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Subject: My Man McElroy This is a semi fictional story of this gorgeous man I had the pleasure of giving a blow job to. He works in distribution at my company. He is tall, blonge and has a magnificent body. As there only part of this story that is true (the blow), the rest is just fantasy for a man I have fallen in lust with. As he is married, with kids. And the likelyhood of ever going any further is just fantasy. But do enjoy my tale. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My Man McElroy I work at this medical device company in the Midwest. I working in the billing area. It’s a well paying job. Well at least it allows me to live on my own and still be able to go out now and then. Needless to say, my job is a busy 8 hours day. Iam usually stuck behind my desk for most of that time. Faxing, E-mail and phone calls to insurance plans on billing claims for patients. It’s tedious most of the time. But the day usually goes by quick. My office is mostly compiled of women. There are some guys here, but most are not my type. There are a few interesting guys in appeals and accounting. But all are married with kids. I know. Why am I talking about married straight guys at work. Well I had been working at this company for a few years now. And our offices were just that offices. But some time back, we were told that we would be moving down the ways to a bigger building. “Why” I had asked in the meeting held on the subject “The company wants to move distribution to our site” was the answer So I surmised that they didn’t want to lay fortwo separate locales. Which I got. To rents, vs one. So we had moved to this new location a few weeks back. And ihad never know anyone from distribution, bursa escort save for phone calls or emails. When we moved to the new location, they had set up a meet and greet lucheaon meeting in the new big cafeteria. That way I could now put a face to the names and voices i had seen and heard on my day to day. “Wonder what these guys will look like” i had said to Wendy Wendy was a heavy set girl in my department. She was my buddy so to speak there. She and i would chat about people and gab the day away. “You just wanna see if anyone is cute” she chimed “So” I blurted back “Maybe there is someone worth looking at” “More than these tired old married men” We both laughed as we sat in the cafeteria in a spot we designated as ours. We saw a bunch of people come in that we had never seen before. A bunch of the guys were heavy set. So I surmised that all the men were fat in warehouse. “Geez” I had started to say “Not a looker in the bunch” “Yeah” she agreed “All toads….” “But….” Her words cut off as she looked up and he walked into the room. Wendy smacked my arm several times as I was slurping down some coffee. “Ouch woman” I cried “That hurts….” But then I saw what she was smacking me for. My jaw nearly dropped to the table and my dick pulsed in my pants. For in to the room walked this tall guy. He was blonde and had a handsome face with a trimmed beard. He wore a polo that was fitting quite nicely against his strong looking chest. His forearms were muscular and h�d tiny blonde hair on them. I could see them from where I sat. “Ohhh my God” I blurted out “Who the sex pot is he?” She just gasped next to my. She was also dumfounded by the magnificent man as he stepped into the room. bursa escort bayan He sat several tables away from us. He had looked over as we both gawked at him he regarded us and seemingly turned with no acknowledgement of seeing us. But I just continued to stare at him. “Holy crap” I said “I think I’m in love” “No you are not” she laughed “Lust maybe.” But I was surely in list or some immediate infatuation ofpver this gorgeous man that walked into the room. After the director of the office said a few words, he began to introduce the people that had transferred to us. All were just a ‘blah, blah, blah’ to me. But then he said the hunks name “And this is Chris McElroy.” He said “Chris will be heading the new distribution department here” Then he went on to say that Chris was actually transferred over from South Carolina. So he moved here for half across the country. Then he let Chris say a few words. I listened intently as the creamy masculine voice penetrated my ears. I was almost swooning from him. Then all my swoons were shattered in moments, as Chris said he was married and had 2 kids. My dick that had been twitching at the first site until now deflated. “Awee that sucks” I said to myself Wendy looked at me and knew. She placed her hand on mine in a gesture if condolence. Then smiled at me “So he is Straight” she laughed “He looks like he is a gay hater anyways” I looked back at the hunk talking. He did see not friendly, especially at that fepirst glance he had given me. So my lip pouted and then we just sat there for the rest of the meeting. Then lunch was served. We ate a bit. Then Wendy kicked me as we sat there eating. I looked up and headed our way was our boss Julie. In next to her escort bursa was Chris. My loins began to twitch again. Regardless of what he or may not be. Then she came over to our table. “Guys” she began “As you know, Chris here is head at distribution” She introduced us. First Wendy, then me. He reached down and offered me his hand. I gave it to him and he shook it. “Nice to meet you guys” he said in that voice “You guys will need to direct all distribution questions through him from now on” Julie said “Okay” Wendy said “Okie dokie” I chimed I looked up at the gorgeous man standing there jsut a few feet from me. My eyes mived over his hands and arms. Then to his beefy chest trapped in that lucky polo shirt. His face was a magnificent thing to look at. Then I noticed a flaw in his perfection. This helped me lessen my lust for him. If ever so slightly. Chris had an eye that was slightly off. Kind of a lazy eye effect. But his eyes were still a grey blue hue that threatened to lure me into him. “Good to meet you” he said as they turned to leave I watched his ass as he left us. His broad back and nicely cut blonde head. Yea I was in lust with this hunk. “Fuck” I said to myself. I went back to work afterwards and sat there at my desk with a hard on fo most of the rest of the day. My mind kept lingering on what my eyes had seen. That delicious ass in Chris. The strong forearms and beefy chest trapped in his lucky shirt. His gorgeous face and kissable lips. I groped at myself as I pondered this perfect piece of maleness. I pondered jerking off in the bathroom several times as my dick was constantly getting rigid. Only at times when a call would come in, or something like that would my dick ease up. “Stop thinking bout’ him” I said to myself “He is Straight. He is Straight” I went home and that’s where I jerked off to an orgasm…………… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued