My Panties (Part 1 of 3)

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My Panties (Part 1 of 3)Let’s start off with me telling you about myself; my name is Tiffany and I am 19 years old. I have long brown hair (that falls about four inches below my shoulders) with blondish highlights, big brown eyes, and I’m about 5 foot7 inches tall, and I weigh around 118lbs. Like most young adults around my age living at home with the parents, being a full time college student consumes most of your time. When I’m not in class or studying I do have a part time job just to unwind, I waitress at the local TGI Fridays where at I can hang out with some friends. The job is ok, but hopefully soon my living arrangements will change. I’ve been trying to save enough money to move out of my parents place, so that I can afford to move on campus. Enough about my financial problems…Anyway last Saturday was my first day off in weeks, and decided to do something I haven’t done in awhile…”GO SHOPPING”!! Ugh, it felt so good to try on new cloths and new shoes, I even got my hair done; it was the perfect way to relax. Especially on a gorgeous Miami spring day!! After leaving the mall I decided to head home and put my new thing away. When I arrived I noticed both of my parents cars were not in the driveway. I remember Dad saying something about playing golf later in the day, and Mom going over to Grandma’s to help her put up new curtains. Oh I just remembered my Dad was going to be picking my Mother at Grandma’s later because they were going to a surprise 50th birthday for their friend up the street. I had the whole day to myself!! This day couldn’t get any better.When I entered the house and I walked passed the family room, I noticed Dads new 60” flat screen TV was left on. Since my parents were out I called out to my brother Mark, but he didn’t answer, I called again and still no answer. I guess he went out with his friends. Typical Mark; that k** always leaves the house forgetting to do stuff like turn off the TV, unplug the hair dryer, and most of all clean up after himself. He is such a slob. I’m always finding empty bags of chips stuffed in the couch, or a half a glass of soda left unattended on Moms white Oriental rug just waiting to be knocked over. My brother Mark was such a space cadet, it amazes me he knows how to find his way home sometimes.Anyway I turned off the TV, grabbed my bags and headed for my bedroom to put my new outfit away. I entered my room, took my new skirt and blouse out of the bag and put them away in the closet. Since I had no place to be today; it was the perfect opportunity to put on my Victoria Secret Pink Line comfy sweatpants, and my favorite loose fitting belly shirt. I walked over to the laundry basket stepped out of my dress and dropped it in, leaving me standing there in my white satin bra and matching thong panties. I headed over to my dresser, and opened the drawer for my comfy pants, but I noticed one of my satin blue and white striped bikini sting panties were sitting there in the drawer. What the hell are they doing there? My panties don’t belong in that draw. Oh well maybe they just got stuck to a pair of my pants. Just then I heard the back door swing open, it was my brother and his friend, they started running up the stairs. My bedroom door was wide open, allowing anyone on the second floor an unobstructed view of my room and a clear view of me standing in my bra and panties. With a second or two to spare I didn’t have time to run to my door to close it so I ran and hid in my closet. I looked between the louver panels in my closet pinbahis yeni giriş door, out into my room, out into the hallway at the top of the stairs. My brother Mark and his best friend Eddie (both still 17 years old) who are still in high school walked eagerly into my room. “Tiffany?” Mark questioned.I was shocked my little brother brought his friend into my room, as he knows the rule about my room being off limits. Normally I would have said something right their and then, but I was kind of exposed at that moment and in no position to say a word. I stood as still as I could in the closet waiting for them to leave, figuring it would be any second but I was wrong.“Ok Eddie, Tiffany is not home. I want you to remember this is the only time I’m ever going to do this for you. You understand? My sister would “KILL ME” if she knew I let you do this”.“Ok, Ok”, I get it Mark. I’m very grateful for your friendship and for allowing me to do this. “You know your sister is smoking hot” Eddie said.I watched in horror as my own brother pulled opened my panty drawer and said “There you go buddy, pick whichever pair of my sister sexy little panties you want to keep”. I watched as Eddie grabbed a pair of my black satin bikini panties, and started rubbing the crotch area between his finger tips. Mark seemed a bit uncomfortable or maybe even a bit embarrassed, but continued to watch his friend.“Mark it’s too bad that these panties are clean, maybe we should be looking at the ones she recently wore” said Eddie“Dude you’re sick!” said Mark laughing.“Oh come on Mark; just because she’s your sister, you can’t deny she has a smoking hot body!”“Well yeah she does, but I try real hard to not think about her that way” Mark replied.“Man if Tiffany was my sister, I know you would be jerking off all the time thinking about her”.I watched my brother drop his head to the floor and his face turned beat red.“Don’t worry about it buddy, I would probably be doing the same thing as you if I was in your place? Do you know where she keeps her dirty clothes hamper”? Eddie said.I stood there in the closet shocked, and felt violated. If I was covered up there was no way I would have aloud them to rummage through my laundry to find my dirty panties.Mark brought Eddie over to my hamper “Here you go buddy, and have some fun trying to find what you want” he said.I watched as Eddie stuffed my clean black satin panties into his front pocket. He then reached out opened the lid and began pulling out my dirty cloths, until he eventually came across a pair of my panties (a red satin V-String which I wore only two days earlier). He slowly leaned back up holding them in his right hand, staring intently at the front panel and the inside crotch for about a minute. After a moment of silence Eddie spoke; “Dude your sister is so fucking sexy! I can’t thank you enough for letting me do this”.With my brother watching, Eddie brought my panties up to his face and smelled the inside cotton crotch and the string that rode between my ass. “Mmm; I can smell Tiffany’s pussy and her ass all over these panties” Eddie said. “She smells delicious!”“Oh that so gross” Mark said.“Man you got to sniff these” Eddie said.“Are you out of your mind?” Mark said shyly“I think you do, and as a matter of fact, I bet you have wanted to try this a few times already. Are you just too ashamed to tell me, because it’s your sister?” Eddie said. “Come on b*o I know you want to, go a head and be a pervert with me. Come on sniff your sister’s dirty pinbahis giriş panties, I’m sure you will love the smell of her pussy!”The peer pressure was on thick. I watched as my baby brother looked his friend in the face and said “Do you promise you won’t tell anyone about this?”“You bet I wont” Eddie said. “Now grab a pair of your sister’s panties and fucking join me already”.Mark walked over to the hamper and reached in, only to pull out my favorite pair of panties. The one pair that I own, that looks absolutely fantastic and sexy on the lower half of my body. They are size small, dark purple satin bikini panties, with spaghetti strings (they are kind of snug and tight in the lower regions by the cotton gusset in the way panties are supposed to be). However with those panties my brother is in for a surprise; those panties were wet. I just wore the day before to work, and spent eight hours of sitting in a class room that felt as hot as a sauna. They were wet alright; they were still damp this morning when I took them off.So here was my little brother holding and gawking at my dirty little panties in front of his best friend. I saw him glance over at Eddie and gave him a devilish grin, then proceeded to rub my panties all over his face inhaling my scents. I was beside myself, in a daze, just starring at my brother sniffing my panties. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Mmm” Mark moaned. “I agree Eddie, my sister is so, so, fucking hot, and her panties smell wonderful”. I guess it’s no wonder why she always give me a huge boner.“Yeah I got one too” Eddie smiled. “So are you finally admitting that you enjoy getting aroused over your sister, and wished you would have done this before”?“OK, OK, I’ll admit it. I am enjoying Tiffany’s panties. “I got to say Mark, I want to wrap your sister’s panties around my dick and jerk off with them. You wouldn’t mind if I cum all over your sisters panties?”“Go ahead, isn’t this why were here Eddie?”(Oh my gosh! I can’t believe what I’m hearing, my brother and his friend are fucking perverts); thought Tiffany. “Yeah I guess we are why you don’t join me”“Mark laughed “Are you serious?”“I sure am, why waste an opportunity?” Eddie mentioned.“To be honest I haven’t jerked off in front of anyone before Eddie, let alone did it with my sister’s panties” Mark said“Oh don’t worry about it, it’s just me. I think the thought of you getting off on your sister is kind of hot. I would feel fucking weird doing it all by myself if you don’t, and just stood there watching” Eddie said“Well…. alright” Mark saidEddie began to unbutton his jeans, letting them fall to the floor along with his boxers. With his dick sticking out, I watched helplessly as he took my red thong panties and wrapped them around the head of his dick. He reached back into my laundry basket and pulled out another pair of my panties. This time he was holding my only pair of hot pink cotton Victoria Secret “cheeky” panties, and put those up against his nose. Before I could register what was going on Mark pulled out his dick, and d****d my dark purple panties over his cock. This way when he strokes his shaft the tip of his dick would pound on the interior cotton gusset where my pussy once was just a few short hours ago. Both boys started moaning at this point, their hands were sliding my panties up and down their shafts, jerking their cocks faster and faster.I had gotten so aroused that my legs were getting weak, and my satin white panties were getting soaked on their own. I’m sure pinbahis güvenilirmi if someone checked there would have been a “HUGE” wet spot all over the crotch. It took all my will and power not to fall or make a sound. I was getting very uncomfortable in the closet but as I said; I was not dressed appropriately and was super horny watching Eddie and my brother using my panties to stroke their cocks. I moved a hand down into my panties as quietly as I could, and I did everything possible to keep up with their strides.I heard my brother softy say; “Oh, oh yeah, that’s it… Tiffany, I love the feel of your panties all over my dick, I’m going to cum all over them, I’m going to cum all over your panty crotch!” I watched as his body tensed up, hell I had the perfect view watching him play with himself from the side. I watched intently as my little brothers cock jerked, his back leaned backwards, and his knees bent. He grunted and then I watched his motions, fully knowing that each thrust of his hips meant another blast where my brother was saturating the inside cotton crotch of my favorite pair of dark purple satin panties with his i****tuous seed. From my vantage point the lower regions of my panties that d****d over Marks dick, and that fell down to the top of his fist meeting his thumb and pointer finger of his hand; were so wet that the material turned black. I could see that the entire crotch, parts of the front panel and back panel of my panties were glistening and bubbling through with my brother’s cum. As his body started to calm down he looked at Eddie and mouthed aloud; “It’s a shame my sister is not in the shower, I would love to sneak in the bathroom and slip her these panties so when she gets dressed her pussy lips could bath in my seed”.(That sent me over the edge with a thunderous orgasm that hit me hard. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming). As my orgasm hit, so did Eddie’s. I heard him say, “Dude that is so fucking hot”, and then he quickly removed my hot pink Victoria Secret “cheeky” panties from his face, and wrapped them over my red satin V-String that covered his dick, allowing his dick to soak both of my panties at once! After a few minutes the boys started to regain their composure. “Mark I better go before your sister gets home and catches us.” Eddie said pulling his pants up, and tossing my now cum covered panties back into the laundry basket for me to wash, as did my brother Mark.As two boys left my room I watched them walk down the steps and heard Eddie exiting out the back door. I quickly jumped out of the closet and put on my comfy pants and belly shirt on (which I picked out earlier) and quietly walked down the steps. Once I was downstairs I opened and closed the front door as if I just entered the house. I saw my brother sitting at the kitchen table with his back to the front door eating a peanut butter sandwich.“Hi Mark, I’m home” I said.“Hi Tiffany” he replied.As I walked passed him in the kitchen to get a drink I could feel Mark looking at me, so I purposely bent over, knowing my white satin thong panties were going to slip out the back of the low cut waistline of my comfy pants. I got to admit knowing he was going to be looking at my ass and thong was really turning me on for a second time. My panties were getting really wet again at the thought of how attracted my brother is to both me and my panties. I quickly left the kitchen and told my brother I was going to bed early. I bolted up to my room, closed the door, and pulled off my pants. I jumped on top of the bed, pulled my knees to my chest, spread my legs as wide as I could as I and rubbed my panties against my clit to three huge orgasms, only for the moisture to be captured by the small amount of material between my legs before falling asleep.