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MY ONLY EXPERIENCE IN HUMILAITIONI was in bangkok and had been in touch with a Domme House . I was picked from hotel and to the place . After a waiting of 5 mins a mid aged lady walks down, with boots , every step with deliberate thump , my heart beating , wanting to run away but my will was stronger.She enquired abt my desires and experiences , which, i thought would be narrated to the Ladies incharge of me.But which was’nt done.Anyways i paid for 4 hrs and was handed over 2 young lady dommes , totally inexperienced machines . the only thing they did was use a tens unit ( i guessas i felt only little prick kind on sensation) , pissed on me once , rest i donot even recall as it was not worth.To have a much better experience i pay the mistress more requesting to increase time by another 4 hours and now…………. the money talked and i could see it on her face., kadıköy escort in her eyes.She took me to her biggest room , with huge bed and attached bath ….i had requested her to take some pics for my memories . She ordered me to lie on a mat , asked another subordinate dom to spit on me as she clicked, then piss , again click and then ouut of the blue she increased the current of tens unit to full and …………..i .. was like…… shouting at top pitch and somehow blurted RED at full throw of my voice i could , but, by that time she had that pic.Next , (which the earlier 2 dommes did’nt even try) she made me stand , hands on table , butt protruded and llight medium whipping 10 times. And bang came a slap and spat on my face “who will count , am i ur servant “? Result i got üsküdar escort 30 more lashes (but though they did sting a bit but nothing that i could not bear or not count , well, now thats experience) .I was asked to turn , and , suddenly she had my balls in her palm and crush “so, does it pain ” and i was about to answer but by mistake smiled for a longer time and again her palm crushes harder , now , and i was like yee ye.. and another ….. yessssssssssssssssssss pls no red! :Pthen the two took turns spitting on me and tied my cock hard wih a thread (i had told i enjoy my cock tied and pulled mildly) and then taken to bathroom, both pissed on me and dumped a bucket of water on my face .again room , lie on mat and now she called all her inmates (subordinate dommes or should i say , lost hookers 😛 ) and all togather started tuzla escort spitting on me , kicking me lightly , mild slaps, rubbing my tied cock mildly by their toe , spitting sucked cherries in my mouth to eat along with spit and pissing on me , in my mouth right there . It was like they had laid their hands on some toy .Suddenly the Lady realises about tied cock and my fantasy of pulling it. I mild kick , slap and she tells me , are my girls your slaves, you wanted your cock pulled with thread tied, do it yourself you sob (fuck, their english, by pulling my cock, she thought masturbate it while tied from base to head totally in thread ) and i was forced to masturbate for unseemingly long period .(i did try to say “pull meant…) kick thats what u r doing………… well it was hours i never realised when passed , pissed, spat , mildly kicked,”pulling” my cock tied totally………………when time was over , i, had a shower and when i saw my cock, no no more a cock a penis…………….. all red, blisters all over. I showed her and she said by mistake i let it tied for long (God, pls. it was not because of that but becuase i “pulled” it) , just apply some oil , it will be ok.Dropped back to hotel!