My Introduction To Chelsey And My First Erotic Massage

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I shuffled my body aligning my face with the oval opening in the massage table. Inhaling the scent of the always freshly cleaned linens, I parted my legs slightly. The cool air from the fan caused goosebumps and I wondered to myself just how transparent or opaque the thin sheet covering my completely naked body would be. What a time to be thinking of this. Awkwardly I tugged on the fabric from behind my back and moved my arms around–from beside my body, then hanging off the edge of the table. I kept changing my mind as to the most comfortable position. Time was ticking. I wanted to appear relaxed and properly covered, before…“Knock knock, are you ready, Donny?”“Um, yeah.”The door clicked shut, and I sensed Nina moving about the room. Nina was a fuller figured girl of Jamaican heritage, and quite attractive. We had become well acquainted over the couple years of massage therapy sessions. My breathing slowed anticipating her skilled tactile survey of my muscles.I held my breath as her hands touched the back of my shoulder blades. Even though Nina was a professional her touch was exceptional. Her hands moved down my spine to the small of my back, sensually, purposefully, deliberately, stopping just above my glutes. I took a deep breath. It was there, always there.Never willing to give up on my intense training, I was a regular customer. A maturing athlete always trying to keep that edge and all too often needing the help of an experienced massage therapist to rework my musculature.I felt like her manipulation of my muscles was a pleasurable exploring of my physique for both her and I. I imagined an energy transference between us as Nina applied and held pressure on the small of my back. My back arched slowly and my pubic bone sensually nestled into the massage table padding. My cock thickened under the pressure. In symmetry, Nina’s hands followed the shape of my glutes intimately. Instinctively I pressed my now erect cock into the table. Surely she felt the tightening of my butt muscles and for a second or two şişli escort I was embarrassed, then fingertips parted the crease of my glutes and she leaned in with her full body weight. Without being overtly sexual, it was immensely erotic.Cool air greeted my hamstrings as Nina rolled back the fabric, tucking the excess under the opposite leg. A cluster of balled-up cloth firmly pressed into my testicles. Professionally, Nina worked each tense group of muscles. One by one they were separated and coaxed into a more relaxed state. Pain and tightness gave way to more supple muscles and a gentle touch. Inviting more, I’d let my leg fall off the table while Nina massaged up my inner thigh, coming delightfully close to my balls. Upon working on my other leg, the blanket became more disheveled and less concealing. I was disappointed, as the inner thigh massage usually indicated the conclusion of the legwork. Shockingly, I realized the fabric was quite untucked. I gasped quietly as her massaging hand curved around the front of my inner thigh. The back of her warm hand was against the sensitive skin of my testicle.“Ohhh!” I gasped quietly.“Are you okay, Donny?”“Yeah, yes I’m good, wonderful.”Stroking down my inner leg to my ankle, Nina then did something unusual. Using a feather-light touch, she massaged up my leg again. The further she went up against my leg, the more pronounced my breathing was and the slower her hand moved. I arched my back as her hand reached my inner thigh, conflicted that it was no longer being professional yet hoping like hell she’d put her hand in the same place.Ahhh. It felt like she had opened her hand. Part of her hand on my inner thigh and her thumb and forefinger cradling my nut. She had never done anything like that ever before!Is she horny, or trying to make me horny?“We have a little time for your tummy, Donny.”I rolled over onto my back as Nina concealed my nudity by holding the draping over the massage table. I dared not look, but my incredibly erect cock must have been holding the fabric mecidiyeköy escort up while it floated down over the rest of my body. Baring my chest and stomach, she loosely folded the fabric down to the edge of my pelvis. Nina’s tummy massages were heavenly but this one took it to a new level.Up and down over my abs, she pressed firmly; this time each stroke went lower. I felt my pubic hair being exposed and my erection being entrapped between the draping and her hands. Closing my eyes I thrust my pelvis into her hands while they pressed into my pubic bone. Other than the fabric between my cock and her hands, this was almost better than the prelude to fucking. Her fingers stopped at the intersection of my cockshaft and pubic bone, but she knew something about the male anatomy and was doing magical things between my upper thighs and groin.Up and down movements were replaced with scintillating counterclockwise circles that deepened to go between my groin and my fabric-trapped erection. The touch was exquisitely light and with each pass over my pubic bone, my cock flopped heavily over her hands.All too soon, time ran out. I opened my eyes and she was smiling kindly. “Take as much time as you need, and I’ll see you outside.”Part of me hoped Nina would walk back in and help me with my throbbing erection. I looked at the massage oil and wondered if I should jerk off.Was she expecting me to? Should I have asked her to do more?As I dressed, my cock was stiff like steel. I imagined her walking back in the room and catching me nude on the edge of the massage table jacking offI think it was then, I decided that I needed to see someone who would take massage treatments to the next level. Possibly someone who would both do therapeutic and perform an erotic massage. It seemed a completely natural progression, to transition from intimate to erotic.I opened the treatment room door and walked out of the reception area where Nina was smiling knowingly. “How do you feel?”I didn’t tell her that my balls were in need of unleashing a huge load of cum. “I feel great!”I gave Nina a nice tip and left the studio pretty fast. I was worried that I might say something that I should not, being in such an aroused state.There was no way I wanted to gamble on taking it to the next level with Nina. One of the other therapists there knew my significant other, and I did not want to risk Nina’s license on top of the potential grapevine drama.***As soon as I got home I started my search for something more discreet.It actually took quite a few days, but I found a therapist who practiced out of her home studio. Her advertisement seemed to suggest more than just massage. When I phoned her up, I had a good feeling, based on our conversation, that we could talk about special treatment options in person. Chelsey told me that she had the skills to do what I needed athletically and would be in tune with what my body needed.I wasn’t sure what “in tune” meant, but I liked the sound of the potential benefits.With a little apprehension, I made an appointment for that Wednesday, after work. For some reason, I was getting more nervous as the day progressed. I suppose being naturally shy didn’t help, but there was an unknown. What was going to happen? How was the massage going to be? What if I got an erection? What if I could not get an erection? What if she didn’t do anything erotic?Chelsey’s place was located in an apartment building on the way home from my work. After struggling to find parking and feeling a bit rushed, I arrived right on time. It looked like a clean building from the outside but after Chelsey buzzed me in it seemed like a lot more run-down of an apartment building than I anticipated.Apprehension set in once again as I walked down the graffiti-covered corridor, A beat-up grey metal fire door was right next to the designated apartment number. I knocked quietly. Maybe she would not answer. Instead, the door unlatched and opened. A blonde-haired girl peeked around the edge of the door suspiciously. She seemed a little hesitant at first and opened the door very slowly. As soon as I stepped inside she closed the door quickly and locked it.Chelsey smiled and gave me a big hug. “Welcome!”