my neighbor’s daughter

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my neighbor’s daughterI was getting ready to have a few buds over for a party when i realized my ice chest was too small for all of the drinks i bought. I walk next door to my neighbor’s house to see if i can borrow his. I knock on the door and his daughter answers. She is a beautiful girl. Sixteen years old, well technically 2 weeks away from her s*******nth birthday if you ask her. Well she is petite, about 5′-4″ and if i had to guess 115 lbs. She has strawberry blonde hair and the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen, not to mention just the right amount of freckles on her cheeks to be adorable. I have been with a lot of women, and this teen angel is by far hotter then any of them.I knock on the door and Mandy, the teen angel, answers. I ask her if her dad is home and she says that her parents had to leave town for the weekend because her grandma was in the hospital. I tell her i am sorry to hear that and ask why she didn’t go with them. She tells me that she has school and she can’t afford to miss. I then ask her if I can borrow one of her dad’s ice chests, she says that I can and we walk to the garage to get it. As she is walking I can’t help but notice how cute her butt is. Not really big, and not flat, just a cute little butt.We get to the garage and I see the ice chest on the shelf, so I grab it and turn to walk out. She asks me what I needed the cooler for, so i tell her that I am having a party at my house tonight. She looks at me with the cutest face and asks me if she could come over and hang out at the party. I tell her, of coarse you can, just try to stay close to me so I can keep an eye on her. She smiles the cutest smile and I tell her I’ll see her tonight. I walk back to my house and get ready for the party.It is around 8 when I notice that Mandy has came to the party. I walk over and tell say hello and tell her to make herself at home. She asks if it will be ok if she drinks tonight. I tell her that it is up to her, but to make sure to stay where I can see her and try not to over do it. She smiled at me with that cute smile and said she wouldn’t.Well I was mingling with the folks at the party, and I seemed to lose sight of Mandy. I know she is a good girl and won’t cause any trouble, so i let her enjoy herself. It is getting late and the party is winding down. The last few guests just left and I am sitting on my couch with a semi buzz and realize I haven’t seen Mandy. I walk thru my house calling for her and I can not find her anywhere. I start to wonder if maybe she went home early, and as I turn to walk down stairs I see that she is laying on my bed asleep. I plan on leaving her there and just sleeping on the couch, but then I think she might wake up and be weirded out. So I walk up to the bed to wake her up. I shake her gently to wake her up, and she doesn’t respond. I check her pulse and she is breathing, so I figure she passed out from drinking too much. Silly girl.I lean down and scoop her up off the bed into my arms to carry her home. I get to her house and I remember her dad mentioning before that he nevers locks his back door. So I get to the back door and turn the knob as I am holding Mandy in my arms, trying no to drop her. I get the door open and start to carry her to her room. The smell of her perume is intoxicating. As I am carrying her I can’t help but notice how amazing her butt feels in my hands. She is wearing a red cotton sundress relaxbet güvenilirmi and she looks amazing. I finally get to her bedroom and I gently lay her down on her bed. I stand back to take in the amazing beauty laying before me. As I am staring at her laying there, i notice a patch of pink panties peeking out from under her red sundress. I shake her again to see if she is awake or seeing if I will get any response at all. Still nothing.I kneel down next to her bed and i gently lift her dress to get a better peek at her pink panties. I start to have second thoughts as I start to lift her dress. Don’t do it, she is only sixteen, it’s not right. Oh come on, she will never know, she is passed out. Besides, it is just a peek at her panties, when will you ever get this chance with a girl this beautiful. I decide it is only a peek, so I slide her red sundress up her amazing thighs up to her waist. I can’t believe the sight. She is wearing the cutest pair of pink hello kitty boy short panties I have ever seen. The way they hug her beautiful mound is heavenly. The panties have lace trim and they are slightly indented into her slit, causing her lips to puff out. I have to see this pussy and taste it. My conscience kicks in again and I start to have regrets. You have already crossed the line, pull her dress back down and leave. Nobody will know, leave now before you go too far. Look at the way her panties dip into her slit. You know you are dying to get a peek at it. Go ahead, pull those panties off and enjoy that tight teen pussy. You can’t go home and wonder what it tasted like, dive into it.I figure I have gone this far, I can’t go home without seeing how tight and pink it is. So i slide her pink hello kitty boy shorts down over her thighs, down her sexy legs and onto the floor. There before me was the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen so far in my life. It is completely shaved, with maybe a day or two of stubble growth. The lips are slightly puffy, but not saggy. I pull her legs apart and her lips open to reveal a very pink pussy beneath. I lean in and inhale the scent of her innocent teen sex. I kiss the top of her slit and begin to lick my way down her slit. I lick from her clit to her taint. The taste of her pussy is heaven. I slide a finger in and realize she is very tight. I pull her lips apart and drive my tongue deep inside her tight pink fuck hole. The taste is sweeter then anything I have ever tasted. As I am licking her delicious pussy, I reach my hand up to caress her breasts. I sit up and slide the straps of her dress down her shoulders to reveal a cute little white bra. It is a simple bra, plain white satin with a small box between the cups. I then slide the straps of her bra down her arms enough to pull the cups of her bra down to reveal her breasts. Her breasts are amazing. They are about the size of tennis balls, with the cute little nipples. Her aeriolas are about quarter size, light pink and slightly puffy with pink marble size nipples. They look like they might be 34B if I had to guess. I slide my finger back into her moist tight pussy as I begin to suck on her beautiful breasts. The feel of her warm wet pussy on my finger and the sight of her amazing breasts uncovered has my cock rock hard and throbbing in my jeans. I continue to suck on her breasts as I start to contemplate my next move. I desperately want to relaxbet yeni giriş slide my cock inside her and see how tight she really is, but I am afraid I won’t be able to stop myself after I get it inside her. Again my conscience decides to do battle in my head.You need to stop, you are going too far. Fix her clothes and leave now, don’t look back, just stop now and leave. Oh come on man, you have your finger inside the cutest girl you have ever been with, just stick in the tip and see how it feels on your cock. No, no, you can’t do that, it’s not right. Don’t you want to see how her pussy feels around your cock. You don’t want to go home with blue balls wishing you tried it out, come on, just stick the tip in.So I pull my finger out and begin to unbutton my pants. I figure I will just tease her lips with the tip of my cock, maybe just slip the tip in to see how it feels. So I pull down my jeans and underwear and kneel over her as I reach down and run the head of my cock up and down her moist slit. Her skin is so soft, and her pussy is so wet, my cock slides effortlessly up and down her slit. I pull her to the edge of the bed and I stand up next to the bed. I lift her legs up onto my shoulders and spread them further apart. I continue to rub my cock up and down her slit as I begin to slowly insert my cock tip into her. I look down as I gently insert the tip of my cock into her pussy. Her lips part to accept the rock hard intruder. I can’t believe how tight her pussy is as I slide my cock head in and out of her amazing pussy. I just have to know how it feels to be fully inside her, so I decide to penetrate her fully.I pull her closer to the edge of the bed as I begin to slowly insert more and more cock into her tight wet pussy. I have about 3 inches in her when I feel resistance. No way, my cock head is now resting against her hymen. Mandy is a virgin. I am in shock. I mean she seemed sweet and innocent, but she is so beautiful, I figured she had to have had many men inside her by now. This new realization has gotten my cock harder then it has ever been before. My conscience kicks in again and I am torn as to what I should do.Pull out right now, fix her clothes and leave. She is young and innocent, she is probably saving herself for marriage or her perfect love. Don’t take this away from her, leave now. Come on man, you have never had the pleasure of popping a cherry. You are always getting other guys sloppy seconds, jam that rod into her and enjoy some virginal blood on your cock for once in your life. She will never know, and neither will anyone else. You gotta take this cherry, it will be the only chance you get to pop one.So I slowly pull my cock out of her tight pussy and then slide it back in with more force this time, ripping thru her maiden barrier. I then slide my cock back out until just the head is inside her and then bottom out inside her again. Her pussy is so tight, it is like a velvet glove gripping my cock as i slowly slide it in and out of her. I look down as I slide my cock out and I see her juices mixed with a little blood on my cock. The sight of this turns me on beyond belief. I grab her cute little breasts and begin to caress and knead them like dough as I pick up the pace of my pumping. I pump my cock in and out of her pussy, faster and faster until I begin to feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. I don’t know what relaxbet giriş I should do. I wasn’t prepared to go this far tonight. Again I begin to wrestle with my conscience.Pull out now, don’t even think about exploding inside her. She might get pregnant, there is no way she is on the pill, she was a virgin up until a couple minutes ago. You need to stop this nonsense and go home before it is too late. Fuck that shit, you have come this far, no way in hell you are going home without busting a nut. She is passed out, she will never know what happened, im sure she is on the pill anyway. Blow your load deep inside her and bail.So I continue to slide my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy when i feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. My cock starts to swell larger then it has ever been. I grab her butt and force my cock deep inside her as I explode my seed deep into her womb. I continue to pump as my sperm begins to slosh out of her pussy. I pull her tight into me and leave my cock inside her as i start to deflate. I slide my cock out with a plop as my sperm starts to leak out of her ex-virgin pussy. I go to the bathroom and get a wet washcloth and clean my cock off with it. Then i rinse the washcloth and go back to clean her up. I rub her pussy with the wash cloth, cleaning off my sperm and her virginal blood and juices. I wrap the wash cloth around my finger and run it inside her pussy a little to try to clean it out a little bit. I then grab her panties off of the floor and with one last look at her amazing pussy, i slide her panties back on her beautiful body. I then fix her bra back over her breasts and slide her straps back onto her shoulders. I then pick her up and pull down her covers to her bed. I gently lay her back on her bed and cover her up. A quick kiss on her forehead and a thank you good night. I then leave her house and go back to mine to crash for the night.The next morning I hear a knock on the door. I look out to see Mandy outside, looking adorable but very different. I open the door and she comes in. She tells me that she has an enormous headache and was wondering what happened last night. I tell her that I noticed she was asleep on my couch so I picked her up and carried her to her house. She then thanks me and tells me that her drinking days are over. She said she woke up with the worst headache and she is sore all over. I tell her that is normal when you drink too much sometimes. I ask her what her plans are for today, and she says she does not have any plans, other then lounging around the house all day and try to get rid of the headache she has. I tell her that is my plan as well, and she asks if she can hang out with me. I tell her sure why not, so we get a glass of juice and sit on the couch to watch tv the rest of the day. It has now been a couple of months and I noticed Mandy has been gaining a little weight. She came over to watch the game with me and she got up at least 3 times to use the bathroom. I ask her if she is ok, and she tells me that she thinks she is pregnant. I tell her, wow congratulations, who is the lucky guy. She tells me, she doesn’t know because she has never had sex before. I tell her, well if you are pregnant, you have obviously did it once silly. She tells me that she’d rather not talk about it because she has been catching shit from her dad since she found out. I tell her, everything will be alright, lets watch the game now. So she lays her head on my shoulder as we watch the game together. I wrap my arm around her as a smile stretched across my face. I cant wait to see how sexy she looks when she is further along. I just know her breasts are gonna be amazing.b.t.w. this story is fiction……..