My sister and me

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My sister and meThis story takes place two months after I got out of the army when I was 22 years old and my sister was 19 years old.I stood five feet five inches, brown eyes, red hair, slinder build but in good shape from the working out we did in the army.My sister Cindy stood five feet one inch with brown eyes, light brown hair, and a little petite pretty woman with what looked to have c size tits for such a small woman.Going home to where my grandfolks lived, after serving my time in the armed forces, my granddad let me move into the house that they let mom, s*s, and I, (when mom and dad devoriced) live in half a mile down the road from their house. The house is a two bedroom house with one bath between the two bedrooms with one door off the living room, and the two bedrooms door was off the living room too, with the dining room and kitched on the other side of the living room from the bathroom and bedrooms.Cindy and I had to share a bedroom till I tured ten years old then s*s had to share the bedroom with mom. Around the time I turned twelve or thirteen, when I started wondering about what girls looked like under their clothes, and seamed to all ways be horny thinking about them, I did what I could to get a peck at my sister and mom, without much luck with the bathroom door being off the living room, where one or the other seamed to all ways be, when one of them went to the bathroom either for a shower or use the tolet.My mom had remarried and living out of state with her new husband of two years and my sister got mom’s permition to marry her husband when she was just s*******n years old.My grandfolks had a dary farm going at that time and still had it when I got home from the army, so I started relerning the ropes to help my grandfolks out with the farm.When I wasn’t helping with the farm in the evenings with the milking done for the day I would get in my car and drive to the house and clean up, then fix myself something to eat and then do some working out to stay in shape, then go in and shower and relax before going to bed. On Friday night I would go to the grocery store and do my shopping for the week, then on Saterday night I would go out to a club to have a drink and maybe dance with a pretty woman and/or just hook up with a woman for the night.Thursday as we were finishing up with the clean up after milking, my grandma came out to the milk barn and said to me, “Ron, you need to call your sister when you’re done here.””Okay, in about five minutes I’ll be in.”****Walking into the house with granddad, grandma handed me a paper, “Your mom said Cindy would be at this number waiting for your call.”As I went to the phone grandma whent to talking to granddad about what my mom told her over the phone.When Cindy got on the line, “What’s up s*s?””Can you come to Florida and bring me home?””Hold on a minute, let me see if granddad can spare me for the next three days or so.””From what I’m told you need to be on the road right away to go get her son.” granddad said as I took the recever from my ear.”Okay.” I put the rever back to my ear, “I should be there tomarrow night or Saterday morning early.””Okay, I just hope my jerk of a husband does not see you picking me up.””Why is that?””He may cause trouble if he does. I’ll tell you all about it when you get here.” After getting an address and directions to where to pick her up at, I hung up the phone and turned to be told that Cindy had caught her husband cheating on her and he got mad at her when she asked him about it and he hit her a few times and said that he was going to keep on seeing other women and she had better get used to it and be there when he got home with his meals fixed, ready for him to eat.”What would he do if she wasn’t there or have his meals fixed for him when he got home?””He told her she would regret it, then slaped her again and left the house. That’s when she left and went to a nambers house down the street where she’s at now waiting for you to get there.” grandma said with a worried look.”Here, take my red ford pickup to go get her and some money for gas, food, and hotel, to and from and if you need more let me know.” granddad said handing me keys to his pickup and Four hundred dollars. “If you have any money left over I want it back.””No problem, this should be more than enough money for sure.”With our good byes said and them telling me to be careful, I got in the pickup and stopped by the house for a quike shower and a fast bite of food and grabing some clothes for the trip, I was on the road.**** Early evening the next day, I turned into the drive at the address I was given. Getting out of the pickup I noticed a guy a couple of houses up the street watching me from the side of his car. I walked up to the front door of the house with the address I was given and knocked on the door.A man opened the door that stood six feet tall then asked, “May I help you?””Yes, I’m looking for my sister, Cindy Hornson.””She’s here, come on in.” stepping back for me to enter the house.Cindy came running up to me and through her arms around me, “I hope that jerk didn’t see you!””Let him see me if he thinks he wants to which I think he has if his just two houses up the street there.””Oh man. Yes that was him.” with a look of fear in her eyes. “Would you want something to drink and rest up a bit before we head out?””No, I have a drink in the pickup and I want to get back on the road so that we can get back before Monday gets here, so that granddad doesn’t have to pull my waight on the farm any more than he has to now.””I was hoping you would stay to see if he leaves so that he bursa escort doesn’t see me getting into the pickup.””Let him see you, because he can not hurt you now since I’m here to protect you from him.””Ron, he could hurt you bad.””Not as bad as I can hurt him s*s. Just because he is bigger than I am doesn’t mean a thing, except that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”Cindy looked at me then, “One of these days b*o, that stubern streck you have, is going to get the better of you by biting off more than you can handle.””Maybe, but no one hits my sister and get’s away with it that easy if I have a say in it.””OKay.” Cindy turned to the man and woman, “Thank you Joane and you too John.””No problem Cindy. I’m just glad to see that your okay and you’ll be safe now from him.””That goes for me too. Ron you want me to follow you just incase you have trouble with Cindy’s husband?””No, we’ll be okay. I do thank you thou and I thank both of you for helping my sister here out like you did. Now does she owe you two anything for your help and her stay here?””She owes us nothing at all Ron, it was our pleasure to meet her and to know her.””If by chance you are ever in Oklahoma look us up and visit us, we would love to have you.””Okay, we will do that.”When Cindy finished giving Joane a hug she came over to me and we left out the door as we waved bye. As I held the truck door for Cindy to get into the pickup I looked to see that her husband wasn’t standing by his car but sitting on the porch watching us. As I walked around the pickup to the drivers side the guy got up and walked out by his car.Getting in behind the wheele of the truck, “Is there anything you need to get from the house to take with us?””I’ll just do with what I have here in this bag. I do not want to stop and have to deal with him at all right now or ever as far as that goes.””Okay.” I started up the truck and backed out of the drive then, “Lock your door.”I pulled up to a stop at the end of the drive, got out and walked to the drive and three steps into the drive, “Show me how much of a man you are by stepping over here and pick on me instead of a woman, and if you don’t step over here you best turn around and go into your house and stay there untill we are gone. Now which is it going to be?””I will find her, mark my words!” then he turned and went into the house.When he was inside the house I turned back to the truck and got in and drove off. “b*o, are you crazy or what?””I just made it a bit harder for him to follow us and make him think twice about trying to follow us so quickly is all. Now, have you had supper yet?””No, we were just fixing supper when you knocked on the door.””The next truck stop up here in the next town I will stop if you can wait that long.””Sounds good to me b*o.”My sister and I talked about different things that caught us up to date with our lives since we last saw each other during the time it took to drive to the next town and pull into the truck stop and park.Cindy waited till I got around the truck to open her door for her to let her out,and when she got out she took my hand and held on to it all the way to the both that we sat down at and since I do not sit with my back to the door I slid in beside my sister, then she said, “This is so nice, to sit next to you, but wierd since mom isn’t here with us.”I explained why I sat next to her which is why I sit facing the door and all of the dining room in a restraunt, then I added, “Besides, I wanted to sit next to a very pretty woman for a change.””What! You think I’m pretty? But I’m your sister.””I do not think, I know you’re pretty, and yes I know you’re my sister, but it does not take away the fact that you are so beautiful.” I had noticed when I first saw Cindy, at Joane and John’s house, she had on some short cutoff tight shorts and a white sleaveless shirt with the top two buttons unbutened showing off some cleavage and that the shirt was snug on her as well and had a tan on every part of her skin that was showing. As k**s growing up, Cindy would tan right away and I would burn, so it took me longer to get a tan than it did for her in the summer time.As we sat there and ate our supper we did a little bit of flirting back and forth and I noticed that my sister started to be more like she used to be back before I left home for boot camp, which I dearly loved to see happen with her.After hitting the restrooms and grabing a drink for the road and paying the bill for everything, Cindy took a hold of my hand as we went out to the pickup and got in it. As I walked around to the driver’s side and started to get in I saw that she had slid over to the middle of the bench seat of the pickup to sit next to me as I drove. “My, what got into you s*s, sitting next to me like this?””I like to feel like I’m on a date with some one that loves me and thinks that I’m beautiful, which I haven’t felt loved and pretty for wat seams to be a long time.””I must say, you do not know how beautiful you are or how much I do love you s*s.”Wrapping her arms around my right arm and laying her head on my shoulder, “Why thank you b*o.”As I drove we talked and flirted some more up into the night. At about two thirty Saterday morning I saw the lights of a hotel that read vacuncy, so I turned in and parked.”Do you think you can handle sleeping in the same room and bed with me tonight, or would you rather have separate rooms and beds?””I would love to sleep together Ron, because I would love to be held while I sleep for a change.””You should then go by mrs. Ron Howard, to keep it from looking bad on you then. Can you handle that?”Cindy bursa escort bayan looked at me for a second then said, “I would like that.”As I slid out the door, Cindy followed me by sliding with me toward the driver’s door and out while I held the door for her, then we held hands as we walked to the office door.It so happened that the room we were asigned to was where I happen to park the truck next to, so I grabed our bags out of the truck and stepped to the door, unlocked it and opened it then we stepped into the room to find it clean and the temp on the heat and are unit all ready set and as I paid for, with granddad’s money, was a double wide bed.”Well mrs. Ron Howard, this is our room for the night.” setting the bags down under the rack for hanging clothes on.”You know b*o, I like the sound of that name. I wish I could have it for good.” I was shocked when Cindy, my sister, said that.”I do not know what to say, except it does have a nice ring to it, but being brother and sister I can not give you that name for good, but if I could I would, because I do love you that much.” I could not believe I just said that to my sister untill I finished with the word ‘much’.Then I was shoked even more when Cindy threw her arms around me and kissed me on the lips like lovers would do and I kissed her back the same way, with tongues in a dual with each other.When we broke the kiss, “Wow! I think I may need a cold drink now mr. Ron.””I believe you’re right mrs. Ron.” with that we took a step back, “I’ll be right back with them.” I grabbed the little ice bucket then went to the door and stepped out.Stepping back into the room with two pops from the pop machine and a bucket of ice, I stepped over to the sink and saw that Cindy, left the bathroom door open and her clothes were on the floor next to the door and she was in taking a hot shower, “Is that you Ron?””Yes it is.””I also got a pot of coffee making before stepping in here, and I hope you do not mind me taking a shower first.””No, I do not mind one bit, and thank you for making the coffee.”I turned toward a chair and picked up the remote and turned on the tv to see if anything was on worth watching at that time of morning.When Cindy finished her shower and stepped out of the bathroom, my mouth dropped, “I thought since we are mr. and mrs. Ron Howard tonight, that I would just go like this around in here, plus, I have no other clothes except for what I have clean to wear tomorrow, or later, when we get up to leave here.”Closing my mouth and thinking about it, she did make since, but it was going to make for a problem for me, which I was all ready having that problem, called a hard on. I noticed that Cindy’s nipples were sticking out and that her hairy,but tight looking pussy lips were a bit swolen looking and wet looking with her juices starting to drip off to the floor.Turning off the tv that had nothing on at that time, “You do have a point there.” Then I started getting out of my clothes to go get my shower.”Mmm my, some one has the same problem that I have I think from the looks of it, the only difference is I do not have a dick like you have. I do hope that is for me when you get out of the shower.” walking over to me and kissing me, like she did before I left for the drinks and ice, then she took a hold of my cock and gave it a few strocks while we kissed, and I took the chance to carest a tit and put a hand on her ass as well while she put a hand on the back of my head to pull me into her mouth.We kissed for about five minutes then we broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes, “I love you Cindy, and when I’m done with my shower and if you still feel this way when I get out, it will be your’s.””I’ll be waiting.” then we seperated and I walked into the bathroom.After a quicke shower, I dryed off and stepped out of the tube and stepped out of the bathroom to see Cindy, my sister, brushing her hair with my hair brush and drinking her pop on the edge of the bed.Cindy put the brush down on the night stand by the bed, I saw that her hair was down to the middle of her back. Standing up, she turned and pulled the covers back on the bed, “What side you want Ron?””The door side. That way your closer to the bathroom if you happen to need to go in the night.””Well get in here with that hard cock of your’s then.” as she crawled over to let me in on the door side of the bed.As I laid down Cindy swung a leg over me and started kissing me again and I returned the kiss as well while she strocked my hard cock and I put a hand on her ass and one on a tit. Her eraser size nipple was hard and poking into the palm of my hand while the other nipple poked into my bare chest. Cindy started kissing her way down toward my belly and didn’t stop till she was down at my rock hard cock. At that time she started kissing then licking up and down my cock, then she took it into her mouth, which almost made me cum right then and there, but I managed to hold it back while she gave me the best blow job of my young life.After a few minutes, I pulled cindy off my dick and pulled her up on top of me and kissed her with more passion than before, then I rolled us over till I was on top, then I started kissing my way down her neck to her tits and sucked and licked each tit, flicking my tongue on each of her nipples, going back and forth from one to the other, while rubbing and light pinching of each nipple that I wasn’t sucking on at the moment.After a minute or two, I started kissing my way down to her hairy pussy, stopping long enough to kiss and lick her belly button then kissing on down while lifting a escort bursa leg, then kissing the inside of her thigh half way between her knee and her pussy, kissing and licking my way back toward her pussy.When I got to her pussy, I lick up one side of her pussy, over the top of her slit and down the other side of her pussy, then up between the lips to her clit. When my tongue licked over her clit, she moned a little louder than she had been moning, then I went to flicking my tongue over her clit and sucking it before going back down to her pussy hole and sticking my tongue in her hole as far as I could.I licked and sucked on her clit and tongue fucked her a few times till she put her hands on the back of my head to keep me on her clit, while she bounced her hips up and down on the bed and I reached a hand up and cupped a tit and gave it a lite pinch till she flooded my mouth and face with her cum juices, which I tryed to catch all of her cum in my mouth.”Oh fuck me! Fuck me now Ron, get up here and fuck me now.” As I crawled up between her legs to get on top of her, she took a hold of my cock and guided it to her pussy and after she rubbed it up and down between her pussy lips to get it wet with her juices, she guided my rock hard cock into her pussy opening. When I felt the opening of her canal, pushed in slow and steady till my cock was all the way in to the hilt.”Oh damn Cindy, your pussy is so hot, wet, and tight, and your cum is so sweet I do not want to let you go after this.””Your dick is so much bigger than I realised Ron, and I’m like you, I do not want to ever let you go either. Now you need to fuck me!”I started slowly pulling out till just the head of my dick was in her pussy, then I slid back in slowly and with each stroke out and back in, I picked up the pace. Cindy met my strokes in time with her strokes as she grabbed a hold of my ass cheeks and moning with every stroke.”Oooohhhhh fuck me harrrrrderrrrrr fasterrrrr I’mmmm about to cummmmmmmmmm, I’m cummmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnn!” I felt her pussy cunvulcing around my cock as I pumped in and out of her pussy and felt my balls getting wet from her cum juices as she cum. I slowed down with my pumping in and out but didn’t stop till she had come down from her clouds some then I had her turn over onto her hands and knees and then I fucked her doggy style.”Man babe, your so much tighter this way, and you’re all ready so tight to begin with.””It feels like you’re deeper inside of me too.”Again as I pumped in and out I picked up the pace till she cum again and with her being tighter I couldn’t keep going or I would have cum all up inside of her right then and there so I stopped pumping till she road out her orgasm, and whith her pussy muscules contracting around my dick I all most cum any way, but managed to hold it back till she road it out.When she came down out of the clouds again I laid her on her side and started fucking her again like I did before, “I hope I can pull out intime when I cum but you clamp down so tight when you cum that it is hard for me to move.””I do not want you to pull out Ron. Show me that you truly love me by cumming in my pussy. That is how much I love you, by letting you fill my pussy up with your seed. So show me by giving me what I want, which is you to cum inside my pussy. Now fuck me till you fill me up!”With that I started pounding in and out of her pussy making her cum a couple of more times before I felt that feeling that a man gets just before cumming, “I’m about to cum Cindy!””Yesyesyesyes cum for me, deep in my pussy, fill my pussy up with your cum Ron! Cum with meeee!”I felt the first contraction of her pussy muscels around my hard cock, like I had before, and the first gush of her cum hit my balls and belly, which made me cum right then. I pushed my hard shooting cock deep into Cindy’s pussy as far as I could, as she pushed back at me to help get my cock as deep into her pussy as we could.I could feel every pulsing moment of my cock as it shot cum after cum into Cindy’s pussy and I didn’t think I was going to stop, it was such an orgasm like I have never felt before in my life. Cindy’s pussy seamed to keep on contracting to suck every last drop of cum from my balls to make sure I had none left to give.When I did stop cumming and came down out of the clouds and s*s had come down out of her clouds, I slid down beside her with her back toward me leaving my cock inside her pussy while we cought our breath.When we did catch our breath, Cindy pulled off of my dick and turned over to face me, I rolled over onto my back and put my left arm around her, as she moved to lay her head down on my uper chest just below my shoulder. “I’m so glad you love me so much to fill my pussy up with your cum.””s*s, I love you enough to give you what ever your heart wants, and I do hope it means you will be wanting more of my cum in the future too, one way or another.””Oh yes, every day if it is even posable to do so. I realy do wish we could get married, that is how much I love you Ron.””I love you that much too Cindy, and I too wish we could get married.””Do you think we can at least live together for the rest of our lives, in the same house, with out any one getting suspicious of us?””We might be able to if we were to maybe go out on dates with other people, or at lest make them think we are, but we may not have to for at least a year before they do start to wonder about us.””I can tell you now b*o, I do not want to be with any body but you for the rest of my life. You just gave me the best sex that I have ever gotten from any one and I do not want to lose that by giving you up. I love you that much.””That is the same way with me s*s.” we kissed with a deeper passion than we did before. When we broke off the kissing Cindy, laid her head back on my chest then we both drifted off to sleep.