My neighbor has my manhood in her hands

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My neighbor has my manhood in her handsIt’s funny, since the break up of my marriage, I found myself becoming more and more of a reclusive, finding that I spent more time in my house and noticing my neighbors. I would not say, I am a Voyeur, but because of the summer heat, I had to open my windows to let the air circulate.What a lovely surprise! My elderly neighbor was sunbathing in her garden. To tell you the truth, I would not have looked on her if I was occupied, but it had been a long time since I had laid eyes on a woman, so I had a good long look at her. Now my neighbor is in her mid 60’s, a bit chubby, short, but has a pair of wonderful tits, the type you would love to hit you in your face while a woman was riding you.While having a good look at her, I found to my pleasure that my manhood had started to swell up and my hands had started to find their way to my zones. Strange, here I am looking out my window, with my hands on my internet casino nipples (squeezing hard) and on my manhood, stroking, pulling and twisting, all because of this elderly lady sunbathing in her garden. By this time I had sat down on the edge of my bed with my eyes closed, just enjoying the feelings I was getting around my body, when I opened them, damn! She had looked up and could see my head bobbing around my window, I done for I thought, but my girl just got up, fixed her lounger, so that she was facing towards me and promptly laid back down on the lounger.Should I duck and leave the the room…na! my manhood was so stiff and hard the blood vessels pumping and throbbing I couldn’t. Anyway it looked (so it seemed to me!)like my neighbor was enjoying the attention. How could I tell I hear you ask!Her hands said it all. After, what feels like my neighbor had checked that I had not moved. She slowly started to move güvenilir casino her hands down to the top of her legs, until they arrived at her pussy. I am I seeing what I think I am, my neighbor is playing with herself in front of me? Believe you me, my hands started tugging at my manhood like a train..stop! You fool! do you want to come to quickly, this is a chance of a life time. I looked out of the window and she was still there, but now she had eased her feet up into a position, for me to be able to get a better view, that was it, I had to stand up and let her see what she had done for me. So I stood up and moved towards my open window. She looked up when she saw the movement, but did not stop what she had started. My manhood was jumping by this time, but it that space of time, we had found common ground. I could see her eyes were on me and her tongue suddenly darted across her mouth. She is horny!! I took the opportunity, casino firmalari I couldn’t help it. I had felt my manhood swell even bigger and I knew I was about to cum, so I stuck my manhood out of the window, this movement made her sit up, but with her hands still playing with her pussy, her eyes fixed on me, I came..!! Loveliest thing about that shot was I had not cum for a very, very long time, so when it sprouted out of my manhood, it made an impressive, impression. Looking at my neighbor she was rubbing her pussy fast and hard, then she laid back on the lounger, eased her feet up some then hooked her legs around the arms of the lounger and with her body heaving up and down, I heard a sweet muffled squeal come from her. Wow!! I talk to my neighbor as any neighbor would talk to each other, when we meet going into our house’s and we have never mentioned our special day together.Although my neighbor has made me cum the most over these last 20 years, without touching each-other, since the end of my marriage. She knows she has my manhood in her hands. All she has to do and does is make a noise in the garden and she can hear me call (and she waits for) her name every time I cum.