My panty fetish…How it started.

13 Kasım 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


My panty fetish…How it started.When I was a young boy, my step-mother used to lock me in the garage to do the laundry. I had already peeked at her in her bikini during the summer, catching a glimpse of her big pubic mound peeking out from the sides. I slept in her bed while my dad was on the night shift. Nothing ever happenned, but I could smell her. I could smell the shampoo, perfume, and istanbul escort whatever else I was smelling, but didn’t know it at that age. When I could tell she was asleep, I would touch the silkiness of her nightgown or negligee. When I felt really brave, I would touch her breast over the cloth, but never under. So, I was locked avcılar escort in the garage doing the laundry and I got to her panties. I could see the discoloration in the crotch. At that age I had no idea what it was. I knew what sk** marks looked like, but this wasn’t anywhere near the asshole. As I sifted through the clothing, I found another with the same şirinevler escort thing, but this one was stiff, and…I COULD SMELL IT. Once I got a whiff of that smell I immediately felt a tingle run all the way down to the tip of my dick. I didn’t know what I smelled, but I knew I liked it and had to have more. I didn’t even know what masturbating was yet, so that part sucks. I so wish that I could go back a smell them with my nose buried in them, sucking another pair in my mouth, and a third pair wrapped around my cock. Anyway, that’s how it started. I will continue with my journey into this warped mind I have now at another time. Now, I am so turned on by typing this, I think I need to rub one out.