My virgin girlfriend

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My virgin girlfriendOkay I’ve read a lot of shit hear and by that I mean absolute shit. It’s the difference between things that are so “porn fantasy” and the reality of sexual encounters – no matter how freaky that are totally true. This is one of those true stories. I was a senior in high school. I had been a foreign exchange student for a year living in Brasil. Many stories can come from that adventure. I was 17 years old and I was a typical teenager – girl crazy. I had dates and fun but to be true I had never really had anything like a sex before. I had a couple of girls let me after much physical persuasion touch their young tight pussies – I think I even made one girl cum from rubbing her. How would I know at that age? But all the bravado aside I fell head over heels in love with a girl named Denise. Her sister – who was my age and a senior like me – was dating my best buddy and he would relay his exploits with her – he had dated her since freshman year and now when they went to the drive in – in his VW van they were getting further along – he could make her cum and he told her what he was doing – he was smart he gave her head for a month – imagine making this young innocent who never had another boyfriend cum like that – when he told her about bayraklı escort his “need” she took instruction and slipped off the seat in the van and got down on the floor and started to stroke and lick and finally suck a little of cock which exploded in her mouth – she gagged he said but thought it was better than having a mess all over the place. I am not k**ding how polite she was truly. Denise her sister – a grade and year younger was also physically different – she had never had a boyfriend – she had the perfect definition of a bubble butt, it was hot, She was 4’7″ and with blonde hair blue eyes and freckles and AAA cup breasts – I mean really the “I’m only hot little nipple breasts” she looked so damned innocent and she was – she’d never french kissed. after six months we had gotten to french kissing some hot body rubbing with clothes on – but nothing more.We started playing a dangerous game. I was in my first year at college – I was roomates with her sister Dawn’s long time boyfriend – he and I were buddies before the girls. Denise had no idea things were escalating with Jim and Dawn and she wouldn’t have believed that her sister was staying the night at our apartment about 3 nights a week. Dawn lost her cherry sometime in the first week escort bayraklı of college. I would drive to see my high school honey at night and do homework – and try and get in her pants and then drive back out to our apartment and study late into the morning with Jim. I had read a book in lit. about a woman who pretend to be asleep while her lover began doing sexual things with her she wanted it but it was socially not cool to do it,,,,well I started trying this I was on the couch in their back living room at her house and she’d have a book in her hands – start to say she had a headache – I slowly caress her temples she would moan and then appear to be asleep. She was always wearing sweats. So nervously I would inch down her tight little tummy pausing at the tiny sexy hot little nipples and lightly graze my hand across them and wait and see – with my heart racing what she would do – she would sometimes lick her lips or lay there and make a little moan – so I’d inch down and start rubbing that delicious spot that I love on a young woman – the inner thigh – oh god..I;d still rub her temples – and in synch I’d rub circles on her inner thigh – she’s spread her legs loosely and I would over the course of 30 mins or so slowly move down to her pussy- bayraklı escort bayan and start rubbing circles over her clit area over her sweats – once her mom walked in that was hot – I’m rubbing her daughter off while she’s talking to me about something as stupid as she was – I know Denise knew it felt good – she started wanting to have a headache and be rubbed almost as soon as I got to her house after the first time. Slowly this game progressed. I needed something so I told her to sit in my lap or just to the side of it and she would – I had unbuttoned the button on my jean – nothing more while we were kissing I said it feels really good if you rub my tummy – (I couldn’t make this up) we were dumb k**s and I loved that she was mine that I was going to teach her be her first in everything – and in some ways she would be mine too…she would rub my “tummy” I got her stroking my cock through my jeans and cumming in my jeans – I don’t know how no one ever said hey what’s that dark spot on the front of your pants…it was so clandestine and innocent and hot. Finally I got her to follow my belly down – without underwear on I told her as she touched then grabbed my cock (without looking at it) and stroking it that it was my belly…she was not that gullible but that she had to pretend to be – or wanted to pretend to be was hot to me – so we went on like that till she graduated, My first blow job and her preservation of her virginity by having hot anal sex were weeks away…in a story to follow.