my wife and the graduate

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my wife and the graduateWe were both in our early 30’s and were invited to a friend’s daughter’s graduation party.We lost track of the time and we arrived late. The party had already been going on for about 5-6 hours. It was early evening when we walked in to the back yard. There were cars parked all around the property. we met the graduate and gave her our envelope and said our hellos to everyone and then found a spot near the keg and sat down to have a bite to eat. We were thirsty, so I got us a couple of beers. I mentioned to my wife that there were quite a few young men there and she said yes, she noticed. She added that 2 were giving her the once over, but both appeared 2 drunk to be standing yet.We ate and kept an eye on the crowd. We were both evaluating the young men to see if she might be lucky tonight. I pointed out a few more guys and she made mention of a few others. She got up to get us a refill and as she got to the keg, 2 young guys walked over and introduced themselves and were eying her up and down. She got the 2 beers and came back to me and said the 2 guys were asking if she wanted to get a tour of the property. She agreed and said she had to break away from her husband. they both smiled and she said gimme a few minutes to make up an excuse.She said she would see me in a while and said çankırı escort make yourself useful and find us a to go package. We both laughed and she was gone. I scouted the remainder of the party for a half an hour. It was beginning to get dark and the crowd was dwindling down.We soon found each other and I asked if she made out alright. She said indeed she did. I asked how they measured up, and she said rather well. The first guy was cute and a bit arrogant, but she sucked him off and he shot before she was really ready. the second k** was kind of average looking but well hung and he lasted a bit longer. He asked if he could eat me and she replied yes. he ate her out and was hard again and got inside her this time. she fucked him and actually got off before he began to come. They left the barn and split up. She said they were talking about leaving and she walked away in a different direction. I kissed her and got an immediate hard on. She tasted of cum and I loved it.We wandered around again and we stopped by the bonfire. Our friends were tied up with entertaining and we were quite far from the house with a clear vision of the walkway from the house tom the fire pit. We found separate spots to sit and she sat next to a young man that looked pretty frail but very cute. She began introductions escort çankırı and it ended before it got to me. They were talking for a while and another guy sat down on the other side of her. They were all three having a good conversation and it often got real quiet so just the three could hear. I was keeping an eye on them and I saw my wife stand and stretch. She does this often to show off her boobs and it got quite a few good looks. She then walked away from the fire as if she had to pee (which wouldn’t surprise me as she will do this almost anywhere) and one of the 2 guys walked off with her but was a few feet behind her.They were gone for quite a while. I walked over in their direction and stood quietly waiting to hear some noise. I walked a bit further and soon heard a voice. I strained my ears to hear and decided I was still quite a ways off. so I walked a bit further and could hear them pretty good now. it was obvious that she was fucking him. He said he was gonna cum soon and she said wait for me to get off first, and then I heard him say OK.She began to moan and then he followed and soon both were making quite a noise. I walked over closer and could see them in the moonlight. she was bent over and he was getting her from behind like a dog.she slumped over and collapsed on the ground and çankırı escort bayan he followed her. He then said it was late and he had to leave. I moved in closer when he left and i let her know I was there and then I ate her pussy. I was in heaven and she came for me a few times before I blew my nut without even touching myself.We went separately back to the fire and she sat down where I was and I sat across from her. I was in heaven. She was soon talking to another young man and they walked off to the keg. I waited and figured there was nowhere to hide and she was gone for an hour. She came back and said she was going to leave and she would see me home later on. I said goodbye and waited for her to leave. I went home a bit later and saw a different car in the driveway. I parked next door and walked up the driveway to our bedroom window and looked in. She was lying on the bed with a young man on her and her legs were wrapped around his waist with her heels dug in and she was moaning really loud. She only moans that loud when she is being stuffed. I peered under the blinds closer and could see his big cock dipping deep and sliding back out. He was really thick and pretty long, but I couldn’t tell how long. She fucked him for another half hour before she said on My that was good. He giggled and said what would your old man say if he knew. She told him he does and he’ll be back in a few. That spooked him and he tore ass out of there. I walked in and enjoyed another cream pie and fucked for a good 10 minutes before I dumped a load in her of my own