My Retirement Ch. 07

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Two weeks later on Saturday morning we were on a plane headed for North Carolina. She didn’t have the two weeks notice she asked for but the cabin had a cancellation and it was booked solid for the next two months. I rented a cabin in the Smoky Mountains that was secluded at the end of a dead end and a half mile from any other cabins. It had lots of amenities. Hot tub, pool table, full kitchen and it even had satellite television. It was loaded. Three bedrooms and even a two car garage with door openers. Asphalt roads all the way to it. I had also rented a Street King and a car for a week.

When we arrived, we jumped in the rental car, headed for the Harley dealer to pick up the bike. I decided to upgrade to an Ultra Classic. We both plugged in the address of the realtor’s office into the GPS to get the keys to the cabin. We got the keys and headed out to the cabin once again aided by GPS.

We arrived at the cabin and it was spectacular. This was no cabin. It was a full fledged home that was absolutely spotless. Everything was perfect. Plenty of towels, dishes, pots and pans, the works. Instructions for every electronic device and appliance was in a drawer in the pantry. Absolutely nothing was lacking. We toured the place to get familiar with it a little.

“What are we gonna do for a week?” she asked.

“The Tail of the Dragon is not too far from here so we can ride that and go exploring in Tennessee if you like.”

“What is the Tail of the Dragon?”

“It runs along a mountainside and has 318 curves in 11 miles.”

“You know I love the curves on a motorcycle. Did you pick this place for me?”

“I certainly did. I think it’s a lot of fun myself, but I’ve never ran it with a passenger. We can also ride up the Blue Ridge Parkway and get a room somewhere and ride back the next day.”

“This is going to be exciting. Is that why you wouldn’t tell me where we were going?”

“I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“You know…I’d never been on a motorcycle in my life before I rode with you to get lunch that day. I was scared to death.”

“Really?!?! Never?!?! You ride like you’ve been a biker chick your whole life. Ever think you might want one of your own?”

“Slow down, hot rod. I’m perfectly happy on the back…or “riding bitch” as some of you guys put it.” With her air finger quotes.

“You don’t like that term do you?”

“Nah, it don’t bother me. Sounds like a term of endearment actually. I want to make love to you right now.”

“Your wish is my command, my love.” Damn, did I really say that? What’s wrong with me? She made no comment. I’m glad.

We made love slowly off and on and she had cum several times and I came once. I had discovered that going slow she would still cum over and over, but there were much longer intervals of calm in between. The phone rang. The clock said it had been an hour or better.

I picked up the phone and it was the realtor asking if the place was to our liking. I assured him it was better than we had expected. She wished us a happy stay and we hung up.

I looked back at Sally and she had hungry eyes. We made love again then got up to get something to eat. There were minimal groceries but we scrounged up some sandwich stuff.


The next morning we were off to the dragon. We stopped for breakfast and then hit the dragon. After going one way I suggested we explore Tennessee a while. She said, “Let’s ride it back then here again then we’ll go.”

“Ok, you got it my lo…lady.” Damn I have to watch that.

We took a round trip and hit Tennessee. We found a small town that had stores downtown with plenty of novelties and antiques. We purchased some souvenir items and headed for the next little town. We did the same there. It was finally time to head back to the cabin. We stopped for something to eat and then for breakfast stuff before we got to the cabin.

She was on the internet searching info on the Tail of the Dragon and exclaimed, “They have a camera!”

“Yeah, I know. There’s a camera that is set up to take pics of everyone and you can purchase them off the internet.”

“Exactly where?”

I told her where and how she could tell we were coming up on it. She said that she wanted me to let her know when we got close the next time we rode it.

I asked, “Ok, why?”

“Never you mind. Just let me know.”

“Ok” I said. “What in hell is she up to?” Went through my brain.

First thing the next day we went to get some groceries for the week. I asked if she noticed a waffle iron at the cabin and she said that there is one there. We went to unload the groceries and took off on the bike. We just rode around a while and didn’t ride the dragon on Monday. The roads were still pretty curvy and we had a good time and went back to the cabin for marmaris escort dinner.

I asked if she wanted to ride the dragon again tomorrow. She said, “Sure, but right now I want to ride this dragon” and grabbed me by the crotch.

“Oh, I see. You want to ride the dragon. Are you sure you want to ride THIS dragon?”

“I want to ride the real dragon. I want that dragon to be a mean dragon. I want it to be a dragon like its never been before.”

With that I tore her blouse completely off. It was button up and it split in two pieces. I pushed her down on the bed and jerked her shorts off. She had worn panties because her shorts were white and so sheer you could see even her light colored bush through it. Hell, you could see the pattern of her white lace panties through it. It was very sexy. I ripped her panties off and they ripped between the waist and leg holes on each side. She laughed and moaned at the same time and said, “That’s the dragon I want to ride right now.”

I grabbed her pussy and it was soaked. I slammed my cock into her pussy as far as I could. I started pumping and she started cumming right away. First one with long lull, then it was another and over and over she came. She must have cum twenty times before I launched several streams of cum inside her cunt. She was cumming as loud as possible the entire time. Nobody heard her…except me.

She went to clean up and I got the hot tub ready. It was on the deck out back. She got in and I watched her. “God she’s beautiful.” I thought. I sat down beside her and she lay her head on my left shoulder. We could see lights flickering from the other cabins that dotted the mountainside. The stars were really bright and it was almost a full moon.

After about half an hour she reached with her left hand and squeezed my soft dick then. started stroking it. “Oh, no. My dragon has left. Where is my dragon. I want to ride my dragon again.”

“You keep doing that and your dragon will be back shortly.”

“Oh, good. I miss him.”

A few minutes and she said, “There’s my dragon.” She stood up and sat on my lap and guided my now hard cock into her love channel. She started pumping me with her pussy and before long we got so wild there was water spilling all over the deck. When her first cum arrived it was nonstop. One after another and another and still another. I counted 12 and then lost count. When I coated the inside of her cunt with my cum and was soft again, we went in to watch television. We cuddled on the couch as we watched the movie. We fell asleep on the couch.

We woke the next day and had breakfast. After a while we loaded up to ride the dragon again. As we approached the cameras, I told her that we were near. I felt her waving as we went by them. We rode it several times that day and she waved both hands in the air each time we passed the cameras. A few times at the end she told me to lean far forward as we passed he cameras.

On the way back to the cabin at the end of the day, we stopped at Deal’s Gap. She walked over to the Tree of Shame and stood there just looking at it. I walked up beside her and she asked “What is this for? Why are all the motorcycle parts hanging on this tree? Why is it called the Tree of Shame?”

“Well,” I said, “When someone crashes on the Dragon, they hang one piece of the motorcycle on this tree, thus, the Tree of Shame because you couldn’t make it all the way through the ride. Some get a little too careless and some are just outright stupid.”

“Did all of these people die? There’s a lot of parts here. Just one piece from each bike?”

“Not all of them died. But live or die, you should not be careless or stupid enough to crash. Riding a bike anywhere takes constant vigilance. You are very vulnerable and no real protection if you do crash. I just automatically assume that no one sees me even if they are looking me straight in the eyes. I try to stay in a state of heightened awareness when I’m riding. Like being in a combat zone you must know what is happening in all directions or you may very well become a statistic.”

“I’ve always felt very safe riding with you, James.” She gave me a hug and a kiss then just walked away toward the bike with a solemn expression.

When we got back to the cabin we searched on line to find the pics. There she was, hands in the air and smiling as big as she could. She also had her blouse unbuttoned all the way and it was waving behind her in the wind. Her bare breasts were jutting out in front of her. My dick started stirring and jumping and growing. I bought every CD there was.

“Oh you naughty girl. I may have to get the dragon to punish you for that.”

“Oh please don’t” as she ran out to the deck laughing.

When I hurried out of the chair, I slipped and fell delaying my opportunity for marmaris escort bayan a quick catch. By the time I got to the deck she had already shed her blouse and was stepping out of her jeans. As I was getting undressed, she turned and leaned over the railing exposing her wet and swollen pussy to me.

I stepped behind her and rubbed my full grown cock on her pussy lips and under her to slide across her clit. She came the first time before I buried my dick inside her soft cunt. When I finally did, her knees buckled slightly but she caught herself. I pumped my stiff cock in and out of her hard and fast as she came over and over. She could tell when I was going to cum and turned and went to her knees taking my hard cock in her mouth and throat. When I grunted she backed it out of her throat and worked her hand over it and I came in her mouth. I finally quit jerking and shaking and she looked up and showed me my own cum on her tongue. Then she swished it around and swallowed. “Damn your cum tastes good.” She stood and we kissed deeply.

The next morning I licked her pussy and clit until she came once, then moved up to her and slowly pushed my cock inside her. We made love for what seemed like an eternity. Then we prepared to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway. We rode as far as we could before 7:00 PM and got a room. We got something to eat and retired for the night. We held each other and went to sleep like that. The next day we rode back down to the cabin.

Thursday we decide to go dancing. Out of her suitcase she pulled a remote controlled egg and held it up. I asked, “What is that?”

She said, “It’s a remote controlled egg.”

“Oh, I said. This is going to be one hell of a lot of fun.”

We took the car to a place where they had advertised some kind of celebration on flyers all over the place. There was a fairly large crowd when we arrived. They had a smallish dance floor so we decided to stay.

“Perfect” she said.

“Yeah, well, we’ll see about that” I replied.

We found a booth and opposite one another. I had the remote for the egg. I could turn it on and off and even control the intensity of the vibration.

We danced some and then a couple of friendly guys stopped to talk and general conversation. I hit the on button and Sally twitched and let out a soft “Wowhoo.” The guys looked puzzled. They walked off and we continued talking. “Turn it down some.”

“It’s all the way down now” and showed her the remote.

“Oh, shit, I may be in more trouble than I thought.”

“We can stop now I you want to.”

“No, I really want to do this.”

“Ok, you asked for it.” She gave me a stern look.

Without saying a word, she got up and strolled over to where the two guys were that we had been talking to and after a minute or so of talking, one got up to dance with her. That was a cue to me I guessed.

A minute or so in I hit the remote for like 3 seconds and she started jumping a little. Waited about half a minute and hit it again. She started groaning and pulling her legs together. I could tell she wanted to grab her pussy. I turned it up some. When I hit it again, I counted to 5 this time. She was squeezing her legs together and did grab for her crotch this time and her knees were trying to buckle. The guy grabbed her to keep her from falling and asked, “Are you ok?”

She exclaimed, “Oooooh yeeaah, I’m just fine” and looked at me. I smiled back.

When the song was over she danced with the other guy. I turned it all the way up. I hit her for about 2 seconds waited a few and did it again for about 5 more. She was going nuts. She looked at me every time I turned it on. I hit her again for a count of 5 waited for 3 then another count of 5. Just as the song was ending I turned it on and left it on. She went to the floor on her knees holding her pussy in one hand and rubbing her tits with the other. Her blouse was unbuttoned pretty low and she pulled it back and was pinching and twisting her left nipple. No doubt she was cumming. I turned it off and she walked back to the booth and sat down. She said, “That was so fucking hot.”

“Want to do it again?”.

“Hell, yes.”

“How long?”

“You’re in control. Just do it again.”

Every guy in the place was staring at us, or rather, her. I could tell all of them wanted to dance with her.

It took a little while but eventually an older man asked her to dance. He was probably mid-sixties. I waited a bit then zapped her with a count of 5 waited 2 then another count of 5. I held off a little then popped her with a count of 7 then off and right back on and left it on. She went to the floor again. This time she was on her back and her hand was inside her jeans and her other one was kneading and squishing her tits. She was on orgasm


She wandered back escort marmaris to the booth and said, “That was fucking awesome.”

The bartender came over and asked, “Are you ok?”

I told him, “She’s fine, she gets really aroused when she dances with strange men.”

Ha said, “I’ve seen women get turned on before while dancing, but she’s really off the wall, dude.” He walked away.

Another young man asked her and she was off again. She said, “Last time.”

I hit her a couple times then I held off until I knew the song had about half a minute left and turned it on. She immediately started cumming and went to the floor on her back again. She ripped the rest of the buttons off her shirt and fought to get her jeans undone and slipped them just past her hips. Every man in the joint was watching and so were the women. She was exposing her tits and her bush. She was rubbing her clit furiously cumming over and over with just a hint of a lull in between.

When I saw one guy pull out his stiff cock and start stroking and another undoing his pants I turned it off. I walked over and pulled her up and she fastened her jeans and pulled her blouse together. I paid the tab with a $20 tip and we left. Handing me my change the bartender said, “She’s welcome back anytime. Don’t matter if you’re with her or not.”


Friday came and we were returning the car and bike tomorrow and hopping a flight back home. We stayed in all day. Hot tub, playing pool, things such as that. I told her I had a wonderful week and she said the same. We were naked all day.

We both licked and sucked and fucked but never did either of us cum. One of us would get right to the edge of orgasmic bliss, then stop the other. We were holding that back for tonight. It was extremely hard for us both, but we managed it somehow. It was also a lot of fun.

That evening after dinner, we both decided to play a game of pool. I was waiting for Sally to make her shot. She came over right damned in front of me and bent over to make a shot and I snuck up behind her and shoved my cock in her pussy. At the same time I said, “I’m not stopping this time.” She said, “Fuck me hard till I cum.”

About the third time I slammed my hard cock into her wet pussy, she and I both came. We were both very loud. I turned her around and lifted her onto the pool table and climbed up between her legs that were spread wide. My dick never got soft. My cum was starting to ooze from between her pink pussy lips. I buried my cock as deep and as hard as I could into her waiting and wanting cunt. She started to cum as soon as I was in her completely. She must have had 18-20 orgasms in as many minutes. Some only lasted seconds, others more than a minute. I finally came a second time and it was one of the most intense ones I’ve ever had. I had to stop a bit.

Sally took me by the hand after a few minutes and led me to the bedroom. We lay in bed and she started kissing and sucking my cock. This was not just a blowjob. It was if she were making love to my cock. She had never done it like this before. It was a truly wonderful experience. I never thought I could cum a third time but my dick got hard in short order. It had to have been over half an hour but I could finally feel another orgasm welling up inside me. She kept sucking and licking and stroking until I finally erupted in her mouth and she gently swallowed every drop I had left.


We were in first class and she had worn a skirt and blouse. We both should have known that this was not a good idea. We were not even at altitude when my hand slipped under her skirt and started fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. As soon as the flight attendant passed, Sally asked her for a blanket and pillow. The flight attendant glanced at where my hand had disappeared to.

She promptly brought one, leaned over to Sally, grinned really big and said, “I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful flight.”

“I’m sure I will.”

The flight was over three hours and my hand was buried in Sally’s pussy near the entire time. She came several times. As we departed the plane in Houston to switch flights for the leg to College Station, Sally told the flight attendant in passing, “Most pleasant flight I’ve ever been on. Thank you.”

She smiled and replied, “I’m sure it was. You’re quite welcome.”


Back home we jumped a cab and headed home. When we got to my house we made love and then watched television. Sunday morning we went for a swim. Sally swam up to me as I was hanging at the side of the pool. She came up close in front of me and just looked deep inside me with her green eyes. Just looked and without even thinking about it I blurted out, “I love you, Sally Anderson.” I was shocked that these words were mine.

Tears appeared in her eyes and she said, “I love you, James Mathison…I’ve been aching to say those words for so long but I knew if I said them too soon you would run away. I’m so scared, James.”

“I’m frightened too, Sally…So, what now?”