My Perfect Weekend With My MASTER

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My Perfect Weekend With My MASTERSince i have met SUBSEEKER i have spent an awful lot of time dreaming and fantasizing about how things would be if there wasn’t a vast ocean between us. Sometimes it’s the only way i can make it through the day!The following piece is ideas from several of these dreams and fantasies, and chats with my MASTER. As i have a rare weekend off this weekend my MASTER thought that this would be an ideal piece for me to write, that coupled with my reading material on xh over the last few days lol.So here goes, and feel free to tell me what you think.——————————————————————————–I would arrive at his place and he would take me immediately to his playroom. In there are many instruments of teasing and torture; whips, riding crops cat o’ 9 tails, paddles, feathers, silky ropes and blindfolds, leg-spreaders, cuffs, collars, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, butt pearls………..and the list goes on. You name it, it’s there!Now as this is my first time here i walk in and my eyes almost pop out of my head! i am filled with trepidation and beginning to wonder what i have gotten myself into!”SIR?” i say in a small voice,”May i speak freely for a moment please?””What is it ariana?” he says looking at me with his stern face, though his eyes arer still twinkling, so i know i’m ok for now.”i’m scared SIR. i’ve never seen so much stuff before in my life!” i tell him in my small voice.”ariana,” he says, “do you trust me?””Yes SIR””Do you love me?””Yes SIR””Do kayseri escort you wish to please me above everything else?””Yes SIR””Then keep all that in your pretty head and everything will be ok.” He says gently and kisses my cheek, his beard tickles my face.I take a deep breath, and start to concentrate on how pleasing my MASTER fills me with joy.”It’ll be ok” i think “he knows me, he loves me, he’ll look after me…..””Strip” He saysThe force in his voice pulls me back from my thoughts.”NOW ariana!” he says, with that very stern look on his face. i obey immediately.”It’s time for your inspection slut.”Even though i knew this moment would come i’m still nervous.So there i am stark naked, feeling very nervous and vulnerable.i start thinking, “What if he sees something he doesn’t like? What if i’ve got something in my teeth, What if………..?” Endless things are running through my mindAnd then it starts, he circles me a few times, feeling, pinching and smacking different parts of me as he sees fit. Even though i’m so vulnerable and nervous, i’m also incredibly horny! “OMG!” i think, “He’s right, i AM such a slut!””Bend over and spread your ass cheeks slut,” he says. I do.He puts a finger inside my bottom, to examine it.”MMM, tight ass, good whore.” He says, then inserts a plug “You know I like your ass filled.”He then slides a finger into my pussy.”Good, wet, tight and ready to be used” he says. He then procedes to slip in another finger and finds my spot, he rubs it, and i think i’m going to escort kayseri melt, then just as abruptly he pulls them out.”No, not yet. Business to attend to first.” He says. i’m left feeling alert, even more horny, and empty.The rest of the inspection goes without a hitch, he likes what he sees. I’m so relieved!”Now i want to see what i can do with you.” He says. I gulp.He leads me to a table in the middle of the room, then ties my arms and legs to the table legs so i’m bent over it with my legs wide open. He steps back and admires the view.”Wow, i own one good looking piece of ass!” He says, i blush from the compliment. “Now, lets see what we can do here.” i wonder what’s in store.He removes the plug from my bottom, and makes me lick it clean, i gag from the thought of where it’s just been, and he chuckles to himself. He grabs a dildo and starts pumping it in and out of my pussy, whilst inserting two fingers in my bottom.”No cumming whore!” He orders.”Yes SIR mmmmmm” is my response.”I mean it, you WILL be punished if you cum before I say you can!””Yes SIR, i know.””Good”With that he takes his fingers out of my bottom, and has me lick them clean (more gagging), he then gets out his lovely hard cock, that i have been waiting an eternity to see, feel and taste.He sees my hungry look and says, “Yes ariana, now you get one of your wishes.” As he pushes it into my waiting and oh so willing mouth.i give him the very best treatment with my mouth that i know how to, licking, sucking and nibbling gently kayseri escort bayan his glorious cock and balls. It makes me so wet pleasuring my MASTER in this way, knowing we have both wanted it for so long! He moans in pleasure, and i can feel him twitching in my mouth, finally i am going to taste his delicious cum. i suck and lick as vigorously as i can, and will him to cum in my mouth so that i can drink every drop and show him what a good slut he has made me. Finally he does, and i drink it all, even though there is more than i can normally drink. He looks happy as he pulls out of my mouth.”Such a good whore”” he says. “Thankyou SIR” i say, i’m so happy.He then unties me and attaches a long chain to my collar. He leads me to what looks like a dog cage, it has a duvet and pillow in it. He opens the door and instructs me to get in.”If you hadn’t been so good already I would have removed the duvet” he says. He attaches the chain to the cage, and closes the door.”You need to get some sleep little one, I have friends visiting tomorrow, and you must serve us all.””SIR? May i ask you something?” i ask.”Yes, little one, what is it?””Could you please leave me a light? i’m in a strange place alone, i would feel better if it wasn’t completely dark.””Yes little one” he says granting my request, showing he cares. He dims the lights, closes and locks the door, and leaves me alone.Even though i haven’t cum, i’m happy that i have given him pleasure. I have no idea of the time, as there are no windows in the room. So i lie there thinking about things for a while, and finally fall asleep happy.——————————————————————————-So that’s day one, i’m gonna write days two and three separately, so you don’t have to read it all at once.