My New Life 2

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My New Life 2Rob’s truck pulled into my driveway at around noon and he got out. He walked around back and on to the porch. I met him in my green tank and matching panties. He pointed ti the floor and I got on my knees. “Are you ready to do anything for me Sissy?” he asked. I looked up at him and said yes. “Even if it might hurt?” I nodded. “Good. Take out what you want now Sissy.” I took out his cock and started sucking him. He started telling me that he had watched my videos and wanted to make one of my dreams come true. As I sucked, he stroked my head. I heard a truck pulling in to the drive and pulled back. His big hands pulled my mouth back onto his cock. “You stay there, Slut.” I heard footsteps on the porch and knew we were not alone. I looked over and saw a coworker of Rob’s. A large, Black man. “This is your cock sucker?” he asked Rob. “See for yourself.” I knew he was watching me suck Rob. I heard him pull down his zipper and saw him pull out his cock. Soft it looked to be nine inches long. And it was getting hard. “Sissy. This is Billy. I told Billy that you wanted to suck a Big, Black Cock. Now show him that I was right.”Rob pushed me off his cock and turned me to face Billy’s cock. “Take a good look cock sucker. Stroke it Sissy. Feel that black snake.” I took it in my hand and felt the heat and weight of it. Rob told me that this is what I wanted. That I should start licking it. Making it wet. I did as I was told till Billy told me to “Start sucking Sissy.” I took the head into my mouth and started sucking on the head and down the shaft. I felt it growing hard as I sucked. Rob telling me what as good Sissy I was. Rob was talking so nice to me but Billy wanted more. “Get it boy. Suck that cock.” Then he put his big hands on my head and pulled me down on it. Gagging me and fucking my mouth…I took more and more in my mouth. My eyes watering. Deeper and deeper it went. Past the ring in my throat and down in it. Rob told me to breath around it. “Good Sissy. Take it niğde escort all the way down.” Billy held still for a bit. Just holding it in my throat as I learned to breath around it. Then he started to pull back and push down again. My first throat fuck was happening. His strokes got longer and longer. His cock getting thicker and thicker. My Sissy clit leaking more and more. Wetting my panties. Rob reached down and started pinching my nipples. Billy told me to get ready to get fed. He started moving faster and his cock swelled to fill my throat and then I felt it start pumping. Long ropes of cum right into my belly. It felt like a pint at least. I have to do anything. He just filled me. Rob was stroking my hair telling me that I was a good girl. When he was done, he pulled out his cock and it felt like it was f******n inches long. It came out of my mouth and Rob pulled me up. My knees were weak and he led me into the bed room. He just pushed me face down over the corner of the bed. Pulled down my panties and pushed his cock into my Boi Pussy. “You made me so hard Slut Now let’s fill your other end.” He started fucking me hard. I was not ready but he didn’t care. Pounding my ass. “Take it. Be a good girl.” Grunting and pounding her fucked me fast and hard. He came fast too. I wanted him to last longer still hot from my first black cock. When he was done, he turned me around and pushed his still dripping cock into my mouth. “Clean me up Bitch.” I sucked, looking up at him as I was trained to do. I saw Billy stroking his huge Black Cock. “That’s right. Look at it. You know where it’s going Sissy? Yes, you do. That’s right, you’re going to take that monster right up your Sissy ass. Now say thank you for opening up your boy pussy” I did and Rob grabbed me by the hair. He asked Billy how he wanted me. “On his knees like a slut or on his back like a whore?” And that’s what I was. I could see now that I was just a toy for them. It didn’t matter what I wanted I was going to get escort niğde fucked. Billy said on my back. He said he wanted me to see his cock going in my ass. He pushed my legs up and Rob pushed my head up so I could see. The head of his cock looked like a Plumb. Thank god he had covered it in lube. He looked down at me and smiled. Put the head at my hole and pushed. The pain was unbelievable. He put his arms under my legs and his large hands behind my head folding me in half. I was looking right down at his cock in my ass. Then he started to push in. Not fucking, just pushing it all the way in. Filling me. Stretching me. I closed my eyes and Rob pinched my nipple hard. “Watch slut. It’s all going in you. You won’t walk right for days.” They were both laughing as Billy pushed all the way in and held it there just like he did in my throat. “Feel me Sissy? Feel all of me? When I start fucking it’s going to get bigger. Thicker. Now you may want to pull off but you ain’t gonna. No Bitch. You gonna get the fucking of your life. Just like you were looking at on your computer. Hard ass fuckin.” Billy started fucking me then. In and out in short strokes. He was jabbing me with his cock like a sword. As I opened up for him his strokes got longer and longer till he was pulling all the way out and pushing back in till he was balls deep. The pain changed from sharp to dull. Rob had his hand on my balls pulling them out of the way. He wanted to watch me take that cock. Billy was slamming into me now. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Faggot Ass. Faggot cock sucker. Fucking you deep Bitch. Take that cock Bitch.” Grunting and grinding into me. Getting thicker and longer. His balls slapping my ass. Then he pushed in so deep I thought I felt my ass rip. And he came deep in my Sissy Pussy. I could feel spurt after spurt. Four, six, eight. Filling me with his cum. “Yea Baby, take that cum. Get that black nutt. Faggot’s love my cum. Love me to breed them. You love it don’t you Sissy?” I didn’t answer. niğde escort bayan I didn’t think I was supposed to. Still hard he started fucking in and out again. Getting softer and softer. He let go of my head and let me fall back. Rob was stroking my Sissy clit and holding my balls. I was all wet. I had been leaking the whole time Billy was fucking me. Rob got it all over his hand and stuck his fingers in my mouth. Now I was eating my own cum. Billy worked his cock out of my ass and it hurt almost as much as when it went in. I guess that’s why he let me go. He moved up on the bed and fed me his slimy cock. “Good Girl. Clean me up Baby. Make it nice and clean.” I could feel his cum running out of my asshole. I felt the air going in my ass. I knew it would be a while before my ass closed again. They both got off the bed and started to get dressed. “Get us a beer Sissy.” I got up from the bed and tried to walk right but they were right. I was not going to walk right for a while. Billy told Rob he had to get going and thanked him for the fun. As I walked back into the room Billy slapped my ass hard telling me I was a good fuck and that he would be back soon. Maybe bring some “Big Dicked Nigga’s” have a Sissy gang bang. He left and Rob sat on the bed drinking his beer. I was looking at him when he pointed to the floor. I went to kneel down and he said “No. Look at the mess you made. What did I tell you about that?” I got down and started to lick up the cum that had dripped out of my ass and off Billy’s cock. His beer finished and the floor clean Rob asked how I felt about the afternoon. I told him that it was wonderful but that I was sore. “You will be okay Slut. Now I need a piss. Come with me.” He walked out on the porch and into the yard and stood there. I opened his pants and took out his cock and held it. He started to piss and I could feel it going though his cock. He stopped and looked at me. “I think you should have a drink as well. Take it in your mouth Slut.” I did and he started to piss again. “Not a drop. Don’t miss a drop or you will be sorry.” I didn’t miss a drop and when he was done and I had my “Drink” he pulled back and I put his cock away with one last kiss. I knew he would like that.