My Philippines Adventure Chapter 22

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 22The following morning I was on my way to breakfast at the hotel’s dining room when the elevator car opened and there to my surprise was the Korean Wife alone. I asked her to join me for breakfast and she answered, “All I want is your hard white cock pumping me full of your cum” She smiled and looked up at the waitress, who I had fucked in the Stairwell previously, and ordered toast and tea. The waitress smiled and went off to get our drinks. We chatted and I told her that she looked very cute with her tight fitting pastel yellow sundress. She blushed and thanked me for my kindness. I asked her if she was joining her husband for the meal sadly she just frowned and said he had not been back all night saying that he was at a “business: function. No sooner than we sat down then into the open Lobby came the Husband with one of the worst looking Lady Boys that you had ever seen. Now I must admit, I had seen some very beautiful specimens in the local Malls while I was shopping, but this creature was not one of them. The were both drunk and loud as the clamored for the elevator. I looked across the table at the embarrassed Korean Wife and asked her if she would like to spend the day together. Her face lit up as we talked of the places to visit around the city. We finished our meal and headed out on our adventure. The waitress gave me my check and a note saying she wanted to meet me later. We went many places in the city and at each stop she became more daring as a exhibitionist without me even asking. It started mildly with bending over to look at flowers in a garden to pulling up her dress and slipping off her thong at a monument. Soon her fun included me with the occasional cock grabbing or putting her head on my crotch when we were riding. We decided to get a late lunch and sat in an open air cafe where she decided to play with my cock with her toes as we talked about life. It was fun to see such a reserved and obedient wife turn into a cock slut. I rose and had to push my hard on down so I could use the toilet. She got up and said she had to go as well and wanted me to watch her. So off we went looking for a place for us both to pee outside. We stumbled on a small park that was very quiet and secluded. Looking around there was one spot near a garden mound that had cover and we could see if anyone was around. The Korean Wife could hardly wait she ran over to the area giggling like a school girl all the way pulling up her dress and exposing her bare pussy. She got to the spot and was soon squatting and starting to pee. She asked me to come watch her and to take out my cock. It was a wild thing to see this petite, skinny pretty lady pissing outside canlı bahis with a huge smile on her face with closed eyes. Soon she started to rub herself while still pissing which cause the spray to go everywhere. I took my cock out and started rubbing her face with it. Instinctively she opened her mouth for me to shove it in. I decided that this little dainty freak needed a skull fuck so straddled her face and held both sides of her head and slide my cock down her throat until she gagged. I withdrew and slammed it again only to feel the vibrations of her moan through my hard prick. She was loving and had her hand under her dress rapidly playing with her pussy. I looked down at her with my cock deep in her mouth and told her what a good fuck slut she was and I was going to have fun with her all day. I pulled out of her wanting mouth with a pop and stuffed it back in my jeans. She groaned and said she wanted more and I laughed. I got a call from my Lady Friend while we were walking to tell me the parcel box I had sent her many months ago had arrived. It had all kinds of things in it and at the bottom were the sex toys that she begged me for. She was so excited to get the box and things that when she got to the toys she almost lost it she told me. I told her that I was out visiting in the city with the Korean Wife so she said to come visit them. She text me the address and we got a cab and headed to her place. It was an older, small apartment building with a open balcony front and two units on each floor. She lived there with her Daughter and next door was the freaky Neighbor that I fucked before. We arrived and went upstairs to meet everyone. The Korean Wife was shy at first but my Lady Friend was quick to make her feel at ease. I told them about our trip and sites and they were kind to listen. The Daughter was sitting next to the Korean Wife and soon they were holding hands as they patiently waited to see the remaining contents of the box. It was decided to take out all the toys and see what was in the box. My Lady Friend started pulling out the “fun” stuff. There were rabbit vibrators, large dildos, small dildos, lotions, a double headed dildo, butt plugs, oils, and assorted toys. At each presentation the ladies moaned and smiled. I asked them if there was any interest in trying them out. They all screamed “yes” at the same time and dove into the pile. At first they were giggling while they tried them on themselves with their clothes still on. Soon My Lady Friend ,standing above the pile of toys, pulled down her shorts reveling her bare pussy lips and placed a small vibrator on her clit. Soon you could hear the wetness of her horny Pinay cunt as the other two started to bahis siteleri rubbing the toys on each other. While seated on the couch the Daughter made the first move as she took down the top of the Korean Wife revealing her now erect tiny nipples and tiny tits. The Korean Wife followed suit and unbutton the house dress of the Daughter revealing her large breasts and large nipples. They were rubbing the vibrators on each other’s nipples and breasts while My Lady Friend was still slowing rubbing her extended clit with the small powerful vibrator. I was enjoying myself watching them all play and my cock was pointing out in my shorts. The Korean wife slid her vibrator down and started to rub herself under her dress, while the Daughter had hiked up her house dress and slid it over her head. The Daughter leaned over to kiss the Korean Wife and I moved closer to My Lady Friend. They were sucking each others tongues and licking each other mouths as the made out. I came up behind My Lady Friend from behind and started to rub her very hard nipples through her top. I leaned in and whispered that I want to see the both you and your horny daughter fuck the Korean Wife. She shuddered with my words and nodded her head yes as she stopped the assault on her very wet pussy and took off her clothes. Moving toward the Korean wife she bent down and pulled down her dress. Now all the woman were naked and the real fun was to start.I watched as My Lady Friend and her daughter were both kissing the Korean Wife and soon all mouths were touching in a ballet of tongue twinkling. The mother and daughter were exploring the body of the Korean Wife as then all continued to kiss. My Lady Friend broke away and started to kiss the neck and ears of the Korean Wife and let her hand fondle the tiny titties before her. The Korean wife responded with a moan as the fingers of My Lady Friend were replaced with the trailing kisses as she made her way down the tiny body. Her tongue started to lash across the hard pea size nipple as she would pause to suck it into her mouth. It was almost like she was trying to draw milk from the breast with how hard she would suck them. Meanwhile the Daughter was feeding her own tit to the Korean Wife who happily obliged. Looking down the Daughter saw her Mother sucking on the breast of a woman they just met and was turned on more. I moved over to her side of the couch so I could feel how wet her sloppy pussy was and easily slide two fingers in. The Korean Wife had her eyes closed as My Lady Friend continued to suck on and lick her nipple. After fingering her pussy for a while I decided it was time to get naked with these sluts while they “Lezzy Out”. My cock was hard as it hit bahis şirketleri the cool air of the tiny apartment. When I returned from undressing and putting my clothes up My Lady Friend was between the legs of the Korean Wife slowly licking her hairless twat. The Daughter was sitting on the arm of the couch with her legs spread as the Korean Wife was fucking her with a large vibrating dildo. I moved closer and told them how beautiful they all looked and what a horny scene they created. This encouraged them more as My Lady Friend started to tongue fuck the Korean Wife while the Korean Wife had the full dildo in the Daughter. The Daughter was so wet from the fucking that the Korean Wife pulled out the dildo and replaced it with her tiny fist. With out push and a groan/moan from the Daughter it was in. The Daughter was moaning and telling us how good it felt. I got down to join My Lady Friend lick the Korea wife pussy and to tell her that her lovely Daughter was get fist fucked while she ate cunt. She pulled off the throbbing pussy to see the action and begged me to fuck her. Not needing to be asked twice I got her on all fours and mounted her. She was so wet that my cock went right in all the was to my pubic bone easily. I grabbed the toy that was used for fucking her daughter and asked her to clean it while I fucked her, knowing quite well it had her Daughters pussy juices on it. Like a good little Pinay slut she cleaned it up and gave it back so I could slide it up her wanting asshole. Once it I could feel the vibrations as I fucked her. The Daughter was starting to cum from the fist fucking and I could tell that she was going to squirt. So when it started I pulled the hair of my lady Friend off the the tiny pussy of the Korean Wife so she could get some of the hot cum spray of her daughter. This made My Lady Friend start cumming herself as she buried her wet face back into the pussy in front of her. She started to lick hard and slide two fingers in the Korean wife’s cunt. Now it was the Korean Wife turn as her hips started to ride the face of the woman eating her out. She was bucking and shaking while My Lady Friend fingered her hard and harder. At one point she had three fingers in her and was trying for a fourth when I turned the dildo in her ass to the high setting and started to really slam my cock into her. The Korean wife came hard and was moaning what a slut she was and saying that she loved it. I knew just where to fuck My Lady Friend so I hit her G spot and soon she was cumming and begging me to fuck faster. I was really slamming that twat as I could feel her vaginal walls tighten around my shaft. She came very hard and collapsed to the floor with the dildo deep in her asshole. By now the Korean wife and Daughter were spooning on the couch giving each other soft kisses. My Lady Friend was in a state of sexual bliss on the floor. As I lay next to her to hold her a knock came from the door.