My Sexual Awakening Ch. 16 Pt. 01

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Part 1 of Chapter 16.

I inhaled the scent of the room deeply. Mom’s pheromonal fragrance permeated the air. I looked at her slumped limp frame still tied to the coffee table. Her head and hair hanging down over the edge.

I looked up as Burnie stood. He was still wearing his white t-shirt, but not his boxers.

He looked at me, then down at mom. “Untie her if you want or use the bitch. I don’t care. I’m going to shower then relax in your room. Clean yourselves up. I’ll call when I want either of you.”

He left the room. I looked at mom slumped over the table. I stood and walked around her examining her glistening smooth flesh. Her body and sex odor intoxicating.

Mom’s ass still bore the round red marks from the paddle. I felt my cock start to stiffen. I unzipped my school girl skirt, let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it. I positioned myself between mothers tied, spread thighs, crouched down, held my now firm dick in one hand, placed the other on the small of her back, pointed the head of my cock at mom’s still sopping moist pussy and eased it in passed her puffy pussylips.

GOD! IT FELT SO GOOD! As I slowly sliced my way into her warm wetness. The smooth walls if her cunt expanding, parting as I penetrated deeper. Her head moved slightly and she let out the soft quiet moan, “Oh Jimmy.” With that, I slid bodrum escort my entire dick into her pussy. Not the torrid assault of Burnie’s cocks girth, but the gentle probe of her sons slender member into her canal.

I moved my hips slowly back and forth as Mom let out a low sigh every other stroke, each of us enjoying our tender incestuous love making. Her body still tied and limp slumped over the coffee table.

I ran my hands over my moms sweaty back. Her smooth warm wet skin so soft. My hips started to move involuntarily faster. The thought flashed, ‘YOU’RE FUCKING YOUR MOTHER!’ I looked down to see my dick stroking in and out of her pussy. A squishy sound getting louder with each stroke of my cock into her cunt. ‘YOU’RE FUCKING YOUR MOTHER!’. Mom’s head was up now, slightly bobbing with each push of my cock. Her breathing steady and she made a soft grunting sound with each stroke.

I embedded my cock to the hilt inside my mother and the first wave of my cum flowed out of me and into of her already saturated pussy. She pulled her head up, let out a muted gasp and then again slumped over the coffee table as my cock continued to spasm and empty inside her limp torso.

The last weak contraction of my dick put the few remaining drops of my cum in mom’s pussy. My dick deflated and bodrum escort bayan slipped out of her. I looked down at her helpless spent frame. Enjoying both the sight and smell. Then a pang of pity. I reached down and started to untie the rope that bound her ankles to upper thighs. As her ankle was released, her foot feel to the floor behind her with a slight thud. Then the other ankle and her foot falling. I then untied the rope at base of her thigh around the knee. I moved around her. Her head still hanging down and untied her wrists. She didn’t move. My poor mom’s body and soul totally wasted.

I reached up and slid her body off the table and gently put her on her back on the floor letting the blood flow back into her limbs, regaining feeling. She winced. Her face smeared with makeup, tears, saliva and sweat. She whimpered, “Oh Jimmy.”

I got up and told her I’d be right back. I went to the bathroom got a wash cloth and bath towel. Poured warm water over the wash cloth and went back to mom.

She was laying on her back, her arms and hands at her sides. Her tits sagging to her sides. Her legs flat and slightly apart. I could see the red ribbons around her wrists, ankles and on her lower and upper thighs where the ropes had been securely tied. Her eyes closed, her face showed no escort bodrum emotion. The blood rushing back into her hands and legs must have been giving her a tingling sensation.

I knelt by her head and gently washed off her face and then patted it dry. I then ran the warm wash cloth over her neck, chest, stomach, pussy and thighs. When done with each area I patted her dry.

I finished and mom laid still. Kneeling next to her I lowered my head and pressed my lips into hers, sliding my tongue into her mouth. She responded by gently sucking on my lips as our tongues massaged against each other. She than reached up and held my head in her hands and I was surprised when her warm breath whispered into my mouth, “Fuck me Jimmy.”

I rolled on top of her, kissing her. She spread her thighs wider apart, lifted her knees bent them slightly, her feet still touching the floor. My stiff cock easily found her pussy and the head of my dick pierced her pussy lips apart and entered her.

Her cunt wall surrounded my cock with moist warmth. As I rocked in and out of her we both sighed and enjoyed this moment of tender love making which was in stark contrast to the savage assault she had experienced earlier. We gently kissed, washing each other mouth with our tongue. She playfully nibbled on my lips with her teeth and I in turn licked and sucked on her neck and ears, which made her both giggle and sigh. After a few minutes nature took over and my penetrations began to quicken, her hips started to meet my trusts, her thighs clamped my hips and we rocked together until we CAME IN UNISON! Both our bodies shaking in our incestuous bliss.

(End Part 1 of Chapter 16)