My Pleasure For Him

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My hand trailed nervously down my stomach enticing the butterflies that were fluttering wildly beneath my finger tips.

Stopping abruptly as I reached the top of my bare fleshy mound. I couldn’t look at him, my messy head of blonde curls flopped back against the pillow, eyes closing shut as my cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

His words ringing in my ears, swimming through my consciousness. I couldn’t not do this for him, I would not disappoint him.

My eyes flew open, a smile playing on my lips as I brought my left hand to my mouth, my right continuing its path down to my dripping slit.

My lips opened gently to suck my finger inside, my tongue bathing it in saliva as I ran it slowly down the valley between my large firm breasts.

Two fingers from my right hand spread the puffy outer lips of my pussy apart, revealing the soft pink flesh beneath.

A groan brought me back from my thoughts as I grinned confidently bring my left hand down to meet my pulsing clit I began rubbing slow little circles around it, my back arching gently as I felt my clit respond to the touch, canlı bahis protruding from its covering, aching to be touched.

My fingertip gently brushing over my sweet little numb as I rubbed it back and forth, my eyes rolling back as I gasped loosing myself in the sensations.

The scent of my cunt permeated the air, I could feel my skin prickling with sweat as I brought myself up to that glorious brink… my hips instinctively bucking up to meet my teasing hand, almost begging my fingers for more.

My stomach tensed against my will. I couldn’t take it anymore, my pussy was burning, aching for release, my nipples begged for attention as my right hand left my lips. Smearing my juices up my body as they began to squeeze and pull on my hard left nipple, grabbing the right in turn pulling them together as my chest heaved with lust.

My cunt convulsed without warning, empty and begging to be filled as my left hand complied two fingers pushing deep into my wetness, searching my soft walls for that special sweet spot.

A deep groan built low in my throat, escaping my lips as I brushed bahis siteleri against that rough little numb of pleasure inside my hungry cunt.

My senses escaping me I gasped without fear, lost in a world of pleasure as I groaned and bucked against my fingers, forcing them as far and deep as I could, pushing into that spot. Unable to stop those glorious feelings washing over me.

I could smell my juices, sex, and sweat in the air.

Suddenly rough calloused hand pushed my legs even further apart. I could hear his moaning, his soft little grunts as he pulled hard on his meat. The sound of my cunt greedily sucking my fingers, sloshing around in my wetness, my muscles gripping and sucking them, wishing I could milk them as if they would give me the cum I so eagerly desired.

His fingers dug hard into my left thigh as I began bucking uncontrollably. The tip of his swollen cock pushed hard into my clit and I screamed in anticipation of what was to come…

My eyes flashed open wide as I held myself trying with all my might not to cum. I could not cum before he did. The feelings were too bahis şirketleri intense, I couldn’t control it anymore. As I felt a huge force hit my clit I lost control as his first load of cum splattered my pulsing clit. Screaming and biting my lip as I let go. Forcing a third finger inside my cunt I was done for.

His cum was dripping down my slit as I felt his second load splashing against my breasts. My hips thrashed wildly as my free hand clutched at the sheets. My eyes squeezing shut. My cunt muscles grabbing and contracting around my hand.

My body shaking and trembling as my orgasm washed over me. I could feel his gaze on my body, hear his hand continuously pumping his hard cock, draining the last of his juices for me.

His hands swatting my fingers away he quickly thrust his cock deep into my contracting cunt. I groaned again still peaking as I finally had what I wanted. I felt his pubic bone smash into mine. His body dropping heavily against my own as we bucked and gasped into one another’s mouths. My body began to relax as the trembling subsided, his cock slowly slipping out of my sopping cunt, his hair tickling my neck as he licked at my cheek.

His hand reaching up to caress me, to make me feel safe and loved, as little jerks coursed through my body.

“Good little girl, Good little pet.”