My Stupid Husband

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My Stupid HusbandMy husband has been on my ass to go to a bar and pick up a total stranger and let him fuck me. My husband wanted to warch also. I could not figure out what the big turn was for him. i had no interest in doing this but my friend said I should do it as it would make my marriage better. Now i am not ugly, I always get hit on when ever I am running errands or at the store. I told my friend, Alex that I would do this to shut my husband up but she had to go with me, so no one would try to kill me or anything. She said she would. I told my husband and he put the whole thing together. He rented a motel room and picked the bar and everything. He told me the bar to go to and he would be watching and when it looked like i had a guy to give him the thumbs up and he would go to the room and hide in the closet and wait for me to so up. Then I was to fuck this guy while he watches isveçbahis yeni giriş and video tapes it. I never told him that Alex was going. neither Alex or I had much experience picking up strange men for sex, for some reason i thought Alex had done this many time. We both dressed up like sluts and headed to the bar. My husband was not happy that Alex showed up with me at the bar but I told him not to worry. It did not take long for the men to start hitting on us. We were having alot of fun flirting and such. We were drinking alot when Alex started telling the men that were flirting with us that we wanted to fuck and teach my husband a lesson. i signaled my husband and saw him leave. Alex and i invited several men to our room. We left with three. Upon arrival at the room we took our clothes off and started to work on the three men. They were younger and really isveçbahis giriş hard cocks. I had never done a complete stranger before and I had never fucked several men and a woman before. I was very excited and very wet. I could smell Alex’s pussy. I climbed on top of one of the men and sank onto his hard pole. Alex laid back and a man mounted her. I fucked the shit out of the man I was on. I fucked like a mad woman. That poor guy did not stand a chance and blew a huge wad deep into my pussy. I then got onto all fours and the other guy mounted me and fucked me good and nutted deep in my pussy. Alex had finished her guy and had answered the door and several more guys from the bar had shown up. I made sure to take several loads and to let my husband see the all the jizz in my pussy. I ended up taking seven large loads in my cunt and two in my mouth. Alex took ten isveçbahis güvenilirmi in her cunt and four in her mouth. We ended up leaving with a couple of the men and went back to their place and we fucked them and a couple of their friends the rest of the night and most of the next day. When I got home my husband was so mad at me for bringing Alex and then fucking so many men. I then talked him into having sex with me and when he was pounding me I told him that I must still be full of sperm and could not feel his dick, then I called him by a different name. He got very pissed, he yelled at me and called me a whore. I told him it was not my fault someone with a bigger cock stretched me all out. I told him he needed to get some of those big dick pills. The next day when he got home from work and asked how my day was, I told him I called in sick to work and went down to a bar and picked up several men and got ganged banged again. I told I was all jizzed up and he could clean my sloppy pussy. He got so mad he left the house and we ended up divorced. I fucked him good in the divorce and got everything I wanted. i could not believe that a man could be so stupid.