My husband

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My husbandI met my husband when I was just fifteen. We never had sex but he married me when I was eighteen. He is over forty years older than me. He is handsome and a great man. When we first got married it was great. I was a virgin and he taught me the fine art of fucking. Then a year ago he was in an accident and is paralyzed form the waist down. So no more sex. He can give me oral but his cock does not respond to any stimulation at all.I remember the first time he fucked me. We went right from our wedding to the hotel. He undressed me and kissed me and then began to kiss my whole body. I have had DD tits since I was about thirteen. That is what attracted him to me but he stayed away till I was a legal age. He loved my big tits and spent a long time sucking and kissing them. He massaged them with his hands and pushed them together so he could lick each nipple. I was so turned on. He then spread my legs and began to kiss my pussy. He kissed and licked me till I came on his face. I never wanted him to quit.He then took all his clothes off and I saw what a big cock he had. It was long and thick and standing straight up. He put my hand on his cock and told me to stroke it for him. I loved the thrill of how hard it was. I stroked it for a long time till he could not take any more. He spread my legs and got canlı bahis between them and began to push in me for the first time ever. I was too tight for his big member so he then put two fingers in me and finger fucked me. He kept adding fingers till he felt I could handle his cock. I so by that time needed that cock in my tight pussy. He went slow and finally got in me and I was no longer a virgin but a wild nymph. He felt so good in me and then when he began to pump in and out of me I came several times. He lasted a long time before he came in me and I found out later he had masterbated a couple times so he would last longer for my first fuck. He fucked me at least four times before we went to sleep. Then he woke me twice and fucked me again. First thing in the morning we fucked before we went to the shower and fucked there. He completely washed my body playing with my tits and my pussy. He then turned me and washed my ass. I loved when he soaped and ran a finger around my hole and then pushed the finger into my ass. He told me he would soon fuck my ass. I could not imagine his big cock in my ass but I was game to try. After our shower we layed on the bed and he began to lick my pussy. I love that so much. He pushed his tongue in my hole and fucked me with deep strokes. He sucked all my cum as he kept me bahis siteleri hot and wanting more. I loved when he sucked my clit then would sink his tongue in my cunt. He was a great lover.He then told me I needed to suck his cock because he loved that a lot. He layed on his back and brought my head to his cock. He told me to lick him first. I licked all over his hard cock just as he told me. He then lifted his cock and told me to lick his balls. He had big hard round balls. I loved how they felt on my tongue. He then told me to suck each one. After I sucked them he told me to lick the slit in the tip of his cock as he was leaking cum and I was to taste him. I did not mind the taste at all. In fact I really liked it. He then told me to suck his cock starting with the tip and take more and more in my mouth. It felt great sucking him. As I sucked, I tasted the cum leaking from his slit. I could not get all of the big cock in my mouth but I took as much as I could. He said as I sucked him more I would be able to get the whole thing in me. Then he yelled “suck me hard” and as I sucked him I felt the warm cum fill my mouth and he told me to swallow all of it. That was my first cocksucking lesson. And I loved it. I loved the sex. He had a high sex drive and fucked me often. He loved my big tits and would suck güvenilir bahis them then fuck me any where we happened to be in our house. I also loved being fucked. I could never get enough. He told me later I was a lucky girl as he had a ten inch shaft and that is why the sex was so good. And his big hard shaft did feel good. We tried different positions and I was amazed at his age how much sex he demanded. Every night we would fuck at least three times. He would ram every inch of that cock in my cunt and fuck me hard. I liked it best after he fucked me at least twice because then he could fuck and last a long time. I sucked his cock day and night. I loved when he came in my mouth and I swallowd his cum. I even got so I could get most of his long cock down my throat. I was getting better and better. He loved to have me suck him and he would fuck my mouth. I loved to suck his balls too and watch how turned on he would get. Sometimes I would jerk his cock and let him cum on my tits and he would then rub the cum all over them before he sucked them. We were both two raging nymphos. We could not get enough sex. I loved to walk up to him and undo his pants and say “fuck me”. He would laugh and tell me what a hot cunt I was then fuck me so hard I would scream. Sometimes I would sit on his lap and put my nipple in his mouth and he would suck it till I would cum. Then he would position me over his cock and fuck me and fill my cunt with his warm cum. I loved that he was retired and home all day to fuck me when ever I needed it.