My School Girl Fantasy

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My School Girl FantasyI’m a little school girl with pigtails wearing a mini skirt. You are my male classmate who helps me study for a tough exam. While we were studying at your place, you start to flirt with me, which lead to kissing me. It is my first kiss. You feel very horny that you carry me upstairs and lay me down on your bed, but I say no. You force me down. As you force me, I try to fight back, but you are so strong. You unbutton my shirt and later your hands lower to my mini skirt. You start to rub my panty hard and I began to cum due to the warm friction. You pull my panty down and continue to rub my pussy. I start to cry because I didn’t know what was happening. You start to finger me and I yell as you put it in and out. You stopped for a while to take off my bra and start to suck my little tities. You like it so much and you start to çorum escort bite and I scream. With one hand, you hold my tiny hands while the other was playing with my tities then later goes under my skirt to play with my clit again. While you were sucking on my tits, your finger starts to finger my pussy which caused me to cum a lot. I was not amused because I didn’t want this to happen, but you are having fun. You put your entire body on me so I wouldn’t run. You removed my skirt and you start to remove your clothing except your underwear. I am only wearing my black heels and my long white socks. You thrust your lower area to mines so I can feel your cock underneath your underwear. I start to feel dizzy because your cock was so big and thick that caused me to cum some more. The more friction, the more your penis wants to come out and fuck me. escort çorum You decide it was time to have more fun by hold my arms up and taking off your underwear. You start to fuck me missionary style. I start to scream because I’m a virgin and have a tiny hole. You start to move faster and I screamed louder. You are having a wonderful time and start to slap my tities around. I started to cum again because it was wrong, but feels so good. I start to moan and you start kissing me and later move your lips to my neck. After the neck, your head move to my tities and started to bite them. I yelled again. You move my body around so you can fuck me anally. I said, “Please stop…NO” and your penis moves into my tight anal hole. I start to cry and yell, but no one was home to hear me except you. You do me doggy style and I continue to yell. You start çorum escort bayan to slap my round ass as hard as you can until my butt cheeks turned me. My face was turning red from all the yelling and crying. Once you finished me anally, you stopped. I couldn’t move any part of my body because it hurts. You start to pull my pigtails until I was down on my knees while you were sitting on the bed. You are telling me that you enjoyed my body and that I was a very good girl. Your hands move my head to your cock and force me to suck it, so I did. I was only sucking the tip, but you pushed my head deeper to suck. As I was sucking it, you start playing with my pigtails. I can hear you say “Very good Vicky.” You start to cum and hold my head so I can taste the juices which taste yummy. I continue to suck your shaft. Once I finished, you lay me on the bed again and continue to fuck me missionary style until I pass out. When I woke up, you were sleeping on me. I took my clothes and shoes, gave you a kiss on the cheek and left your house. It was a nice experience for my first time.