My Teen Hitchhiking Experience – Part II &nd

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My Teen Hitchhiking Experience – Part II &ndI spent pretty much all weekend just getting high and jacking off and thinking about last Friday night. I did go shopping and buy myself some clothes on Saturday since Mark had given so much money and I usually spend all my money on weed. I kept looking at the card in my wallet with Mark’s gate code on it and I wished it was Friday night already.Finally Friday night had arrived and my mom tried to get me to go out to dinner with her, but I told her I had plans to eat at my friends Jason so I managed to leave by 5:30 so I could make the short walk to Mark’s townhouse by six. I arrived and punched the gate code and the gate opened and I walked through his complex and then opened the walk through gate that goes to Mark’s front door. There was a sign on the front door:‘Chris, go inside to the guest bathroom on your right after you walk in the door, and follow the instructions.’I kind of thought this was weird and I really felt strange turning the doorknob and walking in. The note was obviously for me since it had my name on it, so I did as instructed and walked into the guest bathroom near the entrance way. When I walked in there was another note taped to the bathroom mirror a few items resting on the counter top. The note red:‘Chris, I want to take our relationship to the next level if you feel you are ready. You have two choices:Option 1: Take the $300 in this envelope and please keep our secret and never come back.Option 2: Keep the $300 and put on the clothes and all the items in the bag and proceed to the living room. Once there, lie face down on the table that is in there and place your hands and feet in the straps. Once you are ready press the red button near your right hand. Throw your clothes in the hamper.This isn’t at all what I was expecting. I liked the money of course, but I thought I was going to be sucking Mark’s dick again and now I am sure what to expect. I dumped out the bag to see what was in it. There were a few items in there:1.A pair of ladies nylons that was silky blue2.A ladies thong that wasn’t very big in the front and just a string in the back. The thong part was a baby blue and it matched the same color as the nylons.3.A pair of white girlie socks that were white, and only went up about an inch or two on the ankle, and there was girly lace around the top, and the lacey part was a light blue so it also matched the thong and nylons.4.A blond short haired wig for a girl.5.An orange rubber ball about the size of a golf ball with a little strap that I guess locks behind your head like a baseball cap.My heart started racing as I don’t know what I should do.Mark just gave me $300 more dollars just for coming over, but I wasn’t really here for the money. I need it of course since I am young and broke and he is rich, but I still have some of the money he gave me last week and I was really here because I was horny and I liked being with him and I thought he liked me. I finally decided I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to since I was here to serve my master, and since he wants me to dress like this that is just part of pleasing him.I took off my shirt first and placed in the hamper that was behind the closet in the bathroom. I pulled off my tennis shoes and my socks and I pulled off my socks and shorts. Just being naked in Mark’s house I started getting hard again. I placed my feet through the nylons and I rolled them up my legs and they stopped about eight inches above my knee. There were little lace frills that matched my socks that I put on next and I felt really really sexy in a feminine kind of way. I put the thong on and I pulled it up over the nylons and I turned around to see myself in the full length mirror in the bathroom. I put the little lingerie lacey part that goes over my shoulders like a shirt, but there wasn’t anything covering my chess and belly button. This was just a little lacey top that goes over your shoulders and sides, and the matching powder blue lace goes with my outfit. I put the wig on next and surprisingly this made me look more like a girl than I would have thought possible. As I stared at myself, my hairless chess was exposed and my flat skinny stomach actually did look pretty sexy I had to admit. I started thinking about what Mark meant by ‘taking our relationship to the next level’ and I started getting horny just thinking about it. I felt an erection coming on and the little blue thong I was wearing was very skin tight and you could see a very detailed outline of my skinny three and half inch dick sticking through the silky blue thong. You could even see the head sticking out and it also showed my tiny balls that were visible at the bottom of the little lacy blue thong. I rearranged my hair in the mirror and I had to admit I looked pretty sexy as a girl; that is if you go for the very skinny flat chested type. I turned around to look at my butt and this turned me on because it was just a string. It was just a little strip of cloth going right up my butt crack and I rearranged it to where the strap was at least centered in my butt.The next part kind of scared me as I wasn’t sure why the ball was necessary. I ripped the tags off the ball, so at least I know this wasn’t a used ball, but I still didn’t know what this was used for. I placed the ball all the way in my mouth and when I did I felt like I did when I gagged on the head of Mark’s dick the first time. I fastened the strap behind my head and the ball was lodged pretty good in my mouth, however I still felt like I could spit the ball out if I had too since it wasn’t that tight. I was very scared, but I knew I had to get this over with or I wasn’t going to get to please my master so after a few last checks in the mirror I walked out of the bathroom.I walked down the hall and it was dark in here. Last time I was here the whole place was lit up. There was a small amount of light coming out of the floor boards so I could make my way and I walked into the living room where Mark and I had our fun last week. In the center of the room where the coffee table had been last week was a bench with black cushions on it. There was a slot of your legs so the bench formed an upside down capital ‘Y’. There wasn’t any sign of mark and I was still very nervous, however I approached the bench and placed my legs in the little straps. I laid down flat on my stomach as I had been told to do and after both hands were in the straps I pushed the red button.When I did this the strapped secured tightly around my ankles and wrists. I just laid there for a couple of minutes not really sure what to expect next and I still had no idea where Mark is. A few more minutes went by and then finally I felt some straps being secured around each of my legs and both of my arms were restrained. Next I felt a few more straps being secured around şişli escort my chest to make sure I was thoroughly fastened to the bench.I felt the strap to the ball in my mouth be unfastened, and then pulled even tighter and refastened behind me. Now I couldn’t spit the ball out if I wanted to, and it kind of gagged me with the ball in my throat I had to breathe out my nose.I felt Mark’s hand rub against the side of my face like he did last week when I was giving him head. Lying here and all strapped in I was really wishing for last week as all I want to do is just suck and please him. I started thinking about the video of Robyn last week where Mark fucked Robyn in the ass and I guess that is what he is about to do to me. Part of me wanted to change my mind, but then I wouldn’t get to please Mark any more. Lying here and all strapped in, I wasn’t really sure if I could change my mind now even if I wanted to at this point.I felt Mark’s really soft hands start caressing my legs and I felt the palm of his hands squeeze and caress my butt. Next I felt a finger with a lot of lube start massaging my butt hole like he had done last week, but the finger was in further than last time. Next I felt a blind fold placed around my eyes and secured very tight so I couldn’t see. I tried to ask why I had to be blind folded, but with the ball in my mouth it just sounded like I was humming softly. I felt Mark’s hand rubbing through my hair like he did last week when I was sucking him and I felt a little better just having him touch me; this comforted me a little.What happened next scared me more than I have ever been scared in my life. Even though I was blind folded I felt the lights come on as I could see a little bit of illumination out of the corner of my blindfold. Next I heard the doorbell ring and after the door was opened I heard voices and it was more than just Mark’s voice. There were a couple of male voices and a couple of female voices too, although they sounded like people closer to Mark’s age than to mine. The doorbell rang again and I heard another set of voices and now everyone came into the room I was in. I am lying here all dressed up like a girl and it was obvious to everyone in the room but me that I was the entertainment for the evening.The people were talking like this was a cocktail party and I was just an ornament that was here only for their enjoyment. I was scared, nervous and embarrassed as this is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Hearing the ladies voices really made me embarrassed, as I am not the slightest little bit out that I like boys with anyone that I haven’t sucked. I heard the people talking all around me, and everyone once in a while I would feel a man or a woman’s hand gently caress my butt and squeeze my little balls. I heard the doorbell ring again and this time I heard a few “she’s here” as apparently they had been waiting for one last quest. A few minutes went by and then I heard the distinctive sound of a teenage girl’s voice: “How cute.” I think the girl started stripping because they started playing music and I heard a few ‘oh yeah’ sounds coming from mostly the men in the room.When the first song was over and the next one was just starting I heard the sound of Velcro straps being fastened and refastened.Following that I heard one of the older women in the room ‘Very sexy’ she called out.I felt a girl’s hand on my button and my back as she caressed me up and down. I was so scared I wanted to back out of this, but there wasn’t any way to get out of this now I thought. I felt the girl pull my thong down and then she just pulled on the string to my thong and ripped them to get them off of me. I felt another finger lubing my ass up and then I felt a girl come over to my face and she started licking my face. I had the blind folds on and a big orange ball in my mouth, so she was mostly licking the side of my face. Again I heard the girl say “you are so cute, this is going to be fun” and she gave me one last kiss on my cheek, but she did it with an open mouth like she was French kissing the side of my face.I don’t know how many people are in the room, but I think it is three or four sets of couples and then the girl who had just licked all over my face. I was horny and terrified at the same time. I was also ashamed and embarrassed because I am dressed like a girl and I think I am about to be butt fucked in front of all these people. I heard the girl say “it’s time” and the music was turned off and I felt the light get even brighter like a spot light was shined on us.Next my blindfold was pulled off of my head and I could now see everyone in the room had a mask on, and only a mask on. I recognized Mark sitting on the couch where I had sucked him last week; even with a mask on I would recognize his dick anywhere. The other people in the room I didn’t know, but it was kind of sexy seeing women in their 30’s and 40’s naked and sitting around like this was a Tupperware party or something. I noticed the other two men I could see were hard, and both dicks that were almost as big as Marks.Robyn noticed I was no longer wearing her blindfold, so she walked around so I could get a good look at her. Robyn is about my height and weight, so about 5’4 and 120 pounds. She was totally naked like everyone else at the party, but she wasn’t wearing a mask. She has really nice 36b tits, brown hair and her shaved pussy had a little strip of matching brown pubic hair.I was so turned on getting to see Robyn naked, but she put on a strap on dildo so that explains the Velcro straps sound I heard a moment ago. The dildo was not very big around, about the size of pop cycle in diameter, but it was long and hard.A camera on a little cart was rolled up and placed right in front of my face as they wanted to record my reaction while my anal virginity was taken. I felt my cheeks to my butt being spread apart and the first insertion began and suddenly my fear was replaced with pain as she wasn’t the slightest bit gentle. The first couple of pulses only went in a couple of inches, but the third one went all the way up inside of me. As she humped me I saw the people in the party start having sex with each other. Here I am getting my butt pounded and these people start having an orgy. Now that I am older I realize this was a swinger’s party, but then I was naïve I couldn’t believe this people were enjoying watching me suffer.I didn’t mean to start crying, but since I couldn’t scream my eyes started watering. I looked over to my left and Mark’s giant projection TV was now split in two screens. The left half showed a view of naked teenage Robyn doing a fine job of pounding my butt with her strap on, and the right half showed a close up of my face so they could watch me. I looked over to my right and Mark was getting a blowjob mecidiyeköy escort from a blond lady that is probably in her 30’s but still very attractive. After about five or ten minutes that seemed like hours what I heard next scared me more than anything I have heard yet.‘He’s ready, who wants to be first?’ Robyn asked.One of the men that been eating out his wife or his date, got up and said “I will take one for the team.” The woman who was being eaten sat up to watch the festivities.Robyn placed a condom in her mouth and then went down on the man just long enough to get him harder and she slid the condom down his cock. The man walked over and he too gently placed his hand across my right cheek to my face and then he started gently stroking my back until he was behind me.When his dick first approached my butthole it actually felt much better than the strap on dildo since it was skin and not plastic. It did feel good for the first few plunges until he went deeper in my butt and this was so much wider than the dildo it hurt a little. I let out a scream and this seemed to turn him on more as I felt my ass being reamed and I started hearing flapping sound like my skin hitting his legs each time he pulled me back.The man kept fucking me for what had to be at least ten minutes and then he pulled out and unstrapped the orange ball and pulled it out of mouth. I was so happy to get to breathe freely out of my mouth and the man who had been fucking me ripped the condom off and shoved his dick in my mouth. The man held tightly on my head and I felt several big shots of warm cum squirt into the back of my throat. Before I even had a chance to swallow, the orange ball was inserted back into my mouth and strapped just as tight as before.The man who had just came in my mouth now was dripping any cum left in his balls all over my face. He then leaned down and gave me a big kiss on the cheek and he even licked his own cum off of my face. This were some freaky people and now I see why I was told not to hitchhike.Now that the man was done, I could see Robyn finished licking the balls of the other man while he fucked his date and she came back over and then she asked “I need another volunteer.”I was hoping it would be Mark this time, but instead it was Mark’s date who stood up. In some ways the strap on doesn’t hurt as much since it isn’t was wide as the man who had just fucked me so this was ok with me. The lady didn’t put the strap on though as I had expected. She moved the camera out of the way that filmed my face and she removed the orange ball from my mouth. The lady then straddle the end of the table I was fastened to and she placed her pussy right underneath my mouth.I had never eaten a girl out before at this time, and to be honest I like sucking an older dick more than eating an older woman’s pussy. Under the circumstances I didn’t have any choice so I just sat there and chewed and licked. I had watched a Sam Kinison video about most guys eat pussy like they are painting a fence. Sam Kinison in his yelling sort of humor told me about licking the alphabet instead of just painting a fence up and down. I started spelling out A, B, C with my tongue and the lady got really turned on by it. By the time I got to “l,m,n,o,p” I felt the ladies juices start mixing with the dried cum that was already stuck to the back of my throat. She kept me there for what seemed like fifteen or twenty minutes and then she started screaming so much Mark put the orange ball in her mouth.I didn’t really like eating pussy, but this lady enjoyed it so much the submissive part of me really like turning her on. I felt this lady pussy shiver and convulse and she shot out more white cum than any guy could ever shoot. I was doing such a good job at eating pussy the lady who had been on the ground while Robyn licked her date’s balls while they fucked stood up and she wanted a turn. This lady was a little skinnier than the last one and her pussy tasted better. I felt my butt be entered again and I couldn’t tell who it was so I looked over at the TV. Mark was now squeezing my ass and fucking me very hard as the lady in front of me was discharging more white liquid all over my face. My neck hurt from having to lift up to lick her pussy, but my butt hurt more than that by a lot.Suddenly I felt my dick being sucked and it was the first lady I had eaten trying to show her appreciation. The lady had gotten down on her knees under the bench I was strapped to and was sucking me while Mark fucked me so it was like I was mouth fucking her. I only lasted about a minute before I came in her mouth and I saw the lady get up and kiss her date with my cum still in her mouth. I watched them swap my cum back and forth a few times before the lady finally swallowed it.Mark who busy fucking my ass finally pulled out and he too came over and came in my mouth. The lady was done with the orange ball so as soon as Mark came again the orange ball was strapped into my mouth and I barely had time to swallow. Mark’s dick kept spurting out cum after he had cum in my mouth so he just sat there and dripped cum all over my face. Finally it was time for me to eat out the only woman who I had not eaten besides Robyn and this was the sexiest pussy yet. This lady was only about thirty years old I guess and she was skinnier and sexier than the other two. This lady rubbed her hands through my hair like Mark had done last week when I sucked him, so I really like that part. This lady also seemed a little gentler as she wasn’t forcing her pussy into my throat, she just kept it there where I could gently munch on her public hair and use my tongue to chew on her and soon she was given the orange ball. I had never eaten a girl out before tonight, and by now I have had three older women cumming profusely into my mouth and all over my face. I just licked and swallowed as I figure cum from a woman is just about the same as cum from a man. I like the taste of men’s cum more as it is tingly and sweet, or at least Mark’s cum tasted that way. The first man’s cum tonight tasted a little bitter like he might be a smoker or something. This lady seemed to enjoy me eating her by the way her pelvic area shaked and felt her pussy jerking uncontrollably. She kept me there eating her for seemed like an hour, but it might have been much shorter. I felt my ass entered again and it was the third man who was a little fatter than Mark or the other man who had fucked me first tonight. This guy dick’s wasn’t very long, but it was pretty wide and I felt his fat stomach press against my legs and I even could feel his stomach on my back when he fucked on the down strokes. The fat man let out a few “fuck yeah” sounds as he spanked my ass. The lady was finished with me eating her as she moved out of the way so the fat man could esenyurt escort pull out and then cum in my mouth. Again as soon as the cum was in my mouth the orange ball was inserted and I hated this part because I could barely swallow and the cum that was stuck in my throat.I had pleased all three sets of couples and I even came in the mouth of one of the ladies so that was kind of hot even though I was gagging on a cum tasting orange ball. I thought my work for the night was over but apparently my work wasn’t finished as Robyn removed my orange ball and sat naked in front of my face where the three ladies had taken turns being eaten out. This I actually liked doing as Robyn’s pussy was so much sweeter and tinier than the other three women. I felt Robyn hold my head down and I felt her thrust her young pussy into my mouth. She only had a tiny strip of pubic hair and it was much finer than the older women’s pussy I had to eat a second ago. I could hear the people in the party just talking and socializing like they had there fun, but they kept Robyn and me as entertainment for their enjoyment. I ate her pussy for what had to be another hour and Robyn creamed in my mouth four or five times.After Robyn was done with me, she got up and I heard her make an announcement to the room: “Did you enjoy the show ladies and gentlemen?” Everyone applauded and I heard a few yes responses, and then what I heard next was what I have waited for my entire life.Robyn asked the room “Do you think our boy Chrissy here was a good sport?” Again the room responded with affirmative answers. Robyn asked them again “Do you think he deserves to lose his virginity tonight?”At this point I didn’t know want to think, I am covered in cum, my ass hurts from being pounded on, but I was still so horny and this was so exciting. Everyone agreed that I deserved it and I was unstrapped. They gave me five minutes to go to the bathroom, and my note was gone and my clothes were no longer in the hamper.I cleaned myself up and they moved the table I had been strapped to and in its place was a mattress on the floor in the center of the room. When I came out of the bathroom Robyn walked over to me and grabbed me by the hand. Robyn looked me right in the eye and this was so hot having her stand naked before me even though there were six older people in the room watching. Robyn French kissed me, then she went down and started sucking me right in the middle of the living room. I told Robyn I was about to cum and I might not be able to fuck her if I do. Robyn said “If you don’t cum you won’t last two minutes, and I bet I can get you hard again.” I just sat there and watched Robyn suck me and everyone else in the room did the same. I was so far past embarrassed at this point as I had been fucked by every guy in the room and made every woman including Robyn cum. After about another minute I came in Robyn’s mouth, and she showed everyone my cum on her tongue before she swallowed.After I came, Robyn sat there and licked my balls, and then she crawled around on all fours and she laid me down flat on the mattress on my stomach and she started licking my ass. My legs weren’t up in the air like Mark’s legs were in the video, but she was French kissing my ass just like she had done Mark’s. My dick never even had a chance to get soft I was so horny I was humping the mattress so Robyn rolled me over onto my back and then straddled me. Since I had just cum I actually did manage to fuck Robyn for about twenty minutes. Robyn is used to having sex with older men, but I think she really enjoyed being with a guy her own age; well actually I almost two years younger than her.I told Robyn I was about to cum and she hoped off of me and went down and swallowed every drop. This time she didn’t show the crowd my cum, she just swallowed and then went down and started licking my balls and kissing them like she had done Mark’s balls in the video last week.I had finally lost my virginity even though my ass beat me by a few hours when my anal virginity was taken. The other guests from the party left and now it was just Mark and his date, and Robyn and me. We all retired to the Jacuzzi room to where we could all get cleaned up and drink another beer and smoke a joint. After we had been in the whirlpool for a little white, it started getting hot so we all just sat there on the edge of the Jacuzzi with our feet in the water. After a little while Robyn started making out with Mark’s date Natalie and soon Robyn told Natalie to lay on the floor to the workout room while Robyn ate her pussy. Mark gave me a big kiss and told me he was glad I had not chickened out and left, and he sat on one of the workout benches and I finally got to get on my knees and give Mark the blowjob I had dreamed about since last Friday. Mark stood up and he grabbed me by the hand and he walked me into the living room again. Mark sat in the chair the he was sitting in when I watched the video last week and I started licking his balls and sucking him while he gently stroked my hair. Mark asked me “Are you a good girl?”“Yes, sir” I answered submissively.Mark French kissed me for the first time tonight and I sat there finally so excited I got to kiss him like I thought I would have been doing house ago. Mark then lifted his legs above his head like he had done in the video for Robyn and instantly I knew what I had to do. I scooted closer to Mark on my knees, and I started licking the inside of his legs, and then I sucked his dick for a few seconds so I could get my pleasure, and then I licked his balls for about five more seconds while I knew what had to happen next. I was scared, but I stuck my tongue in Mark’s ass and since he had just been in the Jacuzzi he actually tasted very clean. I sat there and licked and French kissed his ass just like I had watched Robyn do. Robyn must have finished eating out Mark’s date since she walked over and stood by Mark and watched as I ate his Ass.I placed both hands under Mark’s ass and I placed my nose below his still nicely trimmed and I just kept gently sucking and licking on his ass even though I had an audience now. Robyn must have really like what she saw because she placed both of her hands on my ass and she started licking my ass like I was licking Mark’s. Mark’s date started sucking Mark and I was so jealous but I just sat there and chewed his ass because I had come her to service him and that is what I was finally getting to do. When Mark was about to cum he pushed his date aside and pulled my head up and came in my mouth and this got me so excited. I swallowed every drop and now I was happy Mark had pushed her away.Mark took his date upstairs to his bedroom, and then he came back down and handed two really fat envelops and then Mark French kissed Robyn and said “Good night” and he went up to his date.Robyn came over and handed my envelope and we both looked inside and both were stuffed with a stack of one hundred dollar bills.After Mark was back upstairs Robyn said to me “You did good tonight, k**. Mark paid me to be yours for the rest of the night, what do you want me to do?”