My Special night with Daddy

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My Special night with DaddyDaddy called me at work, yesterday. He said that he made arrangements with Brian, that him and I will have an evening to catch up with each other. Daddy said that Brian was cool with that and that he was going to see if Scotty and some of the other guys wanted to going camping and fishing for the weekend. I got a huge smile on my face, when he said that we were going to have this weekend together.I told daddy to come to the store on Friday, to show him what I was getting ready to open. When Friday came around the corner, Brian woke me up by sucking on my tits and fingering my wet pussy. I smiled at him as he was kissing his way south. Brian was acting like a ravishing monster that hadn’t eaten for days.Brian spread my legs wide and licked all around my pussy, started licking my nub, then hard sucking of my nub. His fingers were spreading my folds wide open as he licked and sucked on me. A couple of finger were inserted as he continued sucking on me. I began to squirt my love juices as Brian fingered me harder. I grabbed my nipples and tugged at them harder as i screamed Brian’s name. I begged for another finger as he made me cum again. Brian didn’t seem to mind licking up all my cum, knowing that he wasn’t getting of me until Sunday.Brian lifted me as he sat on our bed. I straddled him as I sat on his cock. We held each other close, kissed passionately as we made love to each other. Brian had stooped forward to suck my breasts, while I had my head leaning back and enjoying his kisses. I lifted my head to see daddy watching us. As he stood in the doorway, he quietly dropped his pajama pants and began to stroke his hard cock. I smiled at him and licked my lips, to show him that I’d love to be sucking on him and for him to join us. Daddy started to walk towards us, when Brian turned his head. Brian said good morning and told him he must wait his turn. So, daddy just stood there and jerked his cock. Daddy reminds me of Scotty, they like to watch as much as they like to fuck.Brian and I continued making love, ignoring that daddy was in the corner. Brian laid back as I was still on top of him. I rode his cock, pulling off of him, then setting back down. I love the feel of his big head pushing it’s way into me. Brian pulled me to his chest, kissing me and telling me how much he loves me and how much he loves to make love to me. I told him the same as I came again for him. With me laying on his chest, Brian grabbed my ass cheeks and pumped his cock hard in me and began to moan louder as he was ready to fill me with his cum. Daddy let out a loud sigh as he came, too. Brian asked daddy if he’d like to clean up his cum from my pussy.Daddy came over with cum dripping from his cock, bent over me and began to lick me clean. I thought I seen Brian go to the bathroom, but really he had stooped below daddy and sucked the remaining cum from daddy’s cock. When daddy and Brian were through cleaning us up, daddy went upstairs and Brian and I took a hot shower. Of course we had to have ass sex in the shower. Knowing that I would have ass sex with daddy this weekend, Brian wanted to make sure I would be stretched a bit for him. LOLBrian finished packing and watched me get dressed in my lacy bra and matching crotchless panties. Brian had pulled out my bright blue dress that fit very snug. He said that I need to impress the owner of the company. I pulled out my black 4″ heels and slipped them on, before heading up the steps. Brian was following me and watching my ass with each step I took. When we reached the landing, he turned me around and said that he can’t wait to come back home and have his way with me. When I looked down at his shorts, Brian had another hard on.I made us both a glass of juice as Brian went to Scotty’s room. When he opened the door, Brian found Scotty jacking off to the previous love making of me and Brian. Scotty smiled as Brian pulled his shorts down, to release his hard cock. Scotty had reached out for Brian as he walked towards him. Scotty pulled Brian’s cock to his mouth and sucked him as he jerked himself off. Scotty got himself off, then put all his attention on Brian’s cock. Sucking and tugging on Brian’s cock til you could hear Brian scream out that he was cumming again.Daddy and I walked by the room and seen Scotty sucking and slurping at Brian’s dick. They both turned and seen me and daddy clapping at their performance. They both were blushing and finished packing Scotty’s stuff, before coming into the kitchen. Daddy kissed canlı bahis me on the forehead and headed out the door and said he will see me about 6pm. Me and the boys left about the same time, I gave Brian a deep kiss before I pulled from the driveway.After I got to work, I took my shoes off to finish cleaning off the counter and finish doing little things before the owner came in. I was in the backroom setting the radio to some good dance hits, when the back doorbell rang. I answered the door when Mr Lorny came in with his new assistant. I was introduced to Jack McKay. We shook hands, then I shown them around the storage area of the back room. Mr Lorny said he liked how I had things organized and labeled. I led them into the shop itself and found my shoes to slip on. I grew by four inches and that made Mr Mckay raise his eyebrows.The men looked around commenting and taking notes of a few things. When they approached me, Mr Mckay had pointed out how he liked my displays of the different sex toys, the posters and the video setups. Then Mr Lorny began to point out the things he wasn’t impressed by. Which really turned out to be very minor and I fixed them right away. Mr Lorny’s phone rang and he excused himself to the backroom. Mr Mckay helped me with one of the displays that needed to be rearranged. I bent down to the bottom shelf with my ass very close to Mr Mckay. I rubbed against his arm as I stood back up.Mr McKay told me, that I was very hot and that he sees why Mike (Mr Lorny) said I will bring them lots of money. I smirked at him as I bent over again. I told him, that Diana had been impressed with the cliental that I brought into her store and that’s why she said I should have my own store. I noticed that Mr McKay had quit helping me and just watched me. I walked over to the video wall and climbed the ladder, to adjust a poster and to fix a few of the videos that looked like they were going to fall. Mr McKay had put his hand on my lower leg and began to work his way up as far as he could reach. I didn’t say anything, knowing that it could hurt me in the long run. When Mr Lorny came from the back, Mr McKay pulled his hand away and held the ladder as i climbed back down. Mr McKay told me things looked great and he insists that we go out for lunch. I grabbed my purse and keys as we headed out the backdoor. I set the alarm and Mr McKay opened the front door of Mr Lorny’s suv. He watched me as i scooted into the seat, then closed the door. He then got in the backseat right behind me.We went to this little French Bistro on the next block over. When we walked in, the host said welcome to Mr Lorny and shown us the way to our table in the back of the room. No one was back there but us and another table of business men arguing over some business deal gone wrong. Mr Lorny had ordered us a bottle of wine and began to ask me about my employees. I told him about my friend Julie and this other girl I had hired a few days ago.Her name is Shelly Long, she was a very pretty red head, tall and very friendly. I told them that she had once worked at another “sex shop” that was in the malls. Mr McKay seemed impressed and asked about Julie. I said how I’ve known Julie from years ago and she was liking the thought of selling products of this nature to horny people. She was in sales at the mall’s biggest retailer and was ready for a change. I told her she will be having a major change in her life, working for this company.Our food came and we chatted while we ate and drank. I excused myself when my phone rang, it was Brian asking how things were going. I told him we were at lunch and I think it’s all going to be ok. Then Brian said he loved me and said for me to call him before daddy meets me. I walked to the restroom to freshen up before going back to the table. When I got back, the two men were in heavy discussion about me and my store.Mr Lorny asked me how I felt about having a live model to display merchandise. I lifted my eyebrows and smiled, saying that would be cool. Then he asked who would model? I told him that Shelly would be a good choice; then Mr McKay said that he thinks I would be a great model. I giggled and said I could try it. Mr McKay said he wants me to model a few things when we get back to the store. I was blushing when he said such things.Mr Lorny had ordered us some fresh fruit for dessert and had them box it up for us. We walked out after Mr Lorny paid our bill. Mr McKay had his hand in the small of my back as he led me out of the bistro. We stood out front bahis siteleri as the men looked at some of the other stores in the area. I told Mr Lorny how this store next to the hardware store was simuliar to mine, but it was geared more to the homosexuals. Mr Mckay wanted to go inside and inspect/spy on their set ups. When we walked in, we saw a few gay men looking at some toys and videos. I walked up to the cashier (Timmy) and kissed him on the cheek as I said hi. I told him that I was with the owner of the company and his assistant. Timmy says to me that he’d like to get a hold of the tall dark haired man. I said that was Mr McKay and that he had been touching my legs every chance he could. Timmy smirked and asked if I’d do him. I looked back at him and said in an instant. I told Timmy that he had a cute smile and he smelled good. His cologne was making me horny.Mr Lorny came up to me and I introduced him to Timmy, the store owner. Mr Lorny was impressed that we knew each other and asked how we met. Timmy told him, that he came to one of my parties and had some fun, if he knew what he was meaning. Mr Lorny said yes he did. Timmy asked Mr Lorny if he liked what he saw in his store and if he was interested in anything, besides him. We laughed together as Mr Lorny grabbed Timmy’s ass. When I walked towards Mr McKay, I saw him talking with some of the local gays. Mr McKay introduced me to them. I told them they need to come to my Grand Opening next week, it will be a hoot.As I excused myself to find the restroom, Timmy and Mr Lorny were deep in conversation, The two gays began to make gestures to Mr McKay as they were trying to show him how they like to play with the toys. Mr McKay excused himself and followed me to the restrooms. Someone was in the ladies room, so I head for the men’s room. Mr McKay was already in there and was shocked to see me headed for the stall. I told Mr McKay that this was the cleanest men’s room on this block. He laughed and asked how did I know this. I told him I have a habit of visited shops and using their bathrooms.I like to see some of the decor other stores had, to compare to my restrooms. My door didn’t lock, which didn’t bother me much. Mr McKay stood outside the door and watched over the top. I know Mr McKay must of stood at least 6’5 or taller, which impressed me to no end. With my heels on, I came up to the middle of his chest. Perfectly being able to suck his dick without my shoes on. As I wiped myself and began to straighten my dress, Mr McKay said he liked my lace panties and would love to see me in them with nothing but them on.I walked over to the sink to wash my hands and dry them. I looked around to see if anyone else was in the room, then turned to lock the door. I turned around and pulled off my dress to show him my lace panties. Mr McKay approached me and cupped my pussy as he lifted me to sit on the sink counter. He bent over to touch my breasts as I was undoing the front clasp. Mr McKay kissed each breast and held my pussy in the other hand. I spread my legs for an easier access for his fingers to feel my wetness, that he has made in me.I reached up to kiss Mr McKay, but he pulled away and said no. He then said that he has heard about my horniness and he wants to try me out. I then said that he could wait, til another time. Mr McKay didn’t like my answer so he planted his lips on me and kissed me, in hopes of getting me to fuck him. I tried to push him away, but he pushed my hand to feel his erection. I felt his hard dick and his length that went down his leg. I kissed him back as he was undoing his pants. I pulled his pants down and saw him standing in his boxers with his dick head poking out of his left leg opening.I spread my legs for his fingers to explore again, then he leaned over to suck my tits again. His large finger was pumping in and out of my pussy as I lifted my foot to give him a better entry. I freed his dick from his shorts and stroked his very thick dick. Mr McKay had me stand on the counter for him to lick my wet pussy. He removed my shoes and had me lift my right foot and placed it on his shoulder. My pussy twitched as he blew on me, then barely touched my nub and rubbed it. He rubbed my nub and blew some more til I was ready to cum again. He told me to cum hard and to squirt my pussy juice in his face.The more he blew a cool breeze from his mouth and rubbed my nub with his thumb I could feel my legs wanting to give out from weakness. I couldn’t stand it any longer and began to cum, his güvenilir bahis thumb pressed harder until I was squirting my juices in his face. McKay lapped and sucked up my juices as he had helped me put my left foot on his shoulder, so this way I was straddling his face for his ease of licking me. I’ve never had this way before and I’m really liking the feeling. I moaned loud as he continued tongue fucking my slit.I then said that I’d like to suck his huge dick, that is if I could get him in my mouth. Mr McKay had lifted me, turned me around so my pussy was still in his face and my head was by his dick. I was sucking the best as I could being in the position. I love the way this feels with my pussy being in the air and me sucking him. When I was moaning about ready to cum again, Mr McKay set me back on the counter and approached my pussy to slide his way in.I didn’t fight him, for I was sitting on the counter as he tried to slide his big head in my opening. Mr McKay spit on his dick and worked his way in me, I let out a loud cry as he made his way in. Once he was in me, he lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He pumped his manhood in and out of me making me gasp for air as his thickness stretched my pussy. It didn’t take him long, before he pulled from me. I instantly got on my knees and let him stroke himself into my mouth. I swallowed his never ending cum down my wanting throat. I couldn’t put much of his cock in my mouth, but I was able to massage his head with my tongue.We got dressed and came out to the crowd in the store. A few of the guys were sucking and stroking each other, Mr Lorny and Timmy were kissing and stroking each other. There were a few lesbians fingering each other and a m,m,f trio going at it in a corner by the tv. Mr McKay and I looked at each other and clapped in unison to all the sexual acts going on around us. Timmy stopped kissing and asked if we enjoyed ourselves before going back to make out with Mr Lorny.I told Mr Lorny and McKay that I needed to get back to my store to give instruction to Julie and Shelly before we open the doors next Monday. Mr McKay walked me back to the store, as I let myself in the front door, Julie and Stewart were making out on the bench back by the videos. She had my favorite gang bang movie playing. We heard Julie tell Stewart that she wants to try a huge group of well hung men, fucking her.I told Julie that could happen next Friday night if she really wants it to happen. Stewart smiled at me and asked how. I said our Grand Opening is next Friday and after hours will be a big party with a selection of guys and girls. A sexy mix of people, straight, bi, gay and newbies. I told them about my first party I had at the other store I worked at. I told Julie I’m inviting a bunch of the same guys who love to gang bang. They were gentle with me, knowing it was my first time and I can make sure they do the same for her. Stewart said to her, that her wish will come true.The clock chimed at 5 o’clock. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up again. I made sure when the plumber was here, that he put in a one man shower stall. I clipped my hair and got undressed for the shower. I stepped in to lather my sweaty body and to clean my pussy, making sure everything was shaved for daddy. I wrapped myself in a towel, and stepped out to hear daddy and Stewart laughing. Julie came in to use the mirror and make sure her makeup was good to go. She watched me dry off and get dressed. I fixed my eyeliner and lip gloss as I walked to the front of the store.Julie and Stewart left for the weekend. I locked the front door and pulled the shade down to block out the rays of the sun. Daddy walked around and looked at the toys and lube. I finished some paper work, when daddy came to the counter with a handful of goodies. Flavored condoms and lubes. A new humming pussy hole for his lonely days alone. An elephant g-string and a sexy little nightie for me to wear this weekend. I took note of everything, so I can pay for it when the store opens. Daddy handed me a hundred bucks and told me to keep the change.I walked daddy to the backdoor and turned to him. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. I told him I have a surprise for him when we get home. That’s when daddy said we weren’t going home tonight. He said when he saw how I was dressed this morning, he booked a suite at the casino hotel for us. Our evening together will be unforgettable. We both drove to the hotel, I wasn’t leaving my new Mazda behind my store to get trashed or stolen. The parking garage was a secure place. Daddy and I walked in after the parking attendants took our cars. The receptionist greeted us and handed us our key cards.To be cont…