My Neighbor, My Treat Pt. 04

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Part 4

“Anybody home?”

I didn’t even have to look up to know it was April popping in through the patio door. We have gotten quite comfortable with her making herself at home at my place whenever she came over so knocking was never expected nowadays. Her arrangement with Spencer was still cool and she made sure to never neglect her own responsibilities at home when she was at my house.

It had been a couple of months since we had gotten together with Tina and had our little ‘face painting’ episode, which I vividly remember and still replay in my mind when I am jacking off in the shower.

Fortunately for me, I wasn’t jacking off in the shower much anymore lately. I had run into a former co-worker by the name of Kathleen a couple of weeks ago at the grocery store. We started visiting and discovered her kids were now out on their own and she was divorced so available and we began seeing each other.

Much like April, Kathleen was a pretty woman but built very differently than April. Where April was taller and slender, Kathleen was more full-figured. She had always had a pretty face, magic smile and low key sense of humor but it also did not hurt to see her 34C’s were still very perky and all natural. The bounce was noticeable as she walked but she was always respectful in public to wear a mostly full coverage bra that was lined so no nipple showed. For a woman in her 50’s, her ass still was nice and tight too.

Kathleen and I were in the kitchen making a couple of drinks before we were to head out to the back patio and work on our tan. Kathleen was wearing a very revealing bikini top that barely covered her nipples. Where April had very pointed nipples when she got excited, Kathleen had large areolas topped with nipples that stood out just enough to accept a good suckle action. Around the house she was just wearing track shorts as she had not changed into her bikini bottoms yet.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you had company,” April said, noticing Kathleen standing by me pouring from a bottle of marguerita mix. April was also wearing a bathing suit top though not as revealing as Kathleen’s. She had a small towel wrapped around her waist covering her mid-section and thighs.

“Not a problem,” I told April. “This is my friend Kathleen. She came over to grab some sun and relax a bit before we head out to dinner. Kathleen, this is April, my next door neighbor.”

With a big smile Kathleen turned to greet April, putting out her hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said as the ladies shook hands. “Sam is this THE April you have told me about?” She then looked at me with a knowing glance.

“Sam, what kind of stories are you telling people about me?”

April tried to sound upset but only to insure I wasn’t sharing our private secrets with just anyone.

Before I could answer, Kathleen responded. “Don’t worry, April, Sam told me all about you and we are both very good at keeping each other’s secrets. That’s why we are getting along so well together. Right baby?” Kathleen asked. At that point, Kathleen came back to me, put her right arm around my neck and gave me a nice French kiss.

Returning her attention to April, Kathleen said, “Can you stay and have a quick marguerita with us?”

“I’d love to but it looks like I might be interrupting your quality time,” April said.

Kathleen dropped her hand from my neck, down over my chest until it rested on my cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. She then gave me a quick wink, and looked back at April.

“Nonsense, I have wanted to get to know you and now is a great time since you are here already. Sam make her a marguerita also and let’s sit and visit for a bit, OK?”

I smiled and nodded to both ladies and saw April start to relax a bit knowing she was not intruding. I reached into the cupboard for another glass and started pouring the third drink.

“Come sit on the couch with me,” Kathleen said as she started to walk around the corner of the couch.

“I really can’t,” April said. “I just got out of the pool and my wrap is all wet. I don’t want to sit on your couch and get it all wet too.”

Kathleen smiled, walked back over to April and said, “That’s an easy fix,” and unsnapped and took off her cover.

“We’ll just hang this over the lid of the washer and let it dry out a bit,” and headed for the laundry room.

“Wait…..” was all April could get out before she was standing there with her swim suit bottoms exposed. Also exposed was a nice trail of hair peeking out the sides of her crotch and a light sprinkling just above the suit bottoms. It was not a true bikini but a small enough two piece you could see that April had been letting her bush grow out.

Kathleen glanced at April, then down at her crotch and noticed the hair protruding. She threw the wrap at the washer, came back over to April, put both arms around her neck and gave her a light kiss followed by a light French kiss.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Sam has been having me grow my bush out for the last several weeks, too. The man has a bush fetish and I kind of like bursa escort it too. Looks like you have been working on yours for a while too.”

April glanced at me and smiled, then returned her gaze to Kathleen, and then kissed Kathleen.

“Sam. can you bring out drinks to the couch please? Kathleen and I have some catching up to do,” she said.

“Coming right up,” I said and the ladies took a seat opposite each other on the couch and started visiting. I gave each lady their drink, not really trying to pay too much attention to what they were chatting about. I know there was giggling and I was guessing they were sharing histories of how they both got involved with me.

Not sure if I was surprised or not but the two girls were visiting like they were old friends. Might have been more relaxed since they both had something in common–sex with me.

As I was setting the drinks down I heard Kathleen speaking.

“So Sam tells me you and he have shared several adventures, apparently under the disguise of him showing you his bathroom remodel to lure you over here and hit on you,” Kathleen said with a smile.

“I’m not sure if he ‘lured’ me over here but we do seem to have an unmistakable chemistry and we took the opportunities to act on it. Now that he has you I’m thinking that might be a thing of the past now…..”

“Don’t be too sure of that,” Kathleen said. “From what I hear, you are pretty open minded, and I can be too. Don’t close that door just yet…” April smiled at that remark and they each took another sip of their drinks.

“So, why is it if I have convinced two beautiful women to grow out their bush for my viewing pleasure, you are both keeping them concealed from my view?” I asked.

April had been sitting on the couch with her legs up under her and Kathleen just had her legs crossed, neither showing much.

“Be nice, Sam. April has just been over here a few minutes and you’re already asking her to spread her legs so you can check out her hairy pussy. Maybe she isn’t ready to do that, especially since we just met,” Kathleen said.

April grinned and looked at Kathleen. “I’ll show mine off if you do the same,” she said.

Kathleen grinned, reached over with her hand and grabbed my cock through my shorts and gave me a quick kiss at the same time.

“Should I show April my new little outfit that I use to get you all worked up?” she asked. “She will definitely get to see mine then.”

She glanced at April and got a big smile of agreement, confirmation everyone was comfortable at this point.

“Be right back,” Kathleen said and left the room. I took the opportunity to check out her ass as she left the room, which did not go unnoticed by April.

“Have you taken her ass yet, Sam?” April asked, with a mischievous grin on her face.

I returned her grin and replied,” Once or twice but she is not yet as loose as you. She’s using her own plug to get used to it and me more. Best part is she is open to letting me fuck her ass on occasion and know that is important to me.”

We both heard footsteps and turned to look at Kathleen returning to the room. She still had on her skimpy bathing suit top but now had a short cooking apron on, which put a quizzical look on April’s face.

“You like?” she said looking at April and me both for confirmation.

“You already know I do,” I said, dropping my gaze down to where the apron stopped and her legs started.

“It’s cute,” April said. “But you aren’t planning on cooking right now are you?”

Kathleen smiled at April and walked over to her.

“Cooking yes,” she said, “but not in the kitchen.” With that she bent over and began kissing April. At the same time she started running her hands up and down April’s thighs from knee to crotch. After 4 or 5 times doing this, she untied April’s bikini bottoms and pulled them off her, fully exposing her hairy bush and pussy.

“You OK, baby?” she asked April.

April was a bit stunned but returned the kiss and placed one her hands on Kathleen’s thigh and began running it up and down lightly. “Very OK,” she said.

Standing up again, Kathleen looked directly at April and said,” Let me show you what Sam likes about this outfit.” With that she turned so her back was to April, bent at the waist and spread her feet about shoulder length apart.

Immediately April’s eyes went to Kathleen’s ass and now exposed pussy and got wide. At first she was a bit surprised but then reached back out with her hand to stroke Kathleen’s thigh and now ass.

“Usually it’s not too long after I get into this outfit Sam has his dick out and is fucking me from behind. Makes me see stars and I always get a nice load from him in return,” she said. With that I moved closer to Kathleen so we could resume kissing.

“Do you like the view?” Kathleen said over her shoulder to April.

“Very much,” April said. “You are already so wet and you have such pretty pussy lips.”

“Feel free to play, with either your fingers or mouth,” Kathleen said. “From what Sam tells me you bursa escort bayan are no stranger to eating pussy if you are in the mood, so don’t hold back on my account.”

With that, April spread her own legs open and changed positions on the couch so she could lean in and get her face closer to Kathleen’s ass and pussy. With a grin, she stuck her tongue out and started licking Kathleen’s pussy.

I broke off the kiss long enough to ask Kathleen, “Does that feel good baby?”

“Uh, huh,” she said. “April really knows her way around pussy with her tongue.”

With everyone content with the pleasuring going on now, I sat back in the couch to watch for a few minutes but Kathleen had other ideas. She ran her right hand up my shorts until she found my cock and then started jacking me off. Once I was fully hard, she motioned to me to lift my hips so she could remove my shorts entirely.

“You’ve sucked Sam’s cock before, haven’t you April?” Kathleen asked. Just as she finished her question, she dropped her mouth down over my cock and began giving me a blowjob.

April moved back from Kathleen’s ass and pussy long enough to answer her question.

“Just once,” she said. “But he didn’t cum in my mouth.”

“From what I heard,” Kathleen said,” he was so anxious to fuck you he didn’t give you much of a chance to take his load in your mouth.”

April giggled at that and said,” He was in a bit of a hurry to get into my pussy. I think it had been a while.”

Kathleen looked at me, took my cock out of her mouth for a second and said, “Is that right baby? Had it been a while since you had any pussy when you fucked April?”

I just grinned and nodded.

“Did he fuck you on your back or doggy?” Kathleen asked April.

“Doggy,” she said. “Said that was his favorite but he does cum fast that way.”

“I know,” Kathleen said, still giving my cock long, slow sucks up and down the shaft. “He lasts a bit longer now since he is getting regular pussy. I make him let me ride him every once in a while, for variety and to keep him going longer.”

Kathleen turned to look at April over her shoulder and said, “are you having fun April? I feel like I am being rude having you work on my pussy from behind like that and you really are a guest here. You really aren’t getting much action.”

“I am totally enjoying myself. Your pussy tastes to good and I enjoy listening to the stories of you and Sam and what you enjoy doing to each other.”

Kathleen now returned to gliding her mouth back up and down my cock but now moved her right hand down to my balls and started massaging them also.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” I said in response to her move.

After a minute of this Kathleen pulled her mouth off my cock and said, “Damn…..” Something had changed and now her eyes were closed and she was focused somewhere else.

“What’s up baby?” I asked.

Kathleen looked at me with sleepy eyes and said, “April’s sucking and pulling on my pussy hair with her mouth. Oh, my, my, that is so good….. I’ve never had someone suck on my bush while licking me at the same time.”

I looked over Kathleen’s back and then ass down to where April’s face had been but now had pulled back, just grinning back at me, her face wet with Kathleen’s juices.

“I thought she might enjoy that,” April said.

“You know what else she might enjoy?” I asked April. At the same time I moved my glance back to Kathleen’s ass. April nodded, smiled, stuck her right index finger into her mouth to get it nice and wet and then proceeded to insert it into Kathleen’s ass and fuck her with her finger.

“Oh shit! A girl could use a little warning on that first, you know,” Kathleen said, half giggling.

I looked at April and said, “She has a very pretty pink asshole, doesn’t she?” April smiled. “She sure does and it’s not as tight as I expected,” she said. With that she pushed her finger all the way in to Kathleen’s ass and held it there for a second before beginning her in and out strokes again.

“She gets mad when I tell her she has a pretty asshole, but it is true,” I said.

Kathleen looked at me and said, “Sam, you can be a very bad man….” And then gave me a light kiss.

After another minute or two of this, Kathleen looked back over her shoulder and asked April, “April honey do you want to get fucked? I know Sam is ready and so far I have been getting all the attention and don’t want you to feel left out. Sam and I can always fuck later tonight after dinner.”

April was now alternating from playing with Kathleen’s pussy to planting kisses on her ass cheeks while still finger fucking her ass.

“I think I better pass. This is more than I expected when I came over today and Spencer might get mad if I came home today with a pussy full of cum without clearing it with him first.”

Kathleen looked at me with that cute grin again and said, “I have an idea.”

With that, Kathleen pulled away from us both. She rearranged herself so she was on her knees on the ottoman in front of April, escort bursa doggy style with her face only inches from April’s pussy.

“Fuck me, Sam, and leave a big load in my pussy.”

I took my position behind Kathleen, ran the head of my cock up and down Kathleen’s slit a couple of time just to insure it was wet and then inserted it completely on the first stroke, until my groin hair was mixing with Kathleen’s wet bush.

“Ughhh…..that’s it baby, fuck me good and fast now, I want your cum in me now!” Kathleen said. Then raising her head up, she gave April a nice long French kiss.

“I’m going to lick you until he comes and then I will have a treat for you,” she said to April. “How does that sound?”

“I can’t wait,” April said, and spread her legs wide open and pushed her pussy out so Kathleen’s tongue could have easier access.

Kathleen had never mentioned to me that she enjoyed women and we had never talked about her going down on another woman with us but, based on what was going on in front of me, she certainly had no problem doing so and was doing so with fervor.

I picked up the pace, bouncing off Kathleen’s ass now more rapidly now. I loved watching my cock go in and out of her pussy when we fucked like this because her pussy lips got very swollen when she got this excited. I didn’t pay much attention to the looks of a pussy when I was fucking girls in college but for some reason now I had developed a fetish for extended pussy lips during sex.

Of course, the harder and faster I fucked Kathleen, the harder it was for her to stay steady and lick April’s pussy. After a minute or so, she gave up with using her mouth and just masturbated her with her hand and moved her tits to within range for April to reach out and suck her nipples.

“Need you to cum now, baby, fill my pussy up now!” Kathleen said.

I was close anyway but that put me over the edge and I shoved my cock into her pussy and held it there while I shot my load into her, not moving until the last spasm passed.

No one was moving now, just holding in place until my orgasm passed and in general just enjoying the moment.

Kathleen looked at April in the eyes and said, “Ready to nibble on your treat?”

I thought I knew what Kathleen had in mind but she had only sat on my face and let me eat my creampie from her pussy once and now it looked like that is what she had in mind for April. Since April and I hadn’t done that before, I was unsure if this was going to be well received or not.

April was much like me and not really sure what Kathleen had in mind so did not answer right away but held a silent pause.

“And what is my “treat”? April asked.

“Well, If you’re interested, you can eat Sam’s cum out of my pussy and clean me up. That way you can taste us both and still keep your pussy fresh for Spencer.”

“That sounds interesting,” April said. “But I want to 69 with you and you on top so I can watch his cum leak out of you into my mouth and get more pussy licking from you. Sam had you bouncing all over the place before when you guys were fucking and I never really got a good feel of your tongue on me.”

Kathleen placed a couple of quick kisses on April and then said, “Deal! But we have to hurry because his cum is already starting to leak out and down my leg.”

April quickly rolled onto her back with legs spread. Kathleen pulled away from my cock with a small pop and then quickly got into position over Kathleen’s head with one knee on each side and began lowering herself down. In the process, some of my cum leaked out of her pussy onto April’s breasts.

“Ooooh, sorry,” Kathleen said.

Nonchalantly, April reached down and with her index finger, scooped up the blob of cum from her tit and placed her finger in her mouth, sucking it clean.

“No worries,” April said, “no cum will go to waste here.”

With that remark both women giggled lightly and April went about pulling Kathleen’s hips down onto her face so she could start sucking on her pussy and licking up my cum and Kathleen buried her head into April’s bush, fingers pulling her lips apart and tongue headed for April’s clit.

“Oooh, it’s coming out faster than I expected,” April said giggling, and increased her licking and sucking on Kathleen’s pussy so she would not miss a drop of cum. “A little messier than I thought, too,” she said.

“You OK back there?” Kathleen asked.

“Doing just fine, thank you very much,” April said.

April then looked over at me and curled her index finger at me, encouraging me to come closer to her. I got up and moved closer to her. She put her hand on the back of my thigh and pulled me closer, staring at my cock soaked in cum and pussy juice.

“I think this needs some cleaning up too,” she said as she moved her mouth from Kathleen’s pussy to my cock and started running it up and down, cleaning me up too.

“What the…..!” Looking down at Kathleen, it was clear she did something to April that April was not expecting but her hair was in the way and I could not see exactly what at the time.

“Sorry, April, you’ve got a sweet looking asshole, too, and I figured turnabout is fair play. No wonder you liked taking her ass, Sam, it is easier to get into than mine.” With that comment, I knew she was now finger fucking April’s ass much like April had done to her earlier.