My Other Daughter: A New Adventure

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My Other Daughter: A New AdventureIt seems that every time she comes over my cock begins to twitch knowing something nasty and dirty is about to occur. This past Saturday Ally spent the night and all the klids were awake ready to go help mom with some work at a friends house. Ally, unknown to me, was still sleeping. When I went into the girls room to open the windows I noticed the sheet was pulled up around her shoulders leaving her lower body uncovered. I could not help but peek at her sexxy body. Now 20, she was even sexier than ever. She stirred and rolled over onto her tummy spreading canlı bahis siteleri her legs wide giving me a perfect shot of her thong pulling tightly on her shaved pussy. I was now getting more daring so I pulled out my hard cock and began slowly stroking it. I wanted to taste her so bad. Kneeling down I. Placed my hands on either side of her hips and slowly let my tongue trace her lips. Fuck she smelled great. Again and again I traced until I could see she was getting wet and moaning.”Daddy, what are you doing” Ally groaned? My mouth still wet with her juises tipobet I stumble woth my words ” uh getting you hot and wet” I explained. Then without hesitation Ally kisses me and begins to lick her juices from my mouth. I could not take it any longer so I grabbed her by the hips and spun her upside down and began to eat her pussy for all I was worth. She also began to suck my cock with wild abandon. Throating it and sucking my balls hard. How could I resist not licking her assshole with it right there. Her lil hole was opening a little more with eack tongue thrust.”Fuck tipobet giriş me in the ass Daddy, please fuck me in the ass,” she groaned between gulps of cock. With a request like that how could I not. Tirning her around and laying her down I guide my cock into her ass. Fuck she is tight. Long slow strokes seem to do it. OMG how this tiny vixen loves getting ass fucked. “Now really fuck me hard” Ally commands. Harder and harder I slam my cock into her ass. We are both covered in sweat and ready to cum. “Cum in my ass now” she begs. With a few more thrust my cock is spitting cum deep into her asshole. Exhausted I was not ready for the next command. “Now lick the cum out of my asshole and feed it to me” she demands. 8 am after all her slave so I obey filling my mouth and then hers with hot semen. What a way to start a Saturday.