My Lavinia

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My LaviniaMy LaviniaI was happy. The girl, laying naked before me in the bed, was a virgin, a real virgin. Her body was white as snow. We were in a hotel. She laid on the bed in her night-gown, and I sat befor her only in underwear. Sudden she moved her gown up and showed me her legs, saying: „Here I have a scar at the knee, can you see it?“„Lavinia,“ I said, „give away this gown.“ She crossed her arms and tore the gown over her head. What I saw, was nearly too much for me. She showed me two really giantic hooters, I never before saw. I must have looked as an idiot, then she said angrily: „Do you not like … …?“. I stammered: „O yes, o yes, but this giantic breasts, o I never before saw such beautiful giantic breasts. O Lavinia, they are beautiful, just beautiful“. I went to her an grasped these two giants. What a wonderful feeling! So warm, soft and the scent, this wonderful scent, and the rosa nipples, the rosa court around them. I kissed, I licked, then I sucked the nipples hard. I was as in a delirium. Sudden I noticed, that I had still my pants on; so I stripped them down, my large, stiff cock sprang up. As Lavinia saw him, she gave a little cry and her eyes widened. „My goodness, how long and thick, good god.“ She looked and looked, then asked: „How long is he?“„Only 8.5 inches.“She looked and whispered: „8.5 inches, and this in a woman’s body“.„There are longer, very longer,“ I said.„For me it is enough.“ I laughed.Resting in bed we kissed and I played with her giantic hooters, but she did nothing, so I showed her to rub my stiff cock, and as she did it, I wondered, why she did not suck him. I asked her and she blushed saying, that this was the first time with a man in bed. I was baffled and asked, if she were a virgin then. She blushed again and said, very meek: „Yes“.My cock became hard, so hard it made pain. That was a miracle. A 20 year old girl, and still a virgin! and she was really a beauty. So I opend her legs, layed my fingers on the outer lips of her cunt and tried to spread it to see the hymen. The cunt was very small and hard to open a bit. Then I saw the hymen. My girl was fully closed by it exept a very small 1xbet yeni giriş opening in the upper part of the hymen. Carefully I touched the juwel with my finger. It was soft and a bit elastic. Then I licked with my tongue and it felt like jelly, but sweeter. I was excited and I thought, that my sperm would shoot out of my penis.Happily I kissed my darling and bade her to shave her cunt, then a shaven virgin was for me the absolute thing. She said, she had this never done before, and what for she should do it. I explained her, that I want to see her pussy better fully naked. She blushed again, nodded and said: „OK then.“Luckely I had a cream, with which normally I make my cock and testicles clean every week. So I laid the cram on her cunt and between her legs, and after 15 minutes she she was blank. As she saw her blankness, she looked surprised and said: „Wow, how beautiful!“, and touching the skin: „O how soft and clean!“Then she laid herself an the bed, and I bent over and licked her pussy, the hymen and then the whole body from feet to head, first the frontside, then I turned her around and licked her ass, asshole und back, turned her again und sucked her nippels. While I was sucking, she suddenly groaned heavely and got loud and louder, her eyes turned in the holes till I saw the white only, and her body sank worn out in the cussions. She had an orgasm, and I understood that she had very sensible breasts; so as she awoke, I milked her hooters and in a few instants she had an orgasm. I didn’t stop milking and massaging, and so she had orgasm over orgasm, till she whispered: „Please, no more, please, I can’t take any more.“ She sank in my arms and had a rest. „What are you doing with me,“ she murmured, „I am so happy and so horny“.Because she was teaching gymnastics, I bade her to show me some exercises. She smiled and said: „If you enjoy.“ She came out of the bed, then began.First laying on her back she swung her long beautifully formed legs over her head, opened them, so that I could see her rosa pussy. Then she did a handstand, and her breasts dangeled over her face. O how huge they were! At last she produced a 1xbet giriş spagat, laying her pussy on the ground. I was angry she would perchance destroy her hymen. During her performance I had so hard a cock, the testicles had wandered up and my portruding glans was nearly violet.I embrassed and kissed, and she rested on her back. I caressed her and the labia swelled heavy. I pressed my cock in her slit and moved him up and down. „Please, don’t go in,“ she bade, „I am not ready for …“ I caressed her and said: „If you are not ready, I will not do it.“ Tears came up to her eyes as she whispered:„You surely think, I am a silly woman, that I …“„Shhh,“ I answered, „all is OK, don’t cry, Your virginity is a jewel. We will do it, when you are ready, and we both have pleasure.“ She happily smiled. and grasped my cock and caressed, kissed and said: „I will try to swallow him.“ She shove him in her mouth, but it seems to be too long. She shove more, opened her mouth more and more. She choked, Then I felt a little jerk and her lips were on my testicles. The whole 8.5 inches of my cock were in her mouth.Taking out my cock she panted. „How exciting,“ she stammered, „I will do it again“, and again my cock vanished in her mouth. After, she sucked my testicles, seperately and then the whole scrotum. We played with each other, she couldn’t get enough of my testicles and cock. I never before had such a perfect playmate, shy and shameless, soft und rough, I could make with her, what I wished to do.I bent over her, the body between my knees. Before me towered her magnificent breasts with the stiffened rosa nipples, and I saw her happily smiling face. Behind me she bent her legs and opened the thighs, so I could give my left hand on her shaven cunt. My middlefinger carfully entered in her cunt till feeling resistance. She gave a little cry wispering: „It does a little pain.“ So I knew, that I touched her hymen. With my right hand I grabed my long stiff cock. First I tore my foreskind from the glans and showed her the now blue shining head of the cock. Seeing it she gave a little cry. I slowly began to rub. She groaned as she saw me masturbating, 1xbet güvenilirmi and fixed her black eyes on my cock. She breathed heavely with growing lust, streched her arms over her head so the breasts stood erect in her fullness. I was excited and rubbed my cock harder, felt with my finger her virginity and saw her breasts moving with her breath. I saw, she got hornier and hornier. Sudden she shut her eyes and after a deep long groan of her, I felt her labium got hard and her convulsive twitches of the cunt, and then an endless stream of female honey flew out of her pussy. She opend her shining eyes whispering: „I love you so … so …!“ her voice broke.Then I felt my sperm coming, in growing lust I bade her to open her mouth, that I could shoot my sperm in it. She did and my cock exploded. Feeling her hymen with my left hand’s finger, and thinking I was the first to jerk on her, I shot under lustful pain my sperm thickly in her mouth, ejaculated in her eyes, in the black curly hair, roaring her name in utterst hornyness and satisfaction, then in a second shot spurted my love-juice on her. Her mouth overflew with white foam and she swallowed my sperm as fast as she could, but it was so much, that it came out through her nose. She gasped for breath and then cried: „I aamm coooming! Jeerk! jeerk! Ooooaaach jerk! o – o – o.“ My next load of sperm splashed on her breasts and belly, then again in her face, and I pressed, and pressed and each time a new load was coming.As I had finished, she bathed in sperm, wet from her hair to her navel. I smeared with my hands the white come over her breasts. Then I took up some of it and smeared it in her cunt, specially on her hymen and last on the clitoris. I thrilled the little pearl and in short my girl groaned, then howled in an other orgasm repeating only the two words: „Fuck me! fuck me“.As she was back she took my cock in her hand, tore the foreskin back, kissed him, washed the tip with her tongue and said: „You are a nice and fine boy and you give me so much pleasure. Next time you can go in me and kiss me in my deepest deep and jerk, I promise!! And coming in hopefully you will do me great pain and again inside me.“I laid me besides her and had only one thought: I was the first to jerk on her, and I will deflorate her and be the first to fuck her. The sperm dried up on her breasts and she let him there the next whole day.