my mates sister

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my mates sister(This is a true story)Years ago when I was about 16 years old, I stayed at my mates house. We decided to play call of duty and drink until late at night. Now my mate had a sister that was around 18/19 years old at the time and she was about 5,11′ or so, brunette with shoulder length hair, with a slim build and nice quite big tits! So me and my friend are now beyond tipsy and are being quite loud on CoD (given the time of about 1:30am!) and his sister comes down the stairs wearing a skimpy nighty, with an un-done pink dressing gown on. I am stunned by how sexy she looks! But all she says is for us to be quiet, whilst looking at me biting her bottom lip, but without being to obvious to her brother! So she recedes back upstairs and we resume playing CoD. About an hour or so has passed and I can’t stop thinking about her! My mate by now is going to sleep as I continue to play CoD single player. Its the dead of night now and I badly need a piss, so I climb over my now u*********s friend and proceed to the toilet upstairs. As I approach mariobet güvenilirmi the toilet door, I see that her door is open and I can see the T.V’s light is still flickering on a low volume and I cant hear what’s being said by the T.V. After the toilet, I walk past her room again and I hear like a shuffling sound coming from the room. So I stop just outside her room and hear her call my name. She called my name? Then I realised she called my name and it wasn’t just the alcohol! So I open up the door a bit and look inside her room. There she was! In bed with the covers pulled up to her neck. So I said “are you alright?” to which she replied, “never better” as she winked her eye at me. she said “why don’t you come over here a sec” so I go to reply but then realise what she means!So I made my way over to the bed where she lay, stepping over the nighty I saw her wearing before! I sat on the edge of her bed as her hands come out from the covers slowly, then she pulls the covers down gradually revealing her perfect breasts! My mariobet yeni giriş jaw hit the floor! “what do you think?” she says. “I’m speechless! they’re perfect!”. She says “why don’t you join me in bed, naked? like I am now…”, so I quickly take off my jeans and t-shirt and dive into bed with her. She turns out the light on her bedside cabinet, then turns to me and starts kissing me as she thrusts her body right up against mine. She then takes off my underwear and my dick is like a steel bar between us, pressing against her stomach. “Ooooh you’re so hard!” she mutters in-between kissing.At this point I’m wondering why she wants to have sex with me, but I’m not asking questions! Then she says “I want you inside of me! But before we do, do you have a condom?”. My face drops as I realise my johnnies are at my house. “ah well we’ll just have to go with plan B?” my face lightens up again! “And what would that be?” I say, with an ear-to-ear grin on my face! She turns around in the bed showing her naked arse, I can just about mariobet giriş make out in the dark. “oh my god! you’re amazing!”. She then spreads her cheeks and I guide my dick into her arse. “aaaaaaahhh” we both said together, still remaining quiet but with me harder than ever now! she says “Is this your first time?” to which I reply “yeah, is this alright?” then I thrust my dick about 4 inches in, around halfway for my dick! “YEAH that’s perfect, keep that up, you’re making me so wet!”. “ssshh you don’t wanna wake your brother!”. So I thrust in and out of her, gradually getting faster and faster! I’m surprising myself by how long I can last, as she is quietly murmuring. I then grab her tits that are now covered in sweat as I pull our body’s closer together. Now I’m going quite fast and her murmurs are getting louder and I can feel myself getting closer to climaxing. I’m gently kissing her neck now as I’v hooked both my arms over her shoulders and I’m going all out now to please us both. I feel myself about to climax and I say “I’m about to cum!” and she just groans as I cum inside her arse. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy hit me as I unload inside her. It was a beautiful moment!She turns around and says “wow that felt really good, especially for a first timer!”. I just lay there still in awe about what we just did!