My New Neighbour

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It was a hot August early afternoon and as I was home alone; I decided to get the sun lounger from the garage and catch some rays in the back garden. The rear of our property has a surrounding 2 metre high fence and although there are 2″ gaps in between the wooden spars, a thick tangle of climbing vines created the perfect curtain for total seclusion.

I set up the sun bed and covered my body in sun block before laying my towel over the lounger and lying down in the warm sunlight. After only a few minutes I sat up and thought, ‘What the hell’, and I stripped off my swimming shorts to lie naked on the bed.

The gentle warm air wafted over my skin and stirred my body hair and I began to doze contentedly. After all, the house next door was empty and as I said the high fence gave me a secure feeling. As I lay there the heat and the action of the warm air on my body, especially around my groin area, began to have an effect on me and my prick which had been lying limply across my thigh now stirred slightly as it reacted to the stimulus applied to it.

Within a couple of minutes my cock was fully erect and standing out from the bushy hair around my genitals and as I dozed my hand closed around my throbbing hard cock, and I began to stroke it slowly in my sheer contentment. I wasn’t really masturbating as such; merely touching my swollen manhood as a kind of natural male reaction. Then it happened.

My reverie was interrupted by a single spoken word that brought me awake and sent a feeling of panic through me as I sat bolt upright and searched for the source of the voice.


It had said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

My bleary eyes swept the tangled vines for the owner and I suddenly caught sight of someone on the other side of the fence that bordered the empty house next door. I leaped to my feet and snatched up the towel I’d been lying on, draping it in front of my naked body like a startled virgin. The voice spoke again.

“I’m Angie, your new neighbor.”

I stumbled awkwardly towards the fence, trying to wrap the towel around my waist as I replied.

“Er….Hi…..I’m Steve……Nice to meet you…”

I could just make out a face and it was a lovely face too; a lady in her early thirties from the little I could see. She had short brown hair that was cut similar to the style worn by Jamie Lee Curtis. I now had the towel around my waist, but far from preserving my dignity, the fact that my cock was still erect showed clearly in the form of a give-away bulge. We chatted for a few minutes before I said it was difficult to hold a conversation through a gap of a few inches and I suggested that we move around to where a wall of 2 foot separated our driveways to allow us to talk.

Still wearing the towel (thankfully my erection had subsided) I walked around to shake hands with her and welcome her to the area. She was around 5 feet 7inches tall and fethiye escort I would describe her build as ‘ample’. She wore a skimpy halter top and a pair of white shorts and being a typical male, I had to work hard not to let my eyes drop to her lovely, large breasts which jiggled under the halter each time she moved.

Angie told me that she and her husband Mike had bought the house and had moved in the evening before, but he was at work and she was pottering around, trying to organize their furniture etc.

“I’ve been trying to remove the old light fitting from the kitchen ceiling, but I’m having no luck.” She smiled, “And…..I was wondering if I could trouble you to perhaps take a look at it for me.”

I told her I would be delighted to assist and said I would just get dressed and collect my tools from the garage. Angie said there was no need for tools as she had her husband’s tools already there; and as for getting dressed……I need not bother on her account. (Oh my God) I stepped over the wall and followed her back up the drive and around to the kitchen door at the rear of the house and she closed it behind us as she turned to point to where she had been standing on a stool to reach the light fitting.

I got onto the stool and took a screwdriver from her…..our fingers touching briefly as she passed it to me, then I looked up to the tangled mess of wiring hanging from the ceiling. Angie stood directly in front of me as I worked and I was aware that her face was only a couple of feet from my groin; making me pray silently that my cock didn’t decide to act up again and embarrass us both by going hard again.

The act of stretching upwards however, had loosened my towel and before I could stop it…..the damn thing came undone and dropped to the floor. I panicked and as I tried to grab for it, I almost overbalanced and I felt Angie’s hands on my outer thighs….steadying me. Our eyes met for a second before I began to blurt out my apologies and she bent down to pick up the towel.

She handed it to me as her smile erupted into a lovely tinkling laugh and as I again wrapped the towel around my waist, my red-faced stammering also gave way to laughter. She said she wouldn’t tell if I didn’t. I returned to working on the light and I felt her hands again close over my thighs.

“We don’t want you to break you neck now do we?” She said softly.

My prayers had not been answered as I felt my penis stir under the towel and I breathed a bit more heavily as I realized that she couldn’t help but notice it. The bloody towel began to loosen again as I worked and I thought, ‘Screw it……if it comes off again, she can only ask me to leave,’ Both my hands were involved in the work above my head when the towel eventually loosened off and as before, it fell to the floor.

This time, I just looked down at Angie and our eyes held; her slight smile showing she was not at all bothered by the fact escort fethiye that my cock was now fully erect. We were both breathing quite heavily and as we continued to hold eye contact, she slowly reached her hands behind her back and gasped as her halter fell away, revealing her magnificent breasts.

“I was beginning to feel over-dressed.”

She said softly as her hands returned to my thighs.

All doubts were now removed……We were going to have sex……and we both knew it. Her head moved forward and her lips kissed the tip of my swollen prick making me gasp and sending a shiver through my naked body. She smiled at my reaction and again leaned forward, but this time I gasped out loud as I felt her mouth close over the head of my throbbing cock. Angie’s hands cupped my ass cheeks as she sucked my dick and I felt her breasts pressing against my legs.

I tossed the screwdriver onto the table and ran my fingers through her hair as she worked on me, her head bobbing at my groin. Without taking her mouth from my cock, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and eased them down over her hips, letting them drop to the floor and kicking them away. She clasped my hard cock in her hand and ran her tongue over my balls and up the underside of my shaft before taking it in her mouth again. I was in ecstasy as she used her mouth expertly on me for some minutes before she stepped away.

“Would you like to come down now Steve?” She asked huskily.

I stepped to the floor and we wrapped our arms around each other, kissing heatedly as our panting naked bodies ground together. I reached around behind her and cupping her ass in my hands, I lifted her up and carried her over to where the work counters formed a right angle. Still with our lips locked, I sat her on the counter and positioned each of her legs wide apart on the surface. Then kissing my way down her neck, I took her nipple between my lips and she panted as I squeezed it gently.

After giving the same attention to her other breast, I kissed my way down over her belly as I sank to my knees and she clasped my head as I began to kiss and nibble at her inner thighs. Angie moaned softly as my tongue flicked through her pubic hair and found her clitoris. I sucked, licked and kissed her clit until she held my tightly, trembling as she put her head back and moaned for me to ‘take her.’ Getting to my feet, I kissed my way back up her body until I was standing between her gaping thighs, my throbbing hard cock twitching with anticipation.

I stepped forward and let the head of my penis nestle in her pubic hair as she wrapped her arms around my neck, repeatedly whispering, ‘Yes’ into my ear. My glands pushed between her love lips and she shuddered as it rubbed over her clitoris. We were both very wet now and as the head of my cock popped inside her, she gave a little cry and held me tighter as I began to ease my hardness all the fethiye escort bayan way inside her pussy.

I fucked her slowly……holding her thighs apart and easing my cock all the way inside her before withdrawing it and repeating the motions. Little rivulets of sweat now ran freely down our naked bodies as I thrust my manhood into her warm, wet pussy a bit faster now and we kissed furiously, panting words of sheer lust as we coupled feverishly.

I was turned on by the way her tits jiggled each time. I thrust into her and by the sheen of perspiration, which now covered her entire body. She gasped for me to let her down and I cursed my stupidity for not realizing how uncomfortable she must have been in that position. I withdrew my dripping hard penis and we kissed as she stepped down to the ground, before grinning at me and turning around to grind her beautiful butt into my groin. Angie bent over and braced her hands against the counter, as I stepped between her legs and slid my throbbing member into her wet pussy again.

Within a minute, I was thrusting furiously into her, spurred on by her non-stop gasping.

“Oh God…OhGod…Yesss…Fuck…me… Steve…Fuck…me…hard!” She cried out.

I held her hips as I plunged my swollen dick into her again and again my breathing laboured with the exertion and sweat running from my trembling body in torrents. Her breasts swung pendulously as I took her hard and her panting reached a long, whimpering cry as she climaxed. I eased out of her and we kissed feverishly, our wet bodies pressed together. She smiled at me and ran her hand softly down my face as she smiled and whispered.

“Now it’s your turn honey.”

She said as she positioned my back against the counter before sinking to her knees in front of me.

Angie giggled up at me as she knelt at my feet and she took hold of my wet erection and I gasped as her mouth closed over it. She fondled my balls as she sucked on my cock and I braced my hands against the counter, my head rolling back in sheer ecstasy. Angie alternately wanked and sucked my cock until I could bear it no longer and I reached down to move her off my cock as I felt my orgasm building.

She brushed my hand aside and continued to suck me hard, her head bobbing faster as I began to groan and shiver.

“Oh Jeezus…Angie…Oh yeah…Oh yeah…b…baby.”

I panted as the sensation grew in my balls and in my lower belly.

I grasped her head in my hands and shuddered as I let out a long, “Uuuuuhhhhhhhhh” as I came and exploded into her mouth.

Angie kept sucking me as spurt after spurt of my semen flooded into her and she didn’t stop even after I had shot my last drop. I have never been blown like that before or since. I helped the laughing girl to her feet and we held each other tightly as we tried to control our breathing. She padded naked over to the refrigerator and returned with a jug of iced tea which she poured for us both and as we drank thirstily.

“Are you busy tomorrow Steve?”

She asked with a grin

“No……Why do you ask?” I said.

“Well……I’ve got this light fitting in the bedroom……….”