My Introduction to the Group

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It was a Saturday morning a few weeks after I graduated high school. Mom and Dad told me the night prior they were having some of their group over Saturday afternoon. Usually, I go and stay with Bree, but she was out of town. Mom asked if I would like to stay with them. I asked her if this meant I could participate if I wanted. She told me Dad and her had discussed it, and if I wanted to they were okay with it.Now it was Saturday and I didn’t sleep much the night prior. I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head. Dad was outside preparing the bar so I went out to talk to him.”Hi honey, you look like you have a lot on your mind.”I sat at the bar totally nude and not the slightest shy about it. I couldn’t help but wonder if I would feel the same with several people here. Even though I knew most of them, I had not been nude with them or had sex with them. “Daddy I don’t know what to expect, I mean I know there’s sex, but how does it work.” He explained, “First, everybody is in bathing suits for awhile as a meet and greet. Then later after everyone loosens up, people will pair off or group up and have sex. You don’t have to do anything if you are uncomfortable. If it’s too much just go back into your room. Your brother will be here, along with me and Mom. Nothing will happen unless you want.””I have been waiting for this a long time, but it’s kinda intimidating.””It’s your decision if you participate and who you participate with.”I went back inside and found a skimpy red bikini and some black platform heels. Now that I knew I was in control of my outcome, I was somewhat relieved. The fact that I was young and had big tits, I knew would be an attention-getter. Time was getting closer so I went to Mom’s room. She had on a sheer white bikini and white platform heels. You could see her large pierced nipples and shaved pussy through the material. Her hair and makeup were perfect.”Baby you need to start getting ready. Our guest will start arriving soon.””I know, Mom, I just wanted to see what you were wearing. You look stunning.””Thank you. Now go get ready, unless you have changed your mind.””No, I haven’t. Dad explained what to expect.”With that, I went to my room and put my bikini on. I had already showered and shaved my pussy, so all I needed was to brush my hair and put on makeup. I heard the doorbell ring and heard Michelle and her friend, Josh come in. Peni and Wes came in next along with my brother, Mike. I was Mike’s plus one. Stacy and Don followed with Connie and Billy. Everyone was out by the pool when I walked out. All the girls were stunning in their micro bikinis. The guys were all wearing bikini suits so the girls could get a good look at their bulge.I went over and stood behind the bar helping Dad. Everyone shared a greeting and were having a drink. I had a glass of wine since Mom and Dad wouldn’t allow me to have liquor. Dad asked if I was okay, and so did Mike. I told them both that I was fine. Peni was the next youngest at twenty-two and came over to talk. “This is your first time, isn’t it, Ada?””Yes, it is.” “Don’t worry, everyone will let you make the first move.”I smiled as I stared at her dark nipples, half covered by her top. I was starting to relax, thinking she might be a lot of fun. Mom was over with Michelle and Josh. Michelle and her had both removed their suits and were fondling each other’s large breasts. Before long, Josh’s suit was off and he was fucking Mom while she ate Michelle’s pussy. This was the first time I saw Mom fuck someone other than Dad or Mike, and it was turning me on.I took off my top letting my big tits free. I was feeling very excited at what I was seeing. Peni was fucking Billy while Connie fucked Wes. Stacy was sucking Don’s cock as she rubbed her pussy. This left me, Dad and Mike. I was familiar with both of them, so it was a good place to start. I untied my bottoms and let them fall. Dad was hard and his suit was straining to contain him. I pulled his bottoms down and started stroking his big cock. Mike went over to Connie and dropped his suit so Connie could suck his cock while Wes fucked her. Dad lifted me up on the bar and and started eating my pussy. You could hear the moans from everyone as they had sex. It was so sexy. I closed my eyes and enjoyed Daddy working my clit. Dad lifted me off the bar and leaned me over a barstool. I felt his big cock push past my pussy lips as his cock slid into my wet pussy. I was so satisfied as Daddy pushed deep inside me. I felt a presence next to me and looked to my left. There was a cock at my face that I didn’t  recognize. It was about eight inches long and not real thick. I looked up and it was Wes. He didn’t try to put his cock in my mouth, but rather had it there if I wanted it. I reached over and guided him to my open mouth and started sucking him. It was on now. Dad was ramming his cock balls deep in me and I was sucking a strangers cock. A few minutes later I was ready to cum. I took Wes’s cock out of my mouth as my pussy quivered from the orgasm. Once it was over dad pulled out.