Freckles! You’ll be getting more than your fair share later on. Right now I want you to buy me clothes”.

Still clutching her arm, the ugly man dragged her along with him as he made his way across the mall.

“Phil! Wait!” Katie cried, desperately “I can’t!”

The old widower turned and looked at her angrily.

“What the fuck’s going on?” he snarled.

The beautiful brunette drew a deep breath as they stared into each other’s eyes. Katie’s head was swimming. Time seemed to stand still.

“Let’s sit down” she finally said meekly “and I’ll tell you”.

They made their way back to the bench.

For the next ten minutes, Katie went on to tell her neighbor all about Joel, how he had worked himself into her life and what he had made her do in her own house, in front of her husband.

Phil listened intently, alternately raising and narrowing his bushy eyebrows. Every now and then he would utter a guttural sound of astonishment.

When she was finished, Katie stared at the old man. He was grinning from ear to ear.

“Ha, now who would have thought?” he laughed, stroking his jaw “looks like you were a slut before you even hooked up with me!”

The sexy wife hung her head in shame.

“Did you enjoy it?” Phil inquired mockingly.

The beautiful brunette looked up at him as tears formed in her eyes.

“It’s alright” he chuckled, patting her knee “I know you did. Damn it, put a hard cock anywhere near you and you just can’t help yourself. It’s your nature, Freckles. Accept it!”.

Katie stared at the ground as she tried to contemplate what he had said.

“Come on, let’s go!” Phil announced briskly, twinkling as he grabbed her arm again and pulled her towards the store.

“Wha…No, I’m not going in there. Let go of me!” Katie cried, trying to free herself from his grasp.

“Shut up, slut!” the ugly man hissed “As your husband said you need to buy me some clothes!”

As if in trance, the sexy mother tripped in her heels as the small geezer pulled her towards the entrance of the store. Before she had time to come up with a way out of her predicament, they were inside.

The place was practically empty. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Joel heading in their direction.

“Er…hello?” he said “Can I help you?”

The hot wife turned her head. The young man was staring at her wide-eyed. He looked more muscular than she remembered. His clothes were tight fitted to his hard body. Physically, he seemed to be the complete opposite of Phil.