My sisters friend payed a visit

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My sisters friend payed a visitOne of the benefits of having a hot older sister growing up, is that she had a lot of hot friends. of ten her friends would come over after school or on the weekend, our house was a gathering place because we had a pool. one saturday her friend Anita came over to visit and to swim and hang out at the sister who was quite beatiful and Anita changed into their swim and went out outside to sun themselves and just hang out. I was too shy to hang out with them and just stayed in my room. I looked out my bedroom window from time to time seeing Anita in her pink bikini and letting my imagination run wild. Oh she was not a raving beauty like my sister, she was rather short a little over 5 feet about 100 lbs I think above average tits, not big not small, short black hair.But, there was something about her that just really turned me on. I jerked off many times canlı bahis in the shower and in my room thinking about her.As I thought about her I moved from my window to my bed and dropped my swim shorts and started to jerk my pole thinking about her. I made sure my bedroom door was shut but, figured they would be outside for awhile so no one was going to walk by my room. I was lost in my fantasy when all of a sudden my door opened and there stood Anita with her over her mouth. I was shocked and so was she, neither one of us said anything. I lay there dick in hand and embarrassed and she just stared at my hard cock. She started to speak, “Sorry I came in to get a towel, I meant to go in the bathroom for it” she explained never taking her eyes off my cock. “Wrong room sorry”. “Next door over” I told her with a bright red face and still hard but, shrinking cock. She’s been to this house a 1000 bahis siteleri times over the years she knows where the bathroom is, I thought.She stood there in the doorway in her pink bikini looking hot, but, not leavingI wondered why she wasn’t leaving. She walked slowly into my room closing the door behind her, and said I’m sorry again. Walking toward me I saw her tits jiggle mmm.I wondered what she had in mind and did she really walk in my room by mistake. She sat on my bed next to me and looked me up and down, I tried to act cool, but, was realy scared to death. She put her hand on my now limp cock and started to stroke it back to life. Then bent down and placed it in her mouth and began to suck. mmm she moaned slurping, I could not believe my luck and thought this was a dream. Nibbling my cock head and then licking the shaft I was rock hard again in no time. She stopped sucking, güvenilir bahis then stood up her back to me and dropped her bikini bottoms. Oh that beautiful ass I now get to see it, it was a sexy as I had imagined and jiggled a little. She then climbed back on the bed and straddled me, lifting my hard cock with her soft hand, she slowly eased down on my dick and started to ride me like a girl riding a horse. She stopped for a moment and took off her bikini top. Those wonderful tits and hot tan lines were too much. She grabbed both my hands and pulled them to her breasts and had me rub her tits and squeeze her nipples as she continued to ride me. It was not long before I came inside her.She climbed off me, kissed me gently on the lips then put her bikini back on went down the hall to the bathroom and got her towel. As she walked past my room again she blew me a kiss, I could not believe what had just happened.When she got back outside, my sister asked her what took so long, Anita told her “I had to pee and I stopped to talk to your brother a little”. Well if that was talking, she, could talk to me anytime.