My sister and me the following morning

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My sister and me the following morningWe’d had an incredible night of sex and love making what more could i want.We’d drunk far to much wine and through the night i new about it. I drank plenty of water to combat the hangover…well i hoped i did. I could here the birds starting their morning chorus, my sisters bedroom was quite compact but we had spent the night naked, completely fulfilled and had enjoyed each others bodies as far as we could possibly go. I woke with a hard on to be proud of Annie woke up and immediately grabbed it and smiled at me…sleep well she asked and i said i had …her hand now round my very very stiff cock was just perfect, she kissed me and slid down under the duvet and started to suck my cock i couldnt believe my luck ….she groaned and said it was huge this morning and i had to agree it was solid….every vein sticking out my helmet was polished and solid so so hard. her mouth was slowly slipping over my cock and the rigid staff in her soft hands….i asked if she needed more kastamonu escort sex…and she commented that my cock was up for it…i had to agree.She lowered her mouth around my hard shaft and deep throated me as deep as she could go…it nearly disappeared into her soft lips and deep throat. She then raised her head and started to lick down the sides of my cock licking the foreskin and then back up to my helmet…each lick was a wonderful feeling my balls tightened and she grabbed them in her hands and started to gently play with them as she sucked. He fingers slipped down past my scrotum and towards my ass…she slipped a finger over my ass hole and started to rub it which actually felt pretty good. I had to have some of her so i told her to turn so i could see and play with her juicy little cunt. She swung round and her pussy was straight in front of me she opened her legs so i could rub her inner thigh this made her juice even more and she said touch her cunt…..I slipped my hand between escort kastamonu her legs and felt her stunning soft cunt lips under my fingers they were swollen and i slid my finger between them, it slid into her very easily, the feeling of her juicy cunt was incredible her silky smooth vagina was open to me and ready for some serious fingering. My fingers delved inside her using the juices oozing from her cunt walls aided my easy access. Her clit was erect so i gently toyed with it and played with her fanny lips gently squeezing them and slowly filling her cunt with them. My cock oozed pre cum into her mouth and she said that her brothers cum tasted good to fingers now deep inside her cunt bent to ensure her g spot got some serious attention…i was working really hard on this area and started to get quite physical with he g spot but the harder i went the more she liked it i was nearly lifting her off the bed as my fingers worked her g spot. She started to tense up and she stopped sucking kastamonu escort bayan as she went in to convulsions as orgasm swept through her body form the g spot stimulation… i had hit the spot fuck she was so cumming she couldnt stop twitching her cum oozed from her cunt all over my handsI pulled my fingers out of her yet she still convulsed….i was amazed and she said she couldnt stop herself i spread her legs open wide and had to stick my cock inside her cunt it was wet it was hot and it was juicy what could i do she wanted me to fuck her and i fucked her hard and long…we made love cuddling each other to each other and she hugged me to her succulent body her breasts hard against my chest her nipples hard against me and her body yearning for hard cock inside her. I fucked her pumping hard cock deep inside her wet soft pussy she grabbed me with her legs wrapped around me wanting me so deep and so hard….my cock began to fill with cum my cock wanted to ejaculate hot cum all inside her cunt….my cock began to fill and fill to the point of no return hot cum erupted inside her cunt spurting deep inside her wet fanny…hot lush smooth silky cum…she gasped as she felt it enter her….she was amazing..we kissed and our tongues entangled and we kissed……..